More OTA notes, quotes


Additonal notes and quotes from interviews gathered following the Raiders organized team activity Wednesday:

— Here was how Tom Cable described JaMarcus Russell’s struggles:

“Just being accurate and understanding where to throw the football and when,” Cable said.

The good news? Cable likes his footwork.

Cable stressed that it was a learning “OTA” heavy in situational play, and that the objective was to have the players comfortbale with the system changes in July so they’d be ready to compete.

— Here’s how Cable responded to reports of Burgess being traded:

“I do expect to go in with him here. But we get inquiries all the time about players and this football team. That one was kind of a surprise. There was some talk during the draft obviously but we get, people inquire about players on this team all the time. So we listen to everything.”

— Burgess is left end Trevor Scott is a right end, but if Burgess is moved Scott could end up a starter since Jay Richardson flopped sides last year.

Scott is keeping the Burgess issue at arm’s length.

“As far as Derrick goes, he’s a great inspiration, he’s a great leader when he’s on the field,” Scott said. “I haven’t really been paying attention to what’s going on,” Burgess said. “I heard a bunch of hearsay but that’s all it is right now. It’s just speculation. Only Derrick really knows what’s going on. I try to stay away from that and let him figure things out.”

Scott, who played last season at under 250 pounds, said he is nearing 260.

“I came back about 258 now,” Scott said. “My strength’s through the roof. I feel great, I feel explosive out there. A lot of the run game, though, as coach Board’s been teaching us, is all about technique and stuff. I just need to keep my hands in and just fight pressure with pressure.”

— Jeff Garcia shrugged off inquries regarding his desire to start a few days after hinting in a Los Angeles radio interview he would be ready to be a starter if called upon.

“I don’t really know or think that there’s a competition there,” Garcia said. “That is something that has already been determined. I’m just here to show that I’m very capable, if needed, to lead the position and to help the position get better and get stronger and to get more confident. That means helping JaMarcus become a better player himself and as much as he expects out of himself, that means me trying to help him expect more and to push him and to be able to show, through my experience on the field, what has been successful for me and how I’ve been able to make it work.

“And I think that’s the main thing as far as just helping the position to get better. He’s got a great attitude. He’s working hard and I just want to help him just continue that path.”

— Garcia’s father Bob, wearing a baseball camp with his son’s initials on it, was a practice observer.

— Cable said the club hasn’t given any thought to trying Michael Huff at cornerback.

— Safety Tyvon Branch, lost to shoulder surgery early in his rookie season, said he is completely healed and looking forward to putting on the pads in July.

Together with rookie Mike Mitchell, if all goes according to play, the Raiders will pair two rising star safeties with a taste for contact.

“People are going to expect us to lay the wood,” Branch said. “When I get my chance, I will.”

Branch said he counts on being part of the solution to shoring up the run defense, and believes coordinator John Marshall’s attention to detail will help in that regard.

“We’re going to be a lot more disciplined in what we do,” Branch said. “that’s one thing he harps on is being in the right spot at the right times. He’s a stickler on that stuff. He counts mental errors every day after practice.”

— Marcel Reece, who made the biggest offensive play by catching a pass in the seam from Garcia, later caught a swing pass and threw an elbow into the face mask of cornerback Justin Miller.

— The OTA format is not conducive to gathering interview material. Locker rooms are closed and players can be approached coming off the practice field. Once they get in the locker room, they’re off limits, and the whole availability period lasts about 10 minutes until Cable addressed the media. By the time he’s done, it’s all over.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    you’re right Bob Marley..

    2 years ago Chris Johnson had the coverage skills of Michael Waddell!

    these young guys can develop and get better

  • priesttj

    Good ? BSJ

    but my point is take everything they say with a grain of salt and use your own judgement as much as possible.

    Also go to Raiders.com and listen to Cable’s comments on the QB play and what they’re trying to accomplish, it really clears the air.

  • Dirtlot..

    LOL, well i think i skip that =)

  • Does anyone know when the Russel pictures where taken?.

    Like Dakota said, I don’t mind Russell getting wasted once in a while as long as he puts in the work during the week, the kid is 24 and he’s rich, he’s gonna have his fun…I know I would.

  • —“Raiders DE Jay Richardson is sitting out voluntary practices with a knee injury. This has gotten Trevor Scott more reps at right end and potentially the starting position. Richardson looks the part at 6’6/280, but his production has not matched his potential. He has just four sacks in his first two seasons”—

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  • priesttj

    Bob, I think they were taken recently at a boxing match at the Oakland Arena. As you said the kid is 23-4 years old unfortunately he’s going to make some mistakes. We just hope he keeps them to a minimum.

    Again his struggles IMO will be more off the field than on. As well as the dangers from friends and family. It’s the same old same old. These kids allow those closest to them to enfluence them the most and it’s mostly negative.

  • priesttj


  • These kids allow those closest to them to enfluence them the most and it’s mostly negative.
    Yeah, buddy, hand me that box of donuts!!!

  • …and piza
    and pasta
    and case of beer, make sure it’s “lite” beer.
    and that whole chicken. Gimme a napkin, Bbbuurrrppp!!

  • Are we sure Russell isn’t goning to lunch with Jano?

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    Hey LMN you still here???

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    physically yeah, mentally no =)

  • hwnrdr

    Hey lunch with Jano is fine…as long as he stays away from the bars and bar fights that Jano frequents!
    Just kidding guys…Russell needs to know that he is the face of the franchise and must learn to act appropriately. Any negativity on him will also be on the franchise. Hopefully, he will keep mistakes to a minimum bot on and off the field and keep those off field mistakes as far away from the law as possible!

