Shaughnessy the pick, but was Johnson the target?


Matt Shaughnessy, a defensive end from Wisconsin, is the Raiders’ latest against-the-grain selection at No. 71 overall.

Shaughnessy has overcome a knee injury early in his college career and a fibula fracture as a senior, but in between was a productive player.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest Tom Cable will say the Raiders got exactly who they wanted, but you wonder if they weren’t poised to select Georgia Tech defensive end Michael Johnson, a height-weight-speed specimen and combine warrior who has first-round ability and mid-round college production.

Cable will not speak with the media until all selections are completed, although it’s possible some players will be made player by conference call in the interim.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • raiderrej

    I give up.. im starting to regret my renewal

  • Glutten for Punishment

    kiper is a tool. alot of players will prove him wrong like always

  • South FLA Raider

    LOL Raiderrej!! Slade Norris sounds like a 70’s show action hero!

  • los raiders de don rober

    So, no player to help on Run D?

  • South FLA Raider

    This is the analysis I got from nfl.com on Norris:

    “There is no analysis about this Prospect at this time.”

    Holy Cow!

  • raiderrej

    Slade norris sounds like he was a character on “NightCourt” w/Bull

  • raiderrej

    or is Norris Slade? he has a firsty firsty

  • On the beach in Cancun

    Post 481: Los Raiders:

    Probably the most accurate post of the day, I’m sorry to say, but so true. That’s Al to a nut shell. He’s a speed psycho!


    You have to say that the players we’ve passed on would make a pretty good football team.

    If we were looking for post draft day trading deals it might have been good to pick the athletes that teams wanted.

    I have to believe that Cable has information about Slade Norris due to his Oregon connections but what do I know I thought he liked Johnson and Birdwell.

  • Crow

    Drew Carter is actually a good player. Can’t believe we’re going to replace him with a god damn Gator.

  • Crow

    ” I have to believe that Cable has information about Slade Norris due to his Oregon connections but what do I know I thought he liked Johnson and Birdwell.”


    Cable hasn’t had a say in any of these ridiculous picks. Don’t kid yourself.


    Well, actually there wasn’t that much out there on Mitchell either but I like what I see of him.

  • South FLA Raider

    Can we get a 5th rounder for Turd?

  • raiderrej

    regardless of this mess, I will be wearing my #20 home jersey enjoying my monday tailgate and absorbing the nations energy at the coliseum… a bit disappointed but nontheless excited like I am every year.


    Al’s not giving Marshall a whole lot to build on here.

  • los raiders de don rober

    I don’t get it. We had pretty decent 07 & 08 drafts. What the hell happened this year? I mean, Cable said they didn’t even visit DHB’s pro day, they had a “scout” tape it and send it to them…the 7th pick of the draft analyzed by a home movie!….whaaaaaat?

  • On the beach in Cancun

    post 513…Crow

    You’re so right there. It’s all Al.

  • dallasraiderfan

    see you all next year in top 8 again……at least we have all our picks for next year we can all/laugh/cry about.. only dumber team in nfl are the redskins…(and even they did better this year with orapko (remember tehy offered 2 #1’s for ocho cinco? morons..they have one thing in common with raiders..an owner that is braindead..maybe we get lucky and mike vick gets picked up as free agent..


    Half of all these draft picks are going to be busts.
    I just hope we’re not ahead of the curve.

  • South FLA Raider

    Some more Mitchell comments….

    “Yes, I heard them,” Mitchell, a well-spoken young man, said Sunday. “That’s OK. Mel Kiper has his opinion and I respect it. But what does it mean? My 9-year-old nephew can watch film and make an opinion. … I think I value the opinion of scouts who actually get paid to make their opinions. All I know is the Oakland Raiders made me their second-round pick and I’m determined to make Mr. [Al] Davis know he made a fine pick.”

    Mitchell said he’ll keep Kiper’s comments close to him for the rest of his career. In fact, Mitchell said he is in the process of getting a picture of Kiper. Mitchell plans to decorate his Oakland locker with it.

    “It will carry me through my career,” Mitchell said. “It will serve as motivation for me.”

    Good Stuff!!

  • Tomycar

    SnB im not thrilled either.. but im not irate either as i have been in the last few years.. where the Raiders drafted the hype rather then the guy they really wanted.. it seems a bit hindsight now.. but the clues were there all along that Bey was the guy they wanted.. Cable answered a question about taking a player to high and his response was.. not if its the player you really want..

  • Tomycar

    i think the teams with the worst drafts (not that it matters, 3 years from now it will) but the Chargers.. i see Norvell Turner is still completely clueless

  • ELT_Tommy

    Can anyone tell me why we have 3 running backs, and no offensive lineman. So are we gonna jerk around again with all 3 and get minimal production out of all three. Remember last year Cable barely played McFadden, even when he was healthy

  • abnardo


  • Babylonian

    Let’s see… all of you that claim to be Raiders fans seem to have more disgust for OUR team than I do for the patriots. Why don’t you all go buy yourselves brady jerseys? And buy your kids moss jerseys while you’re at that. No wonder the analysts dump on Oakland, when you supposed “fans” do. We’re better off without you.

    And consiidering WE had a better draft than all the other AFC West teams WE should be ecstatic. Notice how the broncos have 7 rbs now?

    Now look at OUR draft. DHB fits what WE want to do. You want crabtree so bad then play the lottery, win it five times and buy a team and get him. Quit your crying and 49er fans might be happy now but here’s a funfact.

    Crabtree is second in conference history with 41 tds, right? That’s why everyone loves him, right? Well in 2004 the 49ers drafted, in the first round, a WR by the name of Rashaun Woods who happens to hold the all-time conference record with 42 td catches.
    DHB will be better than crabtree because playing the best CB in the league can make playing against other CBs like a cakewalk.

    By the way did you see crabtrees little suit? Silver suit, he wanted to be a Raider but thought he might get taken by the seahawks so he took on the silver. What a poser. At least Jamarcus wore the right color.

    And you same crybabies who are whining over Huff now have a problem when WE get a safety? Wtf is wrong with you? We got a SLB, part of a team who made sanchez and company look second rate. We got DE to help the pass rush and excuse me if WE didn’t trade up for Johnson, who knew what marvin lewis was thinking outside of rey mauluga?

    Al Davis is a genius. As long as he doesn’t choose who everyone else wants instead of who he wants like say when he let callahan take Gallery when Al obviously wanted Sean Taylor. So bite your tongues you doubters.
    As with every diehard Raider fan will agree with me… WE will win the SUPERBOWL this year.

  • jetcleaning

    al davis should buy other teams draft boards that way they can select players that wouldnt end up free agents anyway 🙂