Franklin comes aboard


The Raiders claimed wide receiver Will Franklin off waivers from the Detroit Lions, giving them another set of fresh legs as they start their three-day organized team activity today.

Javon Walker is out until training camp after having knee surgery, while Arman Shields missed the mandatory minicamp with recurring knee trouble. Rookie receivers Darrius Heyward-Bey and Louis Murphy did not complete the five-practice minicamp because of sore hamstrings.

The Raiders had Samie Parker and Drisan James in for tryouts during the minicamp, eventually signing Parker.

Franklin is a former fourth-round draft pick of the Kansas City Chiefs. The downside is he failed to make either the Chiefs, who released him, or the Lions, with both teams looking for young complementary receivers to pair with Calvin Johnson and Dwayne Bowe.

One of the reasons Franklin was expendable? The presence of Ronald Curry, who was signed by Detroit in the offseason after a drop-filled final season in Oakland.

The upside is Franklin is 6-foot, 209 pounds and had two productive seasons at Missouri, catching 97 passes for 1,538 yards and 10 TDs in his junior and senior season _ a 15.9 yards per catch average in an offense which often keeps yardage figures low because of frequent short patterns.

Burgess to Patriots?

A Boston radio station is reporting New England is considering acquiring Raiders defensive end Derrick Burgess for a second- or third-round draft pick.

Burgess did not practice during the club’s mandatory minicamp with what coach Tom Cable called a “stomach virus.” He watched practice from afar with a towel draped over his head, seldom interacting with even those in his position group.

The dilemma for the Raiders is whether to dump Burgess in a contract year, when he could be motivated to produce a big season to drive up his value in free agency. If the Raiders were to reduce his snaps and use him as a situational pass rusher, he could be of some value.

The other side is that Burgess’ stats have dwindled in each of his four years in Oakland, going from 16 sacks to 11 to 8 to 3.5, and that 2008 draft pick Trevor Scott could be ready to be the primary pass rusher.

Out of a 3-4 defense, the Patriots would look to use Burgess as an outside rusher.

Given Burgess’ lack of production and health issues, I’m having a hard time believing Bill Belichick would give up a second- or third-round pick to get him.

If such a pick is offered, the Raiders should take about a split-second to say yes and not worry about what Burgess does as a Patriot.

Even if Burgess were to go to New England and post 10 sacks as a part-time player, that doesn’t mean he was going to do it in Oakland, where his body language suggests he wants out.

Throughout the offseason, the Raiders have been loading up not only on speed, but on players who appear to want to be in Oakland. Burgess does not. A second- or third-round pick would be a gift.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Franklin in the house! We are going all the way now!

  • Do it Al, even if it’s just the 3rd rounder. Anything we get for Burgess would be icing on the cake, since we signed him as a FA for peanuts years ago.

  • Braveheartraider

    “If such a pick is offered, the Raiders should take about a split-second to say yes and not worry about what Burgess does as a Patriot.”

    It’s what he hasn’t done as a Raider thease past two years.Time to move on with players who want to be there. IMo

  • RaiderRockstar

    another former Chiefs 4th round WR?

  • vegas raider

    I have a hard time believing that Burgess was all that “sick”, rather Al just put him on ice as to not risk the chance of pulling up lame and ruin his trade value.

    The made him go out to the field though, and toe the company line one last time and be seen. Al works in some strange ways.

    Burgess should be worth a 3rd, especially a late 3rd like the Pats would have.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Will Franklin is the nephew of former NFL wide receiver Darnay Scott (Bengals)

    remember him? lol

  • At first I thought a second or third round pick for Burgess would be a great idea…but then again, would you rather have Burgess rushing the QB in a contract year this season or a player Al Davis reaches for with the pick next season?

    Hmmm…what the hell, make the trade.

  • Braveheartraider

    From a Pats point of view, a trade for Burgess makes sense. Situational pass rusher, surrounded by proven talent and a shot at winning now.
    Personally I’d take anything for him.
    Bring out yer dead….

  • RaiderRockstar

    Will Franklin was chosen 20 spots ahead of Arman Shields in the 2008 NFL draft.


  • vegas raider

    I would rather have more picks next year. Burgess MIGHT have a good year to improve himself in FA, or he may fall on his face and get hurt again.

    We aren’t making a title run this year, so take the picks and move on.

  • Braveheartraider

    We’re beginning to lokk like a run n shoot offence.
    Wonder if any these guys can play both ways!

  • Braveheartraider

    LOOK, sorry

  • A video that makes our offense look like the 2007 NE Patriots…gotta love all the McFadden highlights:


  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Will Franklin was also claimed by the Rams, Eagles, and the Colts. Someone saw something the Lions didn’t.

  • CTConstruction

    Our promising off-season has gone south since draft weekend. Say what u want, but this smells like another NE raping. Anyone remember the randy moss trade? i wouldve rather had him poutting on the raider bench then breaking nfl records with NE.

  • SnB Defense

    Patriot Minion: Belicheck would like a trade.

    Al Davis: Cheater desires a trade?

    Patriot Minion: He declares it to me, I swear it. He proposes that you withdraw Burgess. In return he grants you a 3rd round pick which I am to pay to you personally.

    Al Davis: A draft pick. That I should use on?

    Patriot Minion: Teams are built in such ways.

    Al Davis: Busts are made in such ways. The last time Cheater spoke of trade I had a kid as a coach. And Randy Moss, who was lured by him under a flag of a trade for a 4th round pick, where he made him into a Pro-Bowler and I got John Bowie. I was very nieve, but I remember Cheater’s notion of trade.

