Sharp criticism from Carter, Dilfer


The day started out nice as the Raiders received an apology of sorts from NFL Network Mike Mayock over his downgrading of safety Mike Mitchell, but later disintegrated after an ESPN studio session following a routine interview with coach Tom Cable by Suzy Kolber.

Some highlights:


“(Russell is) more accurate than people give him credit for. He’s definitely not a quarterback yet. He doesn’t do all the things quarterbacks do. I do believe the work ethic question is a legitimate one. When you can become 280 pounds in the offseason, that tells me something about how you value working out.

“Among the issues, you’re talking about speed going to help a quarterback. What about trust and dependability. And I’ll segue to you (Cris Carter), because what you did in the NFL, is a craft. It’s not just about being a fast athlete. It’s a craft. And quarterbacks need a receiver that value it as a craft, so you can trust and depend on them, especially in the critical moments in games.


“I don’t know how to build a football team. I admit that. And there’s a lot of other things I don’t know how to do. I do know how to make a receiver into a receiver, and I do know how to recognize a receiver when he can make a contribution to an NFL team.

“Darrius Heyward-Bey _ he made honorable mention All-ACC. Now you’re telling me that I just spent 50 million dollars on my quarterback, he’s my franchise quarterback, and I’m going to get a guy who’s going to be in the ACC, be inconsistent. He had games when he didn’t even catch a ball. So how’s that going to help JaMarcus? If he can’t catch a ball in an ACC game, he gets to the National Football League, now you know they have a reason to make him disappear.”


“It’s a different game. You can’t protect long enough to throw the football, fifth-five, sixty-yards down the field. It doesn’t work. That formula, run, run, run, suck ‘em up, throw it over their head, doesn’t work. It doesn’t work anywhere, and hasn’t worked for years.

“That’s why the best offensive coaches in this league offense understand the horizontal stretch as well as a vertical stretch. You have balance your offense to move the chains.”


“Honorable mention! Did anybody mention that?”

On Sunday morning, Mayock, when told the Chicago Bears were reportedly poised to select Mitchell, “apologized” for saying the Raiders could actually drafted the cornerback in the fifth round or later.

Mayock said he had seen no film of Mitchell and had no real handle on his skills.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SnB Defense

    yeah, this pick will be a cornerback…

  • please a DT or an ILB…

  • DMAC

    I think the Raiders just drafted Bill Cosby.

  • Here comes the Cornerback pick!

  • KennyKing

    Not to defend Davis but does anyone really care what Trent Dilfer has to day? Trent Dilfer? Really?

    As for Cris Carter, he already admits to not knowing how to build a team nor coach, I will assume.

    As for this draft, I do not see what the big negatives are.

    Cliff BRanch was taken in the fourth round, was he a horrible players? DHB may be Branch but at least he gets a chance?

  • Brien the General 510

    Raiders get chris baker or draft a FB

  • doriangray

    u like dat word ? audacity ? didnt know raider fans had a vocab huh ?

  • doriangray

    hmm… did i spell it right .?

  • Maybe Mitchell can break every RB in the AFC West? That is the only shot this team has at stopping the Run this season. Unless Kelly magically has a breakout year, but not holding my breath.

  • Brien the General 510

    3 min to another bs pick?

  • DMAC

    Draft Follett! God Dammit!

  • goodjuju

    Both the Chiefs and the Raiders passed up one of the top two players in the draft and reached for another player that they thought better fit thier system, yet the Raiders are the only ones recieving criticism.

  • McFadden20

    here it comes

  • here we go…

  • doriangray

    anyhew … fukk trent dilfer . couldnt throw a whopper at a fat bitch . lousy super bowl winning bum ….

  • Tommy Trojan25

    Yeah!!! A lineman!!!

  • DarthPirate Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 2:03 pm
    How long until our rookies get to some sort of a camp? This will be fascinating to hear about their skills and development. At least we are never bored as Raiders fans.


    2 weeks

  • IndianaRaider

    what is up with all these odd names we keep drafting?

  • doriangray

    draft duke calhoun ///

  • Stryker Sulak (DE) Missouri

    lets hope he can stop the run, you know….

  • Al must be going after the weirdest names he can find.

  • doriangray

    who we draft ? i cant afford cable … 🙁

  • Brien the General 510

    Another DE? Oh my god. A practice squad/Special Teamer that more than likely gets axed. Great

  • DMAC

    Hell yeah! We just picked up DE Sulak!

  • Dorian…

    Stryker Sulak (DE) Missouri

  • Crow


    Al drafted this guy because of his name. Admit it.

  • DarthPirate

    Stryker Sulak?

  • IndianaRaider

    So much for thinking we would see Zack Follett picked.

  • Tommy Trojan25

    Another fast pass rusher with a motor.

  • doriangray

    lol. his name is stryker . what is he ? a 1976 porn star ? stryker six-pack in ” return of the wet guy” …… homo porn ….

  • Tommy Trojan25

    16 more picks until Jean-Francois

  • Brien the General 510

    NFL network would prefer not to talk about Raiders pick lol

  • severeraider

    Instead of getting Slade Norris who is just a Ricky Brown clone with less ability that we are gonna try to morph into a SLB, why didnt we take Brinkley or Beckwith??? Brinkley and Beckwith both excelled at playing the run and could have taken over for Brown on day one. This draft has made no sense so far, besides Mitchell none of the picks i am even ok with. I wanted Louis Murphy in the 4th, but only if we didnt go receiver in the 1st. This Stryker Sulak sounds like anotheR Trevor Scott but with less talent.

  • Moose

    this draft just proves TC is a tool..hope im wrong

  • Tommy Trojan25

    Slade and Stryker back to back


  • Al, I will buy season tickets if you draft OLB Zack Follet

  • DMAC

    Let’s draft Bill Cosby!

  • 1960AutumnWind

    I don’t like this pick…. I am not sure what we are seeing in this guy…. This one really does look like a FA pickup….

  • Tommy Trojan25

    We are the Globo-Gym Purple Cobras and we will, we will, ROCK YOU!

    Allow me to introduce Blade, Lazer, Blazer,
    ….Slade, ….Stryker

  • ohhhhhh, a trade

  • oliverthizz

    55 tackles, 15.5 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks and an NCAA-leading six forced fumbles

    forget what anybody says, Stryker was a beast at Mizzou

    plus 6’5 250 4.7 40


    Looks like Marshall plans on bringing a lot of pressure. Im liking this

  • 1960AutumnWind


    Regarding post 85. Is this draft leading you to drugs????

  • DL?

  • DMAC

    It better be Follett!

  • TE, WTF?!?!

  • Tommy Trojan25

    A TE?

    Who called it?

    I guess these all really are special teams picks…

  • doriangray

    “the give to tomlinson , running left , runs right into stryker , breaks a tackle! stiff arms slade ! bull- dozes mike from ohio , touchdown !! CHOKERS !! … … wtf?

  • severeraider

    Im hoping for Gerald Cadogan 6th and RJF in the 7th

  • Tommy Trojan25

    1960AutumnWind Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    Regarding post 85. Is this draft leading you to drugs????


    I was on drugs before the draft but I guess you could say that if you want, you know?

  • DMAC

    who did they trade for the last pick?