DHB sits it out


Notes from Saturday’s second minicamp practice:

After a rough morning practice that included dropped passes and counsel from Jeff Garcia, wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey mostly watched during the second session.

The No. 1 draft pick, who at one point Saturday morning was being worked on by the training staff for an apparent cramp, went through some drills but did not participate in any seven-on-seven or team drills.

Raiders coach Tom Cable, who addresses the media once in the afternoon, declined to update Heyward-Bey’s status.

“He said he’ll get into it tomorrow,” senior executive John Herrera said.

— Al Davis made his first minicamp appearance a little before 5 p.m., watching on a cart and departing before the session was finished.

— Guard Cooper Carlisle found himself on the ground during the no-contact drills courtesy of Tommy Kelly two times in a span of three plays.

— Tight end Chris O’Neill, an undrafted free agent from Boise State, made the best catch of minicamp so far, reaching up and cradling a one-handed catch from Jeff Garcia more than 20 yards downfield behind Michael Huff and Jerome Boyd, the Oregon linebacker who is being played at safety.

— During a seven-on-seven drill, Garcia spied McFadden with one-on-one coverage by rookie free-agent linebacker David Nixon of BYU. Garcia pump faked and found McFadden for a 45-yard gain down the sideline not far from where Davis was watching practice in his cart.

— Russell’s passing continued to be hit and miss, with a lot short throws to running backs and tight ends with the occasional attempt downfield. He found Louis Murphy on a deep cross on one attempt, and later threw a high wobbler down the left sideline toward Murphy that missed badly out of bounds with Justin Miller in coverage.

Practice ended with Russell completing a sideline route to Murphy.

— The second session, particularly in the early stages, was much more spirited and energetic.

— Early in the session, a hawk emerging from the field beyond the fence at the Oakland Airport flew through the air with a snake and landed on a nearby communications tower, where it came under the scrutiny of a few other birds who were diving at his prey.

Some support staff and a few players were watching, until returning their gaze to the field when play resumed _ all except Shane Lechler, who never punted in the session and could afford to watch the show.

— Tommy Kelly jumped offsides during a team session, with five yards marked off for the offense since the first down markers were in use. The Raiders bypassed recognition of similar fouls in the first session.

— A good sign offensively _ two well-executed screen passes, one from Russell to Michael Bush and another from Bruce Gradkowski to Louis Rankin.

— Aside from Heyward-Bey, those who did not participate included left guard Robert Gallery, defensvie tackle Gerard Warren, defensive end Derrick Burgess, tight end Zach Miller, center Samson Satele and fullback Oren O’Neal. Linebacker Ricky Brown returned after sitting out the first session, and deflected and nearly intercepted a Garcia pass.

The Raiders wrap up their minicamp with a single practice Sunday at 11:45 a.m.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 4evaRaider

    91 and hot here =)


    Bob Marley:

    You were posting some interesting stuff about what Marshall might do on defense.

    I guess we’re going to see a lot more of the blitz?


    Hey Raider O!
    How is everything?

  • M Lonetree

    RaiderDell post 88

    Marley Esq. post 145

    Nothing more needs to be added. Well done my friends.

  • RuffRaider

    First post here, and man, I just don’t get all the negativity around JR.

    Sure, he could do this better, or do that better, but he’s a young developing QB. It’s normally between years 2 and 3 before the light comes on for these young QB’s. Someone mentioned Manning earlier, well Eli’s QB rating in years one and two was 55 and 75, and Peyton in his 1st year threw 28 int’s and had a QB rating of 71.2 as Indy won 5 games!

    Elway and Aikman both struggled early on. Rivers didn’t even start until year 3 and I remember Shottenheimer would barely let him throw the ball that year! The rook in Baltimore put up very similar numbers to JR’s on a much better team, with no off field distractions and an above avg receiving corps. Despite that, all you hear around the league is how great Flacco is and how this is a make or break season for JR.

    He deserves a 2nd full season before he gets that kind of criticism. Especially since he improved as the season went on last year, despite ALL the BS that went down with the organization.

