Louis Murphy Q&A


A transcript of a conference call with Florida wide receiver Louis Murphy, a fourth-round draft pick, No. 124 overall:

Q: Surprised the Raiders picked you after they took Heyward-Bey in Round 1?

Murphy: Yeah, they took a receiver pretty high so I thought that Oakland was probably off the list and I looked toward other teams. I never thought I’d be going to Oakland.

Q: What did you think when you got the call?

Murphy: I don’t know who called me. I just picked up the phone and they said their name. I can’t remember because they were going so fast but they said it was the Oakland Raiders, ‘We’re about to pick you in a minute or so, do you want to be part of the Oakland Raiders organization?’ I said of course. Of course, yep.

Q: Cable said Heyward-Bey had an advantage because he wasn’t in a spread offense. You’re in a spread offense, so is that a disadvantage?

Murphy: I don’t think it’s going to be very difficult because actually our offense with some of the plays and routes that we run a lot of the coaches were surprised with my football knowledge about a pro offense. A lot of the stuff that we do is pro, it’s mainly the spread, but we run a lot of pro stuff and a lot of deep balls you’ll see me catching and a lot of the go routes and the posts and the post corners. A lot of it is modeled after the pro offense, certain routes or certain plays. We’re not a pro offense or a spread offense. I don’t think it will be a real big learning curve.

Q: Did you visit the Raiders in Alameda?

Murphy: Yes. Actually I met with the Raiders, met with the receivers coach. I had a good meeting. Me and the receivers coach hit it off. We talked and he really wanted to coach me and I didn’t think would get a chance to work with him.

Q: Coming from a championship team that almost never lost how will you adjust to playing for the Raiders?

Murphy: I’m just going to come in and help where I can, whatever coach needs me to do. They got a hard-working player that’s going to come out and give his best. Coming from a national championship team I think that Oakland drafted some players they really feel are championship players and have experienced that. I know all the veterans’ goals are to win and that’s what I’m coming in to help them win games.

Q: What do you know about JaMarcus Russell?

Murphy: Oh man. The only thing I know about JaMarcus Russell is that when we played them in the Swamp my sophomore year, I saw him throw the ball and not even thinking about it said, ‘I wouldn’t mind playing with JaMarcus Russell.’ I never though about it past that day but that was my only touchdown of that year when we played against LSU. I was like if I ever make it to the NFL, the way he throws the ball that was crazy. Watching him get drafted high and watching him in the NFL, I won’t mind being on the receiving end catching those deep balls from him.

Q: Are you OK with being out of the limelight, with Heyward-Bey the No. 1 pick?

Murphy: Oh, man it’s my whole life. That’s my life story and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m cool with that. That’s just the type of person I am. And the more the Oakland fans will get to know me, I’m real laid back man and I go hard on the field. And man, I’m proud, I’m happy for Heyward-Bey. I’m just ready to play ball. There’s not going to be any animosity. I played with Percy and Tebow and we were best friends. I’m not a selfish guy at all. Whenever coach throws me the ball I’m going to try make it a big play.

Q: Did it help or hurt be on the same team with Percy Harvin?

Murphy: Oh yeah, it helped me. Yeah, it helped me win championships. I mean, what do you mean? In what way?

Q: As far as recognition. If not for Harvin, could you have been picked earlier?

Murphy: Oh man. I probably would have been. I still honestly thought I was going to go in the second round and the cards fell the way they fell. From the teams I really felt, I was hearing a lot of late first, early second. But the draft is the draft.

Q: Was last night tough waiting for a call?

Murphy: last night, it was pretty rough. I really thought I was going to go first day. But I was set on whatever God had for me is for me. And I know God wants me in Oakland. So that’s what it is. So I can’t complain.

Q: Did you play QB in high school?

Murphy: I played some quarterback, freshman, sophomore year. and junior, senior year I played a little bit, rotated a little bit at quarterback. But nah, mostly I played receiver junior and senior year and I played receiver all four years at florida. Quarterback a little bit, but not too much.

Q: you went to the same high school as Cornell Green. Do you know him?

Murphy: No, I didn’t even know Cornell Green went to our school until yesterday when the newspaper came out and did an article on me and showed everybody from my high school that played in the NFL and Cornell Green was on there. And I still haven’t met him. I probably have, I just don’t know.

Q: Did playing in the spread help you run shorter routes?

