Live Raiders chat with Jerry McDonald, Tuesday, 1 p.m. PDT


Get your post-draft questions ready for Jerry McDonald, who’ll be on hand for a live chat on our “Inside the Raiders” blog on Tuesday, April 28 at 1 p.m. PDT.


Jon Becker

  • alisgod

    Mr. how about you stfu for once. You did that pretty well today until you showed up again.

  • Dude

    Cant handle the truth there boy?

  • Dude

    Answer the question punk. How many times did DHB take a simple hitch to the house in college?

  • alisgod

    Asking for truth from a guy that has to hide his name….nice

  • raidersince87

    Mad Road Dog Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 8:13 pm
    I wanted linemen but DHB was Mayock’s 3rd rated WR, fits Al’s system as a deep threat as Crabtree and Maclin did not. So I don’t understand their fuss as WR was a need according to most draft pronosticators.

    Their indignity if any should be warranted on the basis that AL did not draft the best linemen, especially Monroe or Raji. That was my fuss, still another year with rejects from other teams on the “O” line and no real help for the “D” line.

    i feel u on this, but cable said earlier it was bad coaching on the d-line, i hope that is the case and they can perform better with different coaching, the o-line was improving by the end of the year and with the signing of barnes and pears it can only help the competition there, but definitly the pass-rush and run d is a big concern going into camps

  • raiderkoolaid

    # Dude Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    Why the fuss?????????????

    How about the fact that Al picked DHB based soley on him running the fastest 40 time.

    How about the fact he reached for DHB at 7

    How about the fact that DHB has better size than Crabtree, can leap out of the building, has very good body control and is good at adjesting to the ball in flight, is more experience at running NFL type routs, and is not a total me person like crabtree. The knock on him about having bad hands was misconstrued. What the scouting report said is that he sometimes has a tendency to let the ball get into his body to catch is instead of catching with his hands, and as a result sometime drops easy ones. That is something that can be coached. Incredible speed and athleticism can’t.

  • Dude

    Dont even know what that means. Assuming you think I am someone else, whatever. Never asked you for truth, you cant handle it.

  • raidersince87

    bey was going to be a first rounder anyway, he has all the physical tools, and i like the way he’s been handling himself in his interviews, even the one with that jerk cris carter, this shows some maturity, the situation he was in at maryland he made the best of, im pulling for him and im beginning to like him more and more

  • NoMoreFargas

    I heard Harvin and the vikes called up onterio smith to find where he got his wizzanator at .

  • Dude

    DHB just lit it UP at Maryland!

  • NoMoreFargas

    I’m gonna hate on DHB because the way things seem to go for me the guy’s I hate make me like them except fargas of course he has lamont jordan disease when you can’t shake anybody in the open field not even lineman

  • IndianaRaider

    Q: Inconsistent hands, true?

    A: That’s peoples opinion. I don’t think a lot of people watched Maryland games over the past three years. They’ve only looked at stats and compared them to other people and just think my hands aren’t good but I can definitely catch the ball. I wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case.


    Hands down, most important question answered.

  • 24

    My Mock Draft will consist of the people least likely to be chosen in a draft.

    The QB will always have a strong arm. The RB will always be fast. The WR’s will always be fast. The Defensive Ends will always be small and fast. The Linebackers will always be small and fast. The Defensive Backs will be fast and some will hit like mack trucks while others will be great against the run and poor against the pass. Our Kickers and Punters will have the strongest legs and almost everyone will either be a project or someone who recently got hurt.

  • 24

    I remember seeing Tim Brown drop the easiest of catches. Its not unusual to see some of the greats drop passes when you consider how many passes are thrown to them such as Terrell Owens and even Braylon Edwards. Edwards had some terrible QB play last year and I’m sure alot of the pressure was on him. I’m sure alot of QB’s forced passes his way that he just couldn’t hold onto or maybe he was frustrated from the different QB’s and had trouble concentrating. We’re only human and some people have a difficult time staying motivating when they lose hope on their season. Tim Brown always played on a bad team so its no surprise he would have an occasional drop, especially when you’re constantly the main target.

  • Is Mike Mitchell 6’0 or 6’1??

  • alisgod

    Mr. Are you still whining? Still asking for the truth when you hide behind a different name? Kinda stupid isnt it? If you want to talk like a man, log in as yourself and I will carry a debate with you. ohter than that stfu!

  • alisgod

    6’0 according to nfl.com

  • Alisgod,

    Ya I was just on there, I don’t think it’s right. He said he was 6’1 in an interview.
    Also they have crab listed at 6’2, he is 6’1!!!

    By the way, I found some interesting information:

    Crab played QB at HS, and not WR. He only played WR at TT.

    DHB: played WR and LB at HS, I like that. He had 16 reps on the Bench!!!
    He also was a track star at HS.

    I would rather have a WR who played the position for 7+ years rather than a player who only played WR for 2+ years. IMHO

  • Why is Crab listed at 6’2 on Draft Tracker and also at 6’1?
    Why are they so in love with this Diva, I don’t get it!!!

    Crab: 6’1 215, played QB at HS, runs in the low 4.5s, 34″ vertical, and didn’t play in a pro system.

