Frye got the Davis treatment


A funny thing happened to Charlie Frye when he visited the Raiders early in free agency.

He was asked to stay an extra day so he could talk to Al Davis.

“When they say, `Can you stay an extra night? Mr. Davis wants to meet you,’ you just kind of say, `What?,’ ” Frye said following Wednesday’s OTA practice.

When Frye visited Alameda, the Raiders hadn’t yet signed Jeff Garcia and were looking for a potential backup for JaMarcus Russell, perhaps realizing Andrew Walter had every intention of blowing off all voluntary workouts in hopes of getting out of town.

Frye had won in Oakland twice. In 2005, in his third professional start after replacing Trent Dilfer, Frye guided the Browns to a 9-7 win on a late field goal by Phil Dawson. The following year, with Cleveland trailing 21-10, he did it to the Raiders again, rallying the Browns to a 24-21 victory.

Those games were a topic of conversation in an office Frye said “had a different aura. You can just feel the history.”

Said Frye: “He was re-living plays like they happened yesterday. I was like, `Did you just look at the film or something?”

Frye said Davis told him he had not.

For instance?

In the second game, Frye said Davis said, `You remember that fourth down when you hit Winslow across the middle? That was a backbreaker.”

Frye said he didn’t remember it until Davis mentioned it. (For what it’s worth, and it’s not much, I don’t remember it at all).

Sure enough, the game play-by-play shows a 22-yard pass to Winslow over the deep middle on fourth-and-8 to the 9-yard line. After a 7-yard run by Reuben Droughns, Frye flipped a 2-yard score to Winslow on the next play to bring the Browns within 21-17.

Frye said he spent time in the offseason working with Julian Edelman, an undersized Kent State quarterback eventually drafted by New England in the seventh-round as a return specialist/slot receiver in the Wes Welker mold.

He tried to sell Davis on Edelman.

“He knew all about him. Said he was a 4.6 guy,” Frye said.

In other words, not fast enough for the Raiders.

Realistically, with Russell as No. 1 and Garcia at No. 2, Frye’s best hope is to unseat Bruce Gradkowski, who has a head start in the system but doesn’t have Frye’s physical skills. Frye said he doesn’t know what his role will be.

“That’s up to the coaches, the personnel (department), Mr. Davis,” Frye said. “They’ll let me know what my role is.”


–Forgot to mention Wednesday safety Mike Mitchell will be at next week’s OTA session because school will be out at Ohio University.

— Got a chance to talk briefly with passing game coordinator Ted Tollner, or at least exchange pleasantries. He remembered a conversation we had before the 2008 draft about preparing Stanford quarterback Trent Edwards for the combine.

Tollner or any other assistants have not been cleared to speak to the media as Tom Cable is taking the Bill Callahan “one voice” approach preferred (but not necessarily demanded) by Davis.

— How much have opponents tested Nnamdi Asomugha over the past few years? According to stats in Jim Trotter’s story on Asomugha in this week’s Sports Illustrated, Asomugha gave up two touchdown passes in 72 attempts in 2006, one in 38 in 2007 and none in 35 last season.

— In giving his reasoning for reporting to training camp last season, Asomugha used the word “apocryphal” in describing the stories about a potential hold out. He laughed when I told him at the time it was the first time I’d quoted an athlete using that word in nearly a quarter-century in the business. He told me he’d try and come up with another one at some point.

Mission accomplished.

In the SI story, Asomugha noted “It can be a bit sententious in the Nigerian household.”

In case you were wondering, “sententious” is defined in the Webster’s on-line dictionary as “given to or abounding in aphoristic expression” or “given to or abounding in excessive moralizing.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Raider O says:
    Please excuse me, but I will be back in 1 hour. time to watch Elmo’s world
    Is thta before or after Hannity? Is that the Ducie looking guy? Must be.

  • DarthPirate

    At this point I completely agree with you. Most wide receivers take a year or two to develop and with DHB being so raw, it could take longer.

    He will probably start anyway, or at least see significant playing time. We will see Schilens, DHB, and Higgins on the field together quite a bit.
    # SnB Defense Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 11:20 am

    More truth

    Chaz Schilens should be the starter and JLH needs to be an active number 2 or number 3 receiver.

    Anything the Raiders get from DHB, Walker or Murphy will be a bonus

  • lefty12

    with the Frye signing could Garcia’s days be numbered?chances are JR,an older backup,and a young talented guy will be our QBs.with Garcias unwillingness to help mentor JR you have to wonder.
    and,btw,anyone who actually believes JR will be benched in favor of either Garcia or Frye is either just throwing sh!t against the wall for reaction or just plain stupid.

  • Mistabrown

    Jerry can you find out if the Raiders are going to make the NAPA practice against the 9ers open to the public ?

    Earn your keep Jerr..

  • SnB Defense

    DHB has a lot of work in front of him. His lack of production, means a lack of experience. He just hasn’t been put in a position to have a heck of a lot of catches/tds. To think he’s going to rip it up in the NFL is a little optimistic. He has all the talent in the world and I like his attitude, but I am not expecting anything from him this year.