Murphy: Yeah man. Like third and short, sometimes the deep pattern’s not the best situation. Sometimes you’ve got to take the shorter route. And it worked on my agility and quickness in and out of breaks. Being able to stop going in one direction and go in another direction really helped my overall game. and I’ve been working with Cris Carter. I’m going to get up with Jerry Rice. Man, I’m just trying to learn from the best. And you’ll get my best out there. Being in the spread offense helped me but I’ve also learned a lot of pro stuff these last couple months.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • We’d have won the Super Bowl last year if we only had Darrius Heyward Bey (sarcasm)

  • GRaider

    Good night all. Back to the grindstone.

  • HayesDaze37

    I know what they all are LMN — believe it or not we have pretty good schoolin’ here in the New World.

    You’ve been all of those things and more today — way too many stances on the same position/s, and professional backtracking on your own words. We’ll see all of your faces tomorrow, man.



  • edward teach

    GRaider… Mitchell is definitely an interesting pick. My first thoughts after watching the YouTube clip that someone posted on here were “Well, he can hit like a truck, and he’s really fast and seems to take good angles. Can he TACKLE, because not everyone in the NFL is going down when you bash them and don’t wrap up, and what does the rest of his game look like?”

    I like what I hear from him a lot; seems like a great kid. I hope his overall game is solid, too.

  • jhill

    That’s all fine and dandy about Monroe, and probably true. But we have Henderson at that spot, and an even better Barnes.

  • HFD (Horrible Funkin Draft)

  • I liked all the picks except Shaunessy and the OLB!!!!

  • Craaabtree to the funkin Niners??????????????????????????/

  • jhill

    Perfect place for him to fall flat on his pompous azz face!

    F anyone who blatantly didn’t want to be here. I just wish SF had passed on him to a degree, so he could have fell all the way back down to earth around 15 or 16.

  • HayesDaze37

    Going in, I was personally wanting to trade down and draft WR then LB then S/DE in the order of best player available.

    Except for DHB taking the spot of Hakeem Nicks in my wish-list, I have little to complain about. Maybe a different LB and DE, but the guys picked will fit the defense the new DC wants to run — that’s why they were taken.

    This is an entirely different team than the one at the end of last year…different OC/asst, different DC and scheme…but just as importantly, a few of the drafted players actually need to work out right away to continue the swing.

  • SharkCatcher


    crabtree and family was happy that raiders didnt draft them..I DONT WANT hIM WITH THAT ATTITUDE

  • DMunoz26

    Okay so I had to let the draft end, and really myself to cool down before I started posting. I was more than angry with the crap the Raiders pulled this weekend. I just don’t see how you pick DHB with Raji, Monroe, Crabtree, Orakpo and Maclin on the board. To me this guy has Troy Williamson/Charles Rodgers written all over him. I hope I am wrong because I want my team to do well but you can only be so hopeful when the facts are blaring at you. How the hell do you take a WR at #7 with bad hands? Just don’t get it. Mitchell seems like he might be the best of this draft, I see him actually starting or playing significantly as a rookie. The rest of the picks though were straight garbage, Jasper Brinkley was on the board until deep in the 5th and we passed him up for projects and back up OLB’s. Jamon Meredith was available too at tackle and we passed him up for the same garbage players. I just don’t get it. This was a sad weekend for me as a Raider fan, I really felt we were turning a corner and Al had changed. Absolutely kills me that my son can’t see the dominent teams thats I grew up watching, instead he grows up to the crap of the last 6 years (he is 8 and loves football) but how do you try to convince him of the greatness of the Raiders when everyone else is beating the crap out of them every year.

  • Number #7 pick, The Raiders come up with ZERO.

  • radafannv

    http://www.profootballhof.com/hof/member.jsp?player_id=133 – 44k –

    44th pick out of villanova, who woulda thought

  • Tomycar

    KoolKell Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 6:13 pm
    Craaabtree to the funkin Niners??????????????????????????/

    who cares about a primadonna who didnt want to be here anyway.. we dont need Moss 2.0

  • alisgod

    We finally committed to a draft of players with high characters, leadership skills, and high motors and you moron whine whine whine….get off the fking ship why dont you. I am drinking the coolaid and enjoying it.

    Can’t wait for the missile to KTFO miss crabtree in the preseason. I have a feeling Singletary may call cable ahead of time and asks taht we lay off miss crabtree.