Raiders live chat today, 1 p.m.


Jerry McDonald will bring you the latest news and information from the Raiders OTA this week in Alameda today during our Raiders live chat today (Thursday) from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. PDT.


Jon Becker

  • The fortunes of any organization, rests with the management of that organization, and the decisions it makes.

  • KK,

    Well said.

  • Thanks O, Drink time.

  • Nnamdi21

    There is a distinct advantage to keeping your cards close the vest and very little advantage to being media friendly. Sorry Jerry, but I’ve got a feeling you’re more than familiar with Mr. Davis’s disdain of the media.

    Like Bert Jones who got killed by the Steelers D after the press mis quoted him and gave the curtain ammom to get fired up over.

    I’m glad we don’thave Raider BS well prepped family friendly double speak media quotes all over the place. who need em?

  • KK,

    Enjoy Sir.

    Later Nation.

  • 24

    The ending of the Stanley Cup Finals is incredible. 1:17 left in the 3rd. A must watch.

  • 24

    32 seconds left. Penguins 2 Red Wings 1…Detroit goalie pulled…6 vs. 5

  • 24


  • Pittsburgh another title

  • Nnamdi21 Says:
    June 12th, 2009 at 7:21 pm
    There is a distinct advantage to keeping your cards close the vest and very little advantage to being media friendly. Sorry Jerry, but I’ve got a feeling you’re more than familiar with Mr. Davis’s disdain of the media.

    Like Bert Jones who got killed by the Steelers D after the press mis quoted him and gave the curtain ammom to get fired up over.

    I’m glad we don’thave Raider BS well prepped family friendly double speak media quotes all over the place. who need em?
    The only people he’s keeping in the dark are the Raider fans.

    They aren’t fooling the League.

  • Although, you’d think a team 28th in the League in Revenues, would be more fan friendly.

  • KK,

    28th in total revenues!! No way!!

  • Raiders gear, tickets, etc…!! Wow!!

    I’m sure you know what you are talking about, but man… I thought top 15 for sure!!

  • Lions
    Who’s the 4th?

  • I guess a lot of fans are ready to give up on the team after 6 bad season.

    Cmon Al, we can win them back!!

  • 4evaRaider

    test test

  • NoMoreFargas

    What’s up this where is everybody?

  • So in a couple of hours, D-Mac is going to be in attendance for this Warren Moon charity thing in town. I might go, I almost fell obligated to go, it’s 15 minutes from my house. I just read about it an hour ago.


  • Twocents

    Vegas, please go and act as D-Mac’s bodyguard.
    Don’t let anyone step on his toes!

  • 10 Greatest Football Teams of All-Time


  • Vegas, go tell John Voight his politics is full of s#!t.

  • Voldemort

    wow, an hour and 13 minutes w/o a post on Jerry’s blog? Where is everyone today, or do you guys only blog when you’re supposed to be working? 🙂

  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1192116/Now-24s-President-hating-villain-Jon-Voight-turns-false-prophet-Obama-making-America-weak-nation.html?ITO=1490
    Whatta tool.
    5months in office, jeez. What about the last 8yrs Midnight Cowboy? Face reality.
    Vold, it’s too nice a day to be inside, more so in Calif I would dare say. At work you’re trapped inside with time on your hands & your work done.

  • It is interesting how Republican celebrity backers are irrelevant has beens like John Voight and Chuck Norris. I suppose that is apropos given the pathetic state of the GOP.

  • How about that Ted Nugent a-hole?

  • Nugent? Yeah, he’s pretty irrelevant.

  • SaintKaufman

    Just 8044100 secs to kickoff!!

  • Saint…

    That’s all? Heck, we’ll have our Raiders football fix in no time….lol.

  • Only 1286 days till the end of the world:


  • I think that it was Gruden that made the difference being that it was his offense and knew every tendency. Plus only one week between championship game and super bowl, just our luck.

  • I agree on that Snot. Gruden and 5 ints.

  • This year should produce a strong running attack and a better passing offense ( it can’t get any worse). I just hope Marshall can teach the fundamentals of tackling that has been missing for the past 5-6 years. If that was the problem or if its just the philosophy that is employed on this team.

  • Going to the bar to replenish my fluids good nite.

  • Funniest thing about Voight…O Reilly asks him to give an example as to what he would do with North Korea if he were in Obama’s position, and Voight couldn’t give him one. He just said he would stand up and be tough, or some hyperbolic answer. OReilly’s throwing him softballs and he still can’t make an effective case against Obama. Fox is going to have to get some new Republican celebrities. Their current lineup is just tired.

