Bottom-feeding in the backfield


All I did was wonder whether two quarters of explosive football is enough to anoint Michael Bush as a future star.

At least I didn’t leave him out entirely.

Check out this CNN-SI feature ranking the NFL backfields, Nos. 1 through 32.

The author, John Mullin, ranks the Raiders No. 28 and never mentions Bush. He has Oakland ranked last among AFC West teams and ahead of only Detroit, Cleveland, Seattle and Jacksonville in the NFL.

Must be a hater.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • priesttj

    The interview is on KNBR.com what are you afraid of?

  • 90210

    The SLOB needs to step away from the Fur Coat section at Neiman Marcus and his local Krispy Kreme counter and start paying more attention in meetings. I hope that I’ll be eating my words come football season, but I doubt it. This guy was never worth the first overall pick. Million dollar arm…10 cent head. I guarantee we’ll be looking at another QB in 2 years

  • Coach on Wheels


    Read ALL of the article. The QB-RB combo was also judged based on WR’s and O-line play like the Colts C Saturday.

    I think GB (#8) and SF (#20) were obviously overrated. The Titans got jobbed as far as being underrated as long as Vince Young doesn’t play.

    The Raiders? I’d bump us up two spots and slide Denver and SF under us.

    Hater? Get a clue. Your wet dreams aside, JR, DMAC and Bush have done NOTHING!

    Russell? Threw fewer TDs than any other full-time starter. Inaccurate. Has no game-winning two-minute drive skills to speak of. Potential? Some bozo last post compared JR’s OTA performance to Matt Sanchez. Genius! JR is entering his 3rd year and Sanchez was at his first OTA ever and they were equal? That’s a good thing?

    Fargas? A servicable back who should be a back-up but starts beca use nobody steps up.

    DMAC? He’s been a brittle version of Nap Kuafmann so far. Causes four drives to die with 0 yard runs on first down and then busts a twenty yarder a nd the drunks go wild. Until he stays healthy and finds a role he’s just “potential”.

    Bush? Remember when Timmy Smith broke Allen’s SB rushing record? Bush has yet to surpass that one hit wonder.

    You geniuses realize that some guys on the list scored more TDs last yea r by them selves than JR, Fargas, DMAC and Bush combined?

  • pirateguy

    New Raider Board, check it out: http://www.pirateguy.net

  • SILVRnBLKfeathers

    All I read from you guys are the sounds from the adults from Charlie Brown cartoons! All I hear are put downs and people talkin about how everybody are haters and how stupid the articles are. If there so stupid, why do you foo’s read and post your comments n shi*t! It’s gets boring! Get the hell of the board and let the real football fans talk football!
    Maybe that’s why PRIATEGUY created his own Raider board! By the way, nice Raider Juggernot Pirateguy!

    As far as Bush is concern, I loved him when the Raiders drafted him! I knew right away this guy will be a good RB, I still think he can be four times as good as Tyrone Wheatly! I believe he’s going to be the anchor of this offense soon.

  • southerncal

    Koshown Mereno? Are you kidding me? The national media is all about spitting out content without being doing any real detailed work. Raiders have 3 legit backs and a lazy fat-boy franchise quarterback. We should have been top 2 in the afc west behind the Chargers.