Raiders live chat to be held Thursday


Jerry McDonald will field questions in his weekly “Inside the Raiders” live chat this Thursday, at the conclusion of the Raiders’ three-day organized team activity in Alameda.

Media will be allowed at the Wednesday session only.


Jon Becker

  • DT42 Says:
    May 20th, 2009 at 12:18 pm
    Just to keep the Vick crime in perspective, my son (15 at the time) was hit in the face with a crow bar by a gang member who snuck up behind him. EMS had to stop and do CPR on the way to the hospital. After a stay in crash,stiches, a bunch of MRI’s and a stay in the hospital. He went back to school. And what about the The kid that hit him? He got PROBATION (a couple of months) and a fine. He was back in school in my son’s math class the next semester. If Vick can help the Raiders then let him play. If not let him go about his way and have a wonderful career in construction. Either way just another overblown ESPN story.

    You are comparing what a child did to Michael Vick, an adult who was involved in organized criminal activities and then tried to cover it up. The Feds nailed him with RICO (although he entered guilty please to other charges as part of the deal).

    Obviously the pain and suffering your child went through was awful, but the fact remains that juvenile offenders get a break and adults don’t. Vick should have gotten the time he did, and children should get a second chance.

  • DKnight007

    Dakota Says:
    May 20th, 2009 at 10:28 am
    Dogg, sorry the W’s didn’t get one of the top picks…poor Blake having to play for the Clippers! Now the Clipps are going to have to trade Elton Brand to make room for Blake Griffin, lol. The water treading continues for LA’s other team.

    W’s could have used Griffin…poor Griff going to perennial top 3 in the draft the Clippers. Sad…

    W’s should look to pick……

    Tyreke Evans- big guard (he can play point) play defense and is a good slasher.

    Earl Clark

    Brandon Jennings

    Demar DeRozen

    Or Trade Down.

    The W’s need to go after FA PG Andre Miller!