Keith Davis: Garcia gives us best chance to win


Included in a transcript of an interview with Raiders safety Keith Davis passed along by the folks at Sirius Satellite Radio is Davis’ belief that Jeff Garcia is the quarterback who gives the Raiders the best chance to win at the outset based on his experience.

Davis makes the statement as diplomatically as possible in the final question of the interview . . .

Q: Thoughts on Greg Ellis’ deal.

Davis: I’m excited, man. I was just talking to Greg on Thursday when I was leaving. I had a meeting with coach Cable and he was just asking me about Greg and what did I think about him. I was like, ‘Greg Ellis is somebody who can definitely help us get where we’re trying to go.’ I said, ‘I will go to war with Greg Ellis anywhere, any place at any time. He’s a leader. He’s a God-fearing man. He can do nothing but good for this team.’ I said, ‘If there’s any way possible, please make it happen.’

Q: So you were instrumental here in the Raiders moving forward with this move to bring in Greg?”

Davis: Um, I mean, I’d like to think so but, you know, at the end of the day Mr. Davis and Coach Cable, they had their minds made up whether they want to bring him in or not pretty much already, I think. I just kind of helped push the situation ