Raiders take Murphy at No. 124


The Raiders selected Louis Murphy out of Florida with the first of two picks in the fourth round.

According to the Pro Football Weekly Draft Guide, Murphy “has world class speed and can instantly accelerate off the line. Flies by defensive backs and can separate with ease. Flashes some play-making ability.”

As for the negatives, Murphy “played in a spread offense which hasn’t translated to the pro game and is an inconsistent catcher.”

Is also a track athlete.

Sounds familiar.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • jhill


    You guys bought that JLH and Chaz Schillens stuff Al was spewing huh?

    John Holland? Watkins?


  • RaiderDuck

    Translation: Shields’ rehab is NOT going well.

  • los9091

    wow…no O-lineman yet…sad.

    Doesnt matter how fast you are if the QB doesnt have time to throw the ball.

  • rhyslucas

    Walker,JLH,Schilens,Shields,DHB,Murphy. Worst WR core in the league.

  • New post guys

  • Crow

    I’m laughing my ass off over here.

  • Will D

    Stats just like Heyward-Bey

  • crister

    because you can never have enough fast wide outs who can’t catch on your team. the ghost of james jett lives on.


    Al is INSANE

  • dallasraiderfan

    its going to be to see how many bombs between jamarcus and bey fall to the ground..

  • raider510

    JAMES JETT ran the worst routes… couldnt catch to save his life….. I understand speed kills but you need some skill at least or at the VERY least hand eye coordination… jeesus.. .

  • abnardo

    THis is just nuts. We need a general manager!!!, how can we pick these guys?? I am so embarrassed to be a raiders fan. the whole league is laughing at the raiders. we missed a whole bunch of good talent. wake up AL

  • abnardo

    russell is a bust, he’ll be lucky if he’s a backup qb in a few years,

  • Snake12

    What do u guys think about Leroy Hill, LB from seattle. They just lifted the franchise tag from him after drafting curry.. He is now a free agent. Maybe a possibility there to get a starting LB and develop Chuck.. I mean Slade Norris.

  • Crow

    Hill would be our best front 7 player from day 1.

  • Tomycar

    i still get a good laugh at these guys who think our Oline is still the most glaring weekness LOL.. havent they watched the last 3 games of the season? LOLOLOL

  • RIP Dan Birdwell

    How stupid is this. Everyone rips the Raiders for taking Heyward-Bey over two WRs who played ins spread offenses that don’t translate will to the NFL — and who ended up being top 15 picks. Then people rip the Raiders for using their FOURTH round pick on a guy who played in a spread O. The Raiders get ripped for drafting speed guys, then get ripped for drafting slow DEs. What gives?

    By the way, the spread O that Florida WRs put up great numbers in was that of the Ole Ball Coach, not Urban Meyer.

  • jetcleaning

    do the raiders have college scouts or do the throw dARTS at names in the war room and select the player it falls on they select , raiders would have been better off passing on all picks