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    welcome aboard and well done.

  • 4evaRaider

    Well maybe if he didnt hold out his 1st year he would be further along and we wouldnt be saying all this.But he did hold out when his team needed him and so he gets what he gets,imo

  • I bought another Sour one, but I really miss Mercy. She hits like Iron Mike in his prime.

    RIP Mercy. lol



    I would hope that Russell is going to fit in as the starting quarterback. The man has a great arm. You’d think he would have been working on his skills more during the off season.
    That said, he played much better under Cable than he did under Kiffin.

    Watching the press conferences of Mitchell and HB during the minicamp I have to say that I wish that JR had the same kind of drive as those two guys.

    They’re both kind of impressive and apparently pretty smart. Whether they make it or not is one thing but I don’t think they’re going to fail because they are not hungry enough.

    Cable is really intent on getting talented young guys with the right attitude who want to play not just show up and thank Al for the paycheck.

  • 4eva,

    Why you trippin!!! Are you out?? lol

    JR will be fine bro.

  • RuffRaider

    Thanks M L…. the encouraging news I keep hearing out of camp is Tommy Kelly, could he actually play up to that contract this year?

    Let’s face it, our D has no where to go but up.. lol


    Raider O
    Mercy! You broke your bong!

    That’s real tough.

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  • Raider Dell

    Raider O

    4eva is not trippin, he just wants to hear some positive news, and who could blame him.

    To believe their is positive news from a mini camp would be hysterical. The players are together for the first time in organized activities, since the 2008 season ended, yet they are expected to perform like the season just ended.

    The other teams mini camps have the same comments from other media writers. Be concerned , yet temper your bad thoughts, we will improve, it’s takes time, it’s only May.

  • canadianraider

    i read the blogs and i am on 4eva’s side.. someone said it takes some qb’s 5 years to come of age….how many qb’s u know become great after 5 years?..remember people,, this guy was 1st pick overall and it seems all we do is make excuses on why he isnt progressing..whether it was training camp etc etc…u can tell me all u want about his stats..but i dont get the feeling this guy can WIN games for us..there is a difference…and with dhb dropping passes…i was so disapointed..i was hoping he would be good..but he cant catch….rick dudley all over again…



    You make a lot of good points. As part of the Raider Nation though I think were are all sick of waiting for the team to pull it together. Six years of losing is six years too much.

    Russell’s development has been a little slow. Kiffin didn’t play him because he said he didn’t know the playbook. With Cable in his second year plays were limited for the same reason.

    Compare that with Mitchell who just got here.

    When it comes to Russell. You have to say that his development is a little slow. Maybe that has something to do with Kiffin. That’s certainly true in the case of Mario and Chris Johnson.

    The guy is very talented. It’s up to him to make it happen
    This is the year when we find out about Russell. It’s up to him to show us.
    Personally, I’m optimistic that he can do it.

  • Dell,

    How are you sir?

    I think Jerry is hard on JR, and it shows in his reports. IMHO

    It’s OTAs!!!


    Some stuff on John Marshall.

    This is an overview of Marshall’s scheme from scouts inc. and espn, it’s from september 2008:

    “Seattle runs a base 4-3 under coordinator John Marshall, with multiple blitz packages designed to harass quarterbacks from every conceivable angle.

    There’s an emphasis on zone coverage and speed over size, especially in the front seven. Previously a read-and-react defense, the Seahawks have become very aggressive and now fly to the ball (Marshall is beginning to use more man-to-man coverages in hopes of creating big plays.)

    The active linebacker unit is the key to their success, and LB Julian Peterson is a versatile weapon whose explosiveness sets the tone. But Seattle must improve the run defense, which could be difficult given the lack of size up front.”

    – I remember their playoff win in january 2008 vs the Redskins, I was impressed with their Defense and they seemed to be all over Redskins QB Tod Collins, so I looked up that game and found the analysis, again, from scouts inc. and espn:

    “If you haven’t paid much attention in the Northwest, Seattle has a pretty impressive defensive team led by LDE Patrick Kerney, MLB Lofa Tatupu, OLB Julian Peterson and shutdown corner Marcus Trufant.