  • Yes, Tampa Bay did have an advantage because Gruden knew our system. Funny how back in ’03, when I was a regular at the SJ Mecury news board (as MatuzSAC, if any of you remember), I didn’t recall any of the Davis kool aid drinkers over there saying BEFORE the game that Gruden would have an advantage.. It was the other way around…that WE were going to expose Gruden! That our defense was going to stuff Gruden’s weak dink and dunk right in it’s tracks. Gruden’s mediocre TB offense just diced our defense apart. They were up 27-3, all offense, before the “quick 6” parade began. They had a 10 minute drive in the 3rd quarter. Now that’s dinking and dunking. We had no answer, despite knowing Gruden’s offense. Case and point, the game is played on the field, and the team that is better prepared, not only via game film, but physically and mentally, as well, is the one that wins. Yeh, Gruden gave them an advantage, only because Gruden was a far better coach than our head coach, Al Davis.

  • That, and Gannons 5 ints.

  • KK,

    #220, I know you don’t BS, most the of the time atleast! 😉
    I still don’t think it’s very accurate, I will do more research.

    #221, 99 Rams!!! Why? One sided team, all the power on offense, and no defense. The 85 bears had Walter P (RIP WP). He was great.

  • gilbert

    post237,Tampa Bay on that day, was the better team,but,only an IDIOT would suggest Gruden knowing our offense wasnt a huge advantage ,AND his offense knowing our defense as well,on and on,its NFL history,so that being said,its time for a new chapter in RAIDER HISTORY a winning history for the Young fans,kids,grandkids, as well as some of you older fans that DONT have the feeling,as a fan ,of a RAIDER PARTAYYYY!!

  • gilbert

    Forgot,in post 240, YET! cant remember which poster has a problem with my ending posts w/ RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gruden, who designed the Team was the opposing Coach.

    Barret Robbins our Pro bowl Center didn’t show up.

    Gannon threw 5 ints.
    Freakishly Horrible Day in History.

  • KK,

    #242, I agree. Very Freakish!

  • Our C didn’t have an injury, or a situation. Coaches didnt see the need to prepare the other center as a starter, as they would do if they knew Robbins had a problem.

    Your C is drunk in Mexico the day of the SB!! How can you be ready for that?!

    IMO, C is the 2nd most important position on the field.
    Very Freakish!!

  • gilbert

    Raider O,Cmon now,the FREAK pitches for the GIANTS,my second fav team !

  • You guys can throw your typical insults out there all you want to. Frankly, I insult Davis kool aid drinkers with every single stroke of the keyboard, and it’s by intention. So, I can take the heat. That being said, I never once said Gruden didn’t have an advantage. What I said was that our defense had the same advantage, against a mediocre Tampa Bay offense, and still got picked apart. The game came down to preparation, and Gruden outprepared our head coach, Al Davis.

    Kell, Tampa put up a 27-3 lead on us when Gannon had only thrown 2 picks, which itself is bad, but expected when you’re facing one of the best defenses ever assembled. Gannon’s final 3 picks were when the game was out of reach and when we were in hail mary mode, anyway. Remember, Tampa Bay’s opening second half drive was 13 minutes. They score, making it 27-3 at the end of the 3rd quarter. If you want to put the burden on Gannon’s shoulders to orchestrate a comeback down 24 with one quarter left, against one of the best defenses in NFL history, be my guest. Just don’t call me crazy when doing so…

  • The day wasn’t freakish at all. What was freakish was what lead up to the game. What was freakish was Al Davis refusing to give Gruden a new contract after he’d taken us to our first AFC title game in a decade. What was freakish was Al eventually trading him to an NFC team we’d likely have to face in a Super Bowl (which happened). The results of the game weren’t freakish at all. In fact, it went quite as people who know anything about football expected. Only the Davis kool aid drinkers thought it would be a game. I still remember you guys at the San Jo Merc board swearing that we’d win because our defense had Gruden’s offense dialed. Yeh, they sure did, didn’t they?

  • Yeh, and I know one of you idiots is going to bring up the 3 point spread from that game (you know who you are…), and if I have to explain to you why the odds makers really favored us by 3 points, then I’ll have to seriously consider rather or not you’ve ever really bet in your life, or if you even really live in Vegas.

  • Gilbert, the Oakland Raiders have been the worst team in football over the last 6 years, and are yet to make one single move in upper management. So explain to me just how we’re turning the page to a new era of Raider winning. As long as Al Davis is in that booth, we have not turned the page.

  • Gilbert, you’re going to be one disappointed little baby by November. I’m sure you won’t be here to take your lumps, and I wouldn’t blame you. Most Davis kool aid drinkers are pre season warriors. Soon as the team tanks, you guys are gone. I’ll be here, win or lose. If we win, I’ll give Al Davis, and you, the props you guys deserve. And I’ll take all the heat from you guys. We’ll see this fall if you’re man enough to own up to your predictions. I’m guessing not.