  • So if we sign Michael Vick do we transition him from QB to WR or do we play him at QB and transition Russell to RT?

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    LMN the 408 wants you 2 get in touch with him at:


    the 408 also says hello 2 everyone=)

  • Dakota…

    Russell LT, Garcia QB and Vick RB…

    imagine the trickplays =) LOL

  • Russell does have great feet according to Tom Cable, so maybe LT would be better LMN!!!

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    good morning Dirt Lot, Hwnrdr, LMN, 4eva …

    the AM crew rawks!

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    good morning Dakota, Marley, TW, BSJ …

  • RaiderRockstar

    Vick arrives in Hampton, VA

    Walt Harris tore his ACL

    the Bears love Jay Cutler

    wow. exciting day in the NFL, eh?

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    current Rockies first baseman and former Tennessee backup quarterback Todd Helton (yeah, we had to look up who Todd Helton is) had this to say today regarding Kiffin, during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show: “I believe you should go in and do your job before talking.”

    Patrick asked, “Do you think Lane Kiffin understands SEC football?”

    Said Helton: “He’s about to.”


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    it’s all about the bran flakes boys.

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    May 21st, 2009 at 7:55 am

    it’s all about the bran flakes boys.

    Mmmmmm. fiber


  • RaiderRockstar

    Dre Bly to visit the 49ers

    Rams, Bears, Lions and Browns all want CB Rod Hood …

    Cards DE Kenny Iwebema got a benign tumor the size of a baseball removed from his chest!

    Rams not interested in Vick.

  • good afternoon RRS….

  • hwnrdr

    Haha…last thing I had was a beer! Ok, wait…yeah, a beer…
    Anyways…funny stuff about Kiff. Helton is right, he is about to learn about the SEC!

  • Great ending to the NBA game last night.

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    bran flakes are awesome for your digestive system

    out with the bad, in with the good 🙂

    gotta have it every work day. oatmeal on sundays

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    today is the 3rd of 12 OTA sessions.

    expect to hear progress from the QB’s by the 11th OTA the media will be invited to …

  • Apples and bananas with peanut butter my friends. Fruit and protein, good brain food.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Q: What does DE Trevor Scott have to do to be an every-down lineman?

    Coach Cable: Just keep getting better. I think he’s a guy that has jumped out at us and really made his presence felt from the first mini-camp practice through today, he’s continuously played both the run and the pass well.

    Q: Has he gotten bigger?

    Coach Cable: Yeah, he’s at the right size now in terms of where he needs to be weigh-wise. His strength is good. I think he’s right where he needs to be. Now it’s just learning to play the game every down.

    Q: Can he play at that size with enough leverage and strength to defend the run?

    Coach Cable: I think so. We may not put him in one place all the time but certainly yeah, he has proven that.


    I think Trevor Scott is gonna start 16 games and have double digit sacks this season. I expect big things from this kid. Also wouldn’t be surprised to see Greyson Gunheim unseat Jay Richardson for a starting job on the other side

  • Last night LeBron showed he was not yet the crunch time MAN that Kobe is….

    In a related story, did you guys read that if the Cavs win it all, Cleveland’s NFL franchise will be renamed the LeBrowns?

  • RaiderRockstar

    Anybody know when that movie ‘Defiance’ starring Daniel Craig comes out ???

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    What Jano really needs to stay away from is Thirsty Thursdays at the Castro Valley Bowl. Even millionaires can appreciate $1 beers.

  • ottocrat

    It came out over the hollidays. It’s probably already on DVD.

  • Norco Bob

    I am hoping Al Davis does the right thing and signs Vick, and hopefully Goodell will not suspend him for the 2009 season,…there is no doubt that Mike Vick is better right now then Russell will ever be,…with Vick at qb, with our running game,..possibly unstoppable. Youre welcome.

  • RaiderRockstar

    It came out over the hollidays. It’s probably already on DVD.


    I knew it was in theatres a long time ago. I was wondering when it came out on DVD …

    my works blocks the website for Hollywood Video, etc

  • RaiderRockstar

    Norco Bob,

    Mike Vick hasn’t thrown a football in 2 years …

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him beat out Andrew Walter, Bruce Gradkowski or Danny Southwick.

    Russell or Garcia? not likely. not until he shakes the rust off and learns the offense anyways, which would take at least 1 year

  • It appears most of the AM crowd enjoys this blog at the workplace…does that make us PROFESSIONAL Raider fans?

  • RaiderRockstar

    LOL. i guess so BSJ

    we’re clearly more educated, except Norco Bob (no offense)

  • Defiance was a great movie. Don’t like Daniel Craig much, but it was a thinker, saw it in the theatres and would like to see it again to tie up the loose ends.

  • RRS,

    Mike Vick couldn’t carry Danny Southwick’s jock.


    If you guys ever run into someone wearing an OG black Southwick jersey, you will know you have just met BSJ!!!

  • Rockstar,

    June 2, 2009 release date.

  • RaiderRockstar

    LOL @ BSJ

    yeah. and you’ll see me wearing a Terdell Sands jersey too!

  • ottocrat

    Netflix has ‘Defiance’…One thing Cable said on Chronicle Live yesterday that was less than encouraging. To paraphrase, he said that they were throwing allot of blitz packages at the O-line because he thought that was a weakness last season. So, all of these blitzes may just be for the benefit of the offense, and not a new wrinkle in the D-scheme. I hope that’s not the case, because we may have players who can bring the heat.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Thanks Dakota!