    Defensive coordinator John Marshall’s game plan was to shut down the Washington running game while overloading the right side with single zone pressure schemes in passing situations that placed a lot of pressure on rookie RT Stephon Heyer.

    The Redskins countered by sliding their protection schemes toward Heyer, which forced LT Chris Samuels on an island in one-on-one situations on the backside with either Darryl Tapp or Peterson.

    The Seahawks also did a good job in rotating their defensive linemen while aligning at different spots in sub to create mismatches that they exploited with four-man rush schemes.”

  • 4evaRaider

    Raider O I just hoped Jmac would have took it upon himself 2 better himself by practing every day,with the exception of the passing of his uncle.He should have,as our field general,made JLH,Chaz and whoever come to the park,any park to jump start the 31st passing attack in the nfl but…my bad



    Sorry, I missed that.
    East Anglia.
    I’ve been hooked since the days of Snake and Blanda coming in to win the game in the last few seconds.

    There’s also a Tollworth(Surrey) Raider and a Scottish Raider who comes on here(with real detailed analysis) but you meet a lot of Raider fans who don’t know about Jerry’s blog.

    We should tell ’em.
    Jerry’s got a family to support.

  • Raider Dell

    Raider O

    I’m doing great. The blog wants perfection in May, bring it on!

    You know really is so funny, the comments in here who crucify the media, for all the Raider bashing and stupid comments, yet some in here parrot those same comments without any knowledge, just hear say or what others are saying.

    I guess DHB, will always drop passes until he leaves football, he can catch everything in sight until he drops a pass. I guess Tim Brown drops, or Jerry Rice drops are different.

    The body of work, takes time, some in here just want instant gratification.

  • M Lonetree


    have you ever looked for that book I mentioned, The Years of Rice and Salt?

    To Whom It May Concern,

    after having put up with Marc Wilson, Jay Schroeder, Todd Marinovich, Donald Hollas, Vince Evans, Rick Mirer, Wade Wilson, Jeff George, Kerry Collins, Daunte Culpepper, Josh McCown, Andrew’s Mom’s Kid, Andre Ware, Marques Tuiasasopo and God only knows how many other re-tread horrors and wasted choices, I am willing to give JRuss years to develop if he needs it as he seems both immensely talented and is working hard at his craft.
    I understand that impatience may be regarded as a necessary virtue in this day and age, but in actuality it is not virtuous whatsoever.

  • Senile King


    With all due respect, I remember when Joe Namath donned his white fur coat on the sidelines. Although I STILL don’t think that display was appropiate for him either, it least by THAT point in time in his career, Namath, (unlike Chubbustus), had clearly demonstrated that he had indeed earned the right to swing his Ba**s -perhaps partially measured as a function of HIS gaudy attire…

    At this stage of his career,(…perpetual turnstyle Kwame Harris’ non-assistance notwithstanding), given both Chubbustus’ onorous lack of production coupled with questionable dedication and commitment issues
    simply invites such critisism …..

    This young man is only putting far more pressure on himself by his comportment…

    Thus far, two good games and a 60% completion rate on checkdowns shows that he has, thus far, dispite his cannon arm, done nothing other than con “he -of -the -increasingly- heavier -drool- towel” of out thirty million dollars…..

  • 4evaRaider Says:

    If a hawk flies over you and has a snake in it’s talons,lore has it that is good luck =)

    Not for the snake.

  • crazyal

    a. one complete insane team owner (al davis)
    b. owner picks a qb with no brains. border line stupid IQ TEST IS A MUST…bust bust bust
    c. owner picks a receiver with no hands……….. ..bust bust bust
    d. a coach or hand puppet? …other then that.keep loving al davis..lol


  • M,

    No sir I haven’t, but it’s on my Book List. I haven’t been to B&N in a few months. lol
    I get really distracted with the draft and OTAs.
    Also this is the best time of the year for selling cars. That’s why I haven’t been here as much lately.

    Gotta make money, you know!! 🙂


    Bob Marley:

    Thanks for that.

  • RuffRaider

    I’m not saying JR is ahead of schedule by any means England. But his circumstance is what it is, and it’s not entirely his fault. Do I wish he had Jeff Garcia’s work ethic – sure. Do I wish he was zipping his passes all on target during OTA’s, of course.

    All I am saying is that he deserves the same amount of patience given all other young QB’s in this league. He DID improve last year, IMO anyway. All I was looking for was improvement out of him last year and I saw it. It was his 1st year under center, heck, I knew he would struggle through most of it. Throw in all the off the field BS, not too mention Kwame protecting his blind side, and I think he did a helluva job!

    This year I expect to see more improvement. Do I expect JR to lead us to the playoffs this year, not even close. But 8-8 is reachable, and by the 2nd half I’d really like to see all the young kids on offense starting to click. If they do, it could really be something special (especially if the o-line starts to gel).

  • DarthPirate

    David white’s twitter feed starts at 12:15 for today apparently.

  • DarthPirate

    RuffRaider, I think the O Line is the most important part of what yo just said.

  • 4evaRaider

    like that old farming addage:you reap what you sow

  • Midwest Fan

    I think Fargas’ best role would to be our closer. Use Bush in the beginning of the game w/ lots of DMC. Get some big plays down the field with Schillens, DHB, and Higgins in the slot. Miller up the middle on some 3rd and short’s.

    Fargas comes in when we’re up by 10 in the 4th qtr. Playing against a beat up, tired out, and confused defense where Fargas’ running style will be effective.

  • M,

    By the way, post 179- well said.

  • Twitter!!! I love it!!!

  • “Chubbustus”


  • RuffRaider

    # DarthPirate Says:
    May 10th, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    RuffRaider, I think the O Line is the most important part of what yo just said.



    It takes time for an o-line to really develop chemistry and if nothing else, hopefully this unit will be intact for a while. Too bad what should be the starting 5 didn’t get any work together as a unit during this OTA, maybe next time.

  • DarthPirate

    Heyward Bey is out and Louis Murphy as well.

    Don’t the Raiders’ first OTAs start on the 19th?

  • canadianraider

    where do you guys see jrus talent…were all told how talented he is..but from what ive seen in him playing so far…is someone who doesnt look comfortable out there.no confidence..no fire…whom every once in awhile throws a strong fast completed pass.then were all saying “maybe he is gonna be that good”..then the next 10 passes are nothing to brag about…my patience is running thin on the guy is all im saying..

  • Everyone is at Twitter getting their Fix!!


  • RuffRaider

    C’mon fella’s – he’s just Big Bonedid! … lol



    I agree with post#185. His circumstance has something to do with arsehole Kiffin. As I say he’s done a lot better with Cable.
    He needs to become the leader of this team though and he hasn’t done that yet. As Cable says, he needs to step up.

    We’re going to be much improved this year just based on continuity alone and I think you’e right about 8-8 or even 9-7.

    The jury is out on Cable as a play caller but he sure looked a lot better to me than Kiffin and Knap.
    There was that one Seabass play of course. The only thing I liked about that was Cable’s reaction to the press crtiicizing him for it.
    He said he needed the team to know that he would do anything to win the game.

    Some of that is rubbing off because Chaz and JLH definitely had some kamikazi moments in the Tampa Bay game.

  • Canadianraider,

    You patience is running thin on 2nd year starter at QB!!

    Patience. lol

  • 4evaRaider

    Mitchell not playing either??? Just as well we dont want him busting-up people yet

  • Canadianraider,

    By the way sir, it’s just a joke. I don’t mean any disrespect. lol

  • DarthPirate

    Mike Mitchell out too. Jeesh.

    And Canadian Raider, running out of patience with a guy after one or two years starting is not a good idea. Guys tend to start to click around year 2 or 3.

  • DarthPirate

    Chris O’neill is impressing again.