    Chaz Schilens and JLH are Russell’s best bet. Let them keep the momentum from last year. Plus Schilens is a very good run blocker. Schilens will dish out punishment to DBs all game long. JLH has shown an ability to catch the and make plays. Plus you see his play getting better with each game.

    Schilens 1 JLH 2

  • Twocents

    Mistabrown, I love colorful sayings.

    I once asked a guy about a new adhesive he was using.

    He said ” Oh it’s great, it’ll stick a fart to a windstorm.”

  • Those wiretaps are preventing attacks & saving lives so just keep your cell conversations on the up & up and you’ll be alright.

    I’ve got nothing to worry about there but losing our basic freedoms that were guaranteed until SOBGWB took them, concerns me. Why is it as long as they can keep their guns the r!ghtwing will give up their freedoms ?

  • SnB Defense

    lefty12 Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 11:26 am
    with the Frye signing could Garcia’s days be numbered?chances are JR,an older backup,and a young talented guy will be our QBs.with Garcias unwillingness to help mentor JR you have to wonder.
    and,btw,anyone who actually believes JR will be benched in favor of either Garcia or Frye is either just throwing sh!t against the wall for reaction or just plain stupid.
    No. Frye was brought in to give competition to Gratkowski. Gratkowski has a relatively weak arm….Garcia for that matter too.

    The thing about Garcia is he is a Tom Cable type of guy from a leadership standpoint and Garcia is playing for the league minimum.

    Russell is the starter period. He has done nothing to lose the job.

  • lefty12

    if,and this is one big if,if Walker shows he is healthy and has a good camp,don’t be surprised if he starts over JLH.

  • Mistabrown

    TW I hear you but thats the fallout from 911. Those attacks were aimed at us losing alot of our freedoms not just loss of lives.

    Barback is doing monumental damage in regard to constitution, liberty, and freedoms outside of the wire taps. And we hes just getting started…yikes!

  • SnB Defense

    lefty12 Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 11:33 am
    if,and this is one big if,if Walker shows he is healthy and has a good camp,don’t be surprised if he starts over JLH.
    I think I would start the season with Schilens and JLH and let Walker spell JLH. I really liked how the young guys looked down the stretch. I really hope Schilens and JLH significantly outperform the other guys on the roster in camp.

    I think with them in the lineup with (Bush & DMAC) getting the carries can make the Raiders a 24 point a game offense

  • CJ Legend 34


    Walker may come in starting over JLH because JLH is still a special teams guy but what would be more amazing is if Walker can make it through the whole season with out getting injured. Unfortunately, Walker is real good at hiting the self distruct button at will.

  • By all accounts, JaMarcus had his best off-season performance in Wednesday’s OTA and he continues to improve while showing more and more emotion on the field. Meanwhile, Jeff Garcia – who was openly campaigning for his job after one workout – was absent from the Alameda facility for the second time in as many weeks. While the reports are Garcia’s absence was excused, it does not change the fact that Russell has attended every OTA and is growing even without his mentor looking over his broad shoulders.

    JaMarcus has been a fixture around the team facility this off-season. After Cable’s comments at the owner’s meetings were again confused with controversy, Russell chose to listen to his coach, ignore the media and instead just show up and continue to work.

    Young JaMarcus is growing up before the eyes of Raider Nation. He is rising to the challenge issued by his coach.

    Jeff Garcia appears unwilling to embrace his role of mentor in June. Come September, when JaMarcus is calling signals and Jeff is on the sidelines wearing a hat and not a helmet, the roles will be obvious to the world. When Russell has a bad moment, the flames will be rekindled and perhaps Garcia will get a chance to play. Just keep in mind that Garcia is living out his final days and Russell is taking his first steps.

    Garcia is not a threat, he’s an insurance policy. What he insures is that JaMarcus Russell will have the starting job by proving it instead of simply being promised it.

  • lefty12

    S&B,you look at the Raiders history and there is no way we keep two older,vet. QBs,although Frye isn’t that old.one of the two will be gone and it wouldn’t surprise me if the one to go is Garcia.Gradkowski is nothing but a camp arm.

  • CJ Legend 34

    Here is the QB starting line up for 2009.

    1st string – JAM
    2nd string – Garcia
    3rd string – Frye (even though he sucks)

    Gratkowski was just brought in for preseason practice.
    He can scramble, has a tough chin, but he has an inconsistant down field arm.

  • 4evaRaider

    we throw pie ’round these here parts =)

  • SnB Defense

    CJ Legend,

    Why should JLH take a backseat to Javon Walker? JLH was the most productive WR and he only had something like 3 starts.

    I say give the benefit of the doubt to JLH and make Walker significantly outperform in camp.

    Young guys need reps.

    DMAC, Bush, Schilens, JLH, Henderson, Miller, Russell, Mitchell, Branch, Scott….those guys need to be the playing most 85% of the time.

