Keith Davis: Garcia gives us best chance to win


Included in a transcript of an interview with Raiders safety Keith Davis passed along by the folks at Sirius Satellite Radio is Davis’ belief that Jeff Garcia is the quarterback who gives the Raiders the best chance to win at the outset based on his experience.

Davis makes the statement as diplomatically as possible in the final question of the interview . . .

Q: Thoughts on Greg Ellis’ deal.

Davis: I’m excited, man. I was just talking to Greg on Thursday when I was leaving. I had a meeting with coach Cable and he was just asking me about Greg and what did I think about him. I was like, ‘Greg Ellis is somebody who can definitely help us get where we’re trying to go.’ I said, ‘I will go to war with Greg Ellis anywhere, any place at any time. He’s a leader. He’s a God-fearing man. He can do nothing but good for this team.’ I said, ‘If there’s any way possible, please make it happen.’

Q: So you were instrumental here in the Raiders moving forward with this move to bring in Greg?”

Davis: Um, I mean, I’d like to think so but, you know, at the end of the day Mr. Davis and Coach Cable, they had their minds made up whether they want to bring him in or not pretty much already, I think. I just kind of helped push the situation ahead, I guess.

Q: Did you speak to Mr. Davis directly?

Davis: No, I didn’t get to speak to Mr. Davis directly. I just spoke to Coach Cable and he and I just sat down and had a nice little talk about what Greg can do. And he asked if he had anything left and I said, ‘Yeah, he has a ton of ability left.’ Greg’s years in Dallas, I think we didn’t use him quite like we should have and he was just really over there resting, just chillin’, coming in only on passing downs for the most part. I think he still has a lot left in the tank, man.

Q: Thoughts on JaMarcus Russell . . .

Davis: So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with JaMarcus. He’s made some throws that I was kind of scratching my head, like, ‘Wow, how’d he get that ball in there?’ I know he has a ton of ability. I think the thing right now is just him getting more comfortable with the scheme and the system and just going out there and being himself and not trying to put any pressure on himself and just relaxing and playing football and having fun. I think it’s going to be interesting between him and Jeff [Garcia] both out there, because Jeff wants to be the starter also, so I think that’s only going to make him better. You got a guy who’s going to push him, a legitimate guy who’s going to push him, because Jeff Garcia, at the end of the day, he’s a winner. I don’t care what anybody says. He’s a winner wherever he goes. He just makes plays and he wins, so I think JaMarcus knows that he’s going to have to bring his ‘A’ game each and every day because he’s going to be pushed to the max by Jeff.

Q: Which QB – Garcia or Russell – gives you the better chance to win the game?

Davis: Me, just being in this league for the seven years I have been in it and just being around those guys, me, personally, I think Garcia is better prepared to get us that win right now. Now, that’s no knock against JaMarcus at all because who knows what’s going to happen down the road? I think JaMarcus has a great opportunity to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. But, right now, if I had to play right now, I would take Jeff Garcia because I know what he’s going to bring to the table and I’ve watched him bring it to the table. Now, being around you asking this question, we’re into the season, about a month from now, two months from now when we get into the season, my answer may be different. But if I had to play right now, I would take Jeff Garcia. I just know what he’s done and I’ve been around him. That’s no knock against JaMarcus at all.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Texas

    Some of you guys really dont know football and you definitely dont know Keith Davis! This dude is the most under rated safety in the nfl. He reminds me of a polamalu/bob sanders hybrid! He was shadowed by roy williams & was victim of jerry jones/Parcells politic$! Keith didnt get cut from miami bc of performance, he told the coaches he didnt come down there to play behind yeremiah bell (who led the league in tackles next to Gibril Wilson whos now his teammate). They did him a favor and released him bc he said he wouldve never come there to do the same thing he did in dallas! read the miami herald archive (keith was scheduled for the miami vs n.o preseason game (might i add parcells was pissed w/his former assistant whos the head coach bc he signed keith when he was a restricted fa & dallas matched the offer to keep him bc they knew what keith brings to the team) you saw how quick miami signed him but keith didnt bite his tongue he told em in so many words “I WANT OUT & BACK TO DALLAS BC YALL LIED” He wanted to tell parcells directly but the tuna ducked him bc he remembered keith cussing him out at practice in dallas bc the team was losing w/rookie pat watkins & parcells was trying to get even w/davis for being a victim to a drive by shooting on a frwy in dallas. After davis cussed him out, parcells started him & “TONY ROMO” the very next game & dallas went on an immediate hot winning streak! Parcells shot his own self in the foot by replacing Keith after the “dallas vs N.O” (same team hes had a problem w/bc of davis) w/the rookie and they started losing again and lost the 1st playoff game in seattle. Parcells jumped at keith as one of the 1st players he signed from dallas bc keith is a leader that speaks the truth everywhere he goes! For the ppl that look at his stats, you must know that dallas took davis out on 3rd downs (the down to get your int’s) to keep davis ticket price low after the season & to keep him fresh for special teams!!! Dont be fooled this dude can really play & the few 3rd downs they left him in he made big plays! Know this dudes real history b4 talking about him! He took the starting position while being injured all year & still dogged it out on special teams. Matter of fact he received the Ed Block Award this year(the award for 1 player per team that played through pain, etc). Keith is a huge asset for the raiders & had offers from 8 other teams including the cboys & chiefs, He wanted to be here & thats why he came, this team has the best opportunity for him to ball out of control & make an immediate impact. ill go so far as to say ppl are gonna be like where has this guy been! Hes finally away from the bs nfl $ politics w/jerry jones & the parcells family. Remember what im saying about this guy bc when the pads come on, hes gonna be laying some ppl out for raider nation like he knocked out dude from the rams cold in the game, they went to 3 commercial breaks bc the dude keith knocked out couldnt wake up and put it back together. Who is keith davis you ask? THE MOST UNDERRATED SAFETY IN THE NFL & NOW A RAIDER, true fans will understand that. For the dudes that made the distasteful comments about the guy getting shot i say watch your back bc when you try to make a mockery of someones accident it sometimes happens to you! I understood his interview but ppl can make trash out of anything so stop trying to make something out of nothing. God Bless Everyone, I just had to let you guys in on a little Keith Davis history. As a former player, fan & a person that knows the game, keep your eyes on #28, youre gonna love him!