    DHB: 6’2 210, played WR and LB in HS, runs a sub 4.3, 40″ vertical, and came from a pro system.

    People say he is a track star, but he played the WR position longer than the Diva.

    I love it, you know!!!

  • I can see why he was drafted over the Diva.

    Let me go read on Maclin, BRB.

  • Maclin played WR and S at HS. He put up crazy #s as WR, he avg 25 yrds per catch!!!!

    I think Maclin and DHB should have been ranked ahead of the Diva, but we do love TDs and he has a lot of those.

  • DHB avg 20 yards per catch, and he had 22 TDs in 2 YRs.

    Maclin had 29 TDs in 2 yrs.

    I think both should have been rated higher than Crab, I really don’t get it!!!

    I guess we will have to wait a few years to find out.

  • Dmac20

    Hey you guys have to check this out about the slade norris kid. Its to funny… The things they come up with for his name.lolhttp://www.prosportsdaily.com/forums/showthread.php?t=357487

  • Chris in NY

    SilverNBlack666 Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 6:55 pm
    I am already preparing my 2010 mock draft I am guessing we will finish 6-10 at best since we cant seem to stop the run that’s about all we can hope for.

    I would have rather seen us take Aaron Maybin in the 1st then Brace in the second.


    Maybin was a terrible 1st round pick. What is a 235 pound DE going to do in the NFL? Wasn’t Ayers still available when they made that pick?

  • Dmac20

    I believe dhb will turn out to be great. I mean the mockery and the ridicule that has been displayed towards this kid is unacceptable. Especially counting the fact of how good a man he is. I know the lord will have his back and help him pan out to be one of the greatest, I mean it has to be damn nea destiny now.

  • That’s it.

    I’m sold on DHB, the guy had to play with 3 different QBs!!!!

    He played very will against Miami, Cal, Wake, and I think Del or ND ( I can’t remember).
    He played well agains good schools.

    We was double teamed a lot, and he was on a weak offense!!!

  • priesttj

    4 different QB’s in 3 years, with very little help on O. He was it………..period

  • Maclin may have a better start due to the level of talent around him, but I think DHB was the best WR for our scheme.

    I also think him and Maclin are better WR prospects than Crab due to them playing the position longer. Both played WR at HS, but Crab played QB. He wasn’t that good at QB as a passer, but was more of a rushing QB.

  • 4 different QBs!!!


    Best video of DHB!!! it gets you pump that you know he’s going to shock everyone how good this kid is going to be.


  • DHB all the way, you know!!

  • priesttj

    Listen, with all that’s happened including our own reactions to him going at #7. This kid is such a good person it seems only right to feel the way we do at the criticism he’s recieved nationally.

    I genuinely like the kid forget his talent. But when I really look at the talent he posseses and the situation the coaching staff was in to take him there. As well as his reaction to it all, (he’s already into the playbook) which shows his maturity. I think we have a quality pick. And I never thought I would say that.

    While I still haven’t seen any film on the kid but his scouting reports are very impressive. Stats hardly ever tell the story behind them. In his case they totally discredit his talent.

    I have nothing but respect for the young man. And everything that happens from here on as an organization and we as the Raider Nation have been served. They (everyone who’s not a part of us) hates us and what we stand for. The national media as well as the local media has continued to spit in our faces for no reason other than the fact that they hate Al Davis. You wait and hld your peace hoping that some of it will subside and it never does. What did that kid do to them except get drafted by the Raiders and they mocked him and have yet to apologies.

    Well we don’t need them, we’ll just go out and kick some NFL butt. They still wont like us but they’ll have to respect us.

    BTW I’ve watche film of the DE Shanessey, he’s legit he was coming off a knee injury and was dominant in the bowl game vs Florida St. He definitely needs to add bulk and strength at this level but his skills are very good. He can start IMO at base RE and provide good run support as well pressure the passer. In 2-3 years he could be push for a problowl if he puts the work in. Talent is not his problem he has it.

  • priesttj

    Guy’s Crabtree is not our problem, personally I think he’s going to be a great player. DHB fits our scheme to a Tee. He and Russell should be one f the most dangerous combos in the NFL during their careers. The coaching staff really did their homework on this. It could be very explosive as of next year. You have to know that Russell hads seen and heard all he can stand from the media on himself and now his new best friend. If this doesn’t motivate those two to show the world what they’re capable of then I will be extremely disappointed in Russell. But I think he has heard enough and he’s ready to unleash on the league everything he has.

  • RaidersMom

    24 Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Louis Murphy

    Thanks for sharing the video, 24. I am rather partial to this kid, as my maiden name is Murphy and when looking at that video his face reminds me a lot of my youngest brother. I am really excited to see both him and MM on the field! I am also glad to see the positivity that has shown up in the wake of this year’s draft. While it took a while for the shock to wear out, I really believe Cable and company have a plan and are following through with it. I am proud as ever to be a Raider fan and to see the character issue take fold for our team. I think it is going to be a very exciting season and one that will make all of us PROUD!!!


    Oh, and by the way, I am going to miss all of your daily draft picks, Raider O. You were cracking me up with them!