    The veterans behind them are NOT DIFFERENCE MAKERS. Let’s take a shot at winning games and not just competing for a quarter or two.

  • SnB Defense

    lefty12 Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 11:39 am
    S&B,you look at the Raiders history and there is no way we keep two older,vet. QBs,although Frye isn’t that old.one of the two will be gone and it wouldn’t surprise me if the one to go is Garcia.Gradkowski is nothing but a camp arm.

    Jeff Garcia was a starter last year. His work ethic is lauded and the guy has had limited production in his career.

    Charlie Frye is really going to have to put Garcia to shame in camp to make the Raiders cut him. I also think that Cable wants the veteran leadership Garcia and Lorenzo Neal can provide through the season.

    Gratkowski vs. Charlie Frye for the number 3. The Southwick guy is the camp arm this year (like Jeff Otis)

  • lefty12

    S&B,we all forget how good a healthy Walker really is.the guy is a proven all-pro WR.if,again a big if,he is healthy,you have to factor him in the WR equation.i’m a big JLH fan-supported him last year when most wanted him gone-but Walkerwill get consideration if he can play.

  • 4evaRaider

    Yep let the young guys play.Especially the young guns on D

  • SnB Defense


    Problem with Walker is that he is something like 30 yrs old or close to it. Is he going to be a guy that catches 5 or 6 catches a game? Will he have a couple of games where he goes crazy with something like 10 catches? Also, after all those knee and ankle injuries, is his speed entering Ronald Curry territory?

    Play the best guys. But to me the tie-breaker goes to Schilens and JLH over the rest of the guys on the roster. Especially because Schilens and JLH showed production in actual NFL games down the stretch.

    Russell deserves players that will be on the field consistently. I am afraid Walker is entering Ashley Lelie / Ronald Curry territory where there former deeds are overrating their actual talent

  • lefty12

    if Garcia rubs Davis the wrong way(like he has me so far) he will be gone.i don’t care if he started last year or not-different team,different system.he was brought in to be a good example for JR.well,how good of an example is he when he doesn’t show up for voluntary OTA?this is another example of fans falling for an over the hill,has been-just what we are trying to rid the team of.

  • Mistabrown

    I think Garcia might have put himself in the outhouse with his comments about being a starter a couple weeks ago. I woudn’t be surprised if he is a goner.

  • lefty12

    S&B-as i said i an a JLH supporter.i,too,believe he should play.but the owner asked Walker to stick around,so we shall see.
    if Garcia was what he was years ago,i’d agree with you about him,but he isn’t.remember,last year Chuckie did everything he could to bench Garcia but nobody else he had was worth a damn.

  • SnB Defense


    I think too much is being put into these OTAs. Garcia has some family issues to manage. I can’t see giving him flack for missing a day here and there. Plus Garcia was reportedly at the other workouts.

    It was the same when folks were blasting Russell for missing workouts (not even OTAs) to deal with issues with his Mother and Uncle.

    Training camp will be the place where it all comes together. Russell lives in Oakland, is reportedly in the building and appears to be getting better on the field.

    Garcia is a veteran and former starter. I can’t see Garcia going away.

    I do think that Charlie Frye could be groomed to be a solid long-term number 2 option. He’s got a good arm and has also started in the league.

    Gratkowski needs to be in a horizontal WCO offense…Not a vertical stretch attack like Oakland’s

  • lefty12


  • Mistabrown

    He could have family issues we are not aware of as well so time will tell. It never gets dull in Raider land!

  • Mistabrown

    Cable might have told the little redhead be prepared to step in if the BIG fella flounders…

    But that wouldn’t be for the media to know…and there you have it! Garcia opens his piehole to the media & never returns!

  • SnB Defense

    I actually have no problem with Garcia here. He’s not going to start. Garcia’s ceiling is like comparing the basement ceiling to Russell’s living room floor.

    I actually think Garcia could help a guy like Charlie Frye develop into a long-term number 2 option.

    now if Garcia starts pouting during camp about this and that…then things could get dicey…especially if Russell is performing well.

  • lefty12

    Davis doesn’t take too kindly to players mouthing off in the media.never has.

  • lefty12

    Garcia doesn’t sniff the playing field unless JR is injured,no matter how JR is preforming.

  • lefty12

    actually i could see Garcia being traded before the start of the season-possibly for a late pick.

  • I should use that policy selling cars. Flip then Flop!! LMAO

  • new post O

  • Kirk

    Davis benched Marcus Allen because he slept with Davis’ girlfriend.

  • Mt.DavisIsUgly

    Asomugha is in a class all his own. Few people are as gifted as he is, not only is he one of the best players in the league but he may be one of the most intelligent as well. Its nice to know we have such a well rounded class act player on our team.

  • The Davis Treatment. LOL. The Raiders have been getting the “Davis Treatment” for years now, and the result is us losing year after year. I love it when people talk about Al like he’s big and mighty. He’s a little man, a mental midget, who’s trade has passed him by (by decades), and who makes an ass out of himself year after year because of it.