  • RaiderRockstar

    is that embarrassing if the chiefs and lions both dump a WR and he beats out Javon Walker, Arman Shields, Todd Watkins, Jonathan Holland and Samie Parker to claim a roster spot?

  • RaiderRockstar

    The Raiders probably want 2nd AND 3rd round picks for Burgess, but the Pats are only actually offering a 5th rounder. watch

  • Braveheartraider

    If we keep Burgess do we still get the pick to ease the suffering of those the Pats wish to rule over?
    A demonstration of greatness perhaps?

  • RaiderRockstar

    Will Franklin was also claimed by the Rams, Eagles, and the Colts. Someone saw something the Lions didn’t.


    aren’t the Rams higher on the waiver list than we are since they lost more games?

    good news that the Eagles & Colts both wanted him. They are 1st class organizations with an eye for talent

  • I would wait until NE puts a solid offer on the table, and then trade Burgess to the Steelers or Colts for less.

    Would that be cheating?

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Strange with a 2-14 record, the lambs didn’t get him. Anyone know why?

  • RaiderRockstar

    We should trade Derrick Burgess to the Bills in exchange for Corey McIntyre. That would be hilarious!

  • RaiderRockstar

    We should trade Derrick Burgess to the Jets in exchange for Sione Pouha … for real!

  • raidertay

    I love how Cable is slowely changing the culture of this team. Losing is like a disease that festers. Kiffin talked a lot about changing the losing culture Cable is actually doing it.

  • The Big Banana

    Make the trade!

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Bye Bye Burgess. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Training camp Flu. Right!!

  • Braveheartraider

    New post guys

  • NoMoreFargas

    If he is changing the culture why are turdell,kelly,walker, still Raiders untill we start winning it all talk.

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!

  • NoMoreFargas

    Gonna go get my Will Franklin jersey !!!!

  • NoMoreFargas

    If you trade burgess to the pats you’re rewarding lazy do nothing players send his azz to detroit or st.louis

  • RaidingTexas

    Do it, Al!

  • Chris in NY

    I’d trade Burgess to the Pats for a 2nd. Remember, it’s the Pats so it’s going to be a late 2nd or 3rd.

    He’s been tailing off but he did go to two Pro Bowls with us and I think he’s been a good guy and team leader, so I have no bad feelings about the guy. Maybe he wants to go now but I don’t think he’d ever pull a Randy Moss and dog it.

    I do think he would be a great fit for the Patriots. He wouldn’t have to play every down and could inject some life into their pass rush. Seems like a smart deal for both sides.

  • Simon

    Make the trade!

  • VT Raider

    How about we give Burgess to the Pats and in return they run our draft.

  • Mistabrown

    Burgess’s best days are behind him, we arent going to the big show anyway.

    Trade him!

    The end.

    Next thread Jerry..

  • Mistabrown

    I guess our new DC took a look at the tape and saw Burgess take himself out of plays by running 10 yards up field trying to get an angle on the QB on running plays.

    2nd rounder will be nice but settle for a 3rd

  • CJ Legend 34

    Will Franklin something about a WR named two first names that just does not seem right. Please give this guy a cool nickname fast.

  • CJ Legend 34

    Message to Burgess – SE YA!!!!!!

    Not because I do not like you man.
    You are just hurt to much for a big money contract.

  • Scottish Raider

    Like the Franklin claim – the Lions are favouring vets in order to help Stafford. I can honestly see us with a WR corps of DHB, JLH, Schillens, Murphy and Franklin. Shields is too injury prone. Walker is a flake and Parker might be outgunned.

    I would take a 4th for Ol’ Misery Burgess. A 3rd would be a bargain. A 2nd would be a steal. His numbers are declining fast and when DEs lose their step, there ain’t no way back.

  • edward teach

    We’d be crazy not to get a pick for Burgess. He’s gone (with no compensation) next year anyway, and it’s clear that we’re building a new team with young players.

    Next years’ draft class is better than this years’. We could most likely get a pretty good player with that pick. No one knows that for sure, but getting production from Burgess this year isn’t exactly a lock, either.

  • DKnight007

    Make the trade if the Pats want to give up a 2nd rounder!

    If they only want to give up a 3rd, then the old man needs to ask for another 5th or 6th

  • Ghost2Post

    Since we didn’t draft Maclin, then getting Franklin makes up just alittle for that.
    In his SR year he was the go to guy, not Maclin. And the leading receiver.
    so welcome aboard.

  • Crow

    If they offer a 5th for Burgess, pounce on it.

  • Crow

    # DKnight007 Says:
    May 19th, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Make the trade if the Pats want to give up a 2nd rounder!

    If they only want to give up a 3rd, then the old man needs to ask for another 5th or 6th



  • the510

    Hey if you can’t catch on with the Chiefs or Lions, give Oakland a shot!!

  • Tomycar

    Pats could have him for a second no prob.. and another thing on Deangelo Hall.. remember what he said when he came to Oak? he loved Davis.. he said he didnt understand why people said the things they did.. he loved it in Oak and was going to tell everyone they should come here.. LOL.. he must be a democrat the way he flip flops..

  • Snoopy

    This is Football… TRADE HIM!!!

    Truth is like someone just said here, Even if he does good at NE it doesn’t mean he would have done so here.

    Seems like he wanted to go so good by dude, we thank ya for the memories. Go to the Patsies.

    They be goin the way of the Do-Do bird anyway…

    He can Join “Randy LOSS” over there and wind up feeling like kissing their sister coz as far as the Patri-AINT’s is concerned…

    IT’s OVER, Just like the Chargers!!!!!