Filling out the roster


The Raiders typically don’t announce undrafted free agents until they show up at the first minicamp (unless they’re on the Chris Johnson secret-signing plan and they don’t announce it at all).

Various reports have the Raiders signing Florida Atlantic linebacker Frantz joseph, Kent State wide receiver Shawn Bayes and linebacker David Nixon so far.

The San Francisco Chronicle is also reporting the signing of Harvard defensive end Desmond Bryant.

You’ll find many of the reports before I do, and the players will probably end up coming to camp with the Raiders.

Chances of any of them making on the Week 1 53-man roster are slim, however, although you get the occasional John Madsen and Chris Carr.

Others, like Louis Rankin and Marcel Reece last year, make the pracitce squad and eventually get called to the 53-man roster.

But beware _ they’re not Raiders until they show up on May 8. There have been write-ups in local papers in past years which have players signing with the Raiders only to find out they had not, and instances when local reporters are checking in with players they’re sure have signed with the Raiders, only to find out otherwise.

It happened with a linebacker a couple of years ago, I want to say it was Cal Poly-SLO linebacker Jordan Beck, who later did come in for a tryout, but never did sign a contract.

You really don’t know for sure until they arrive at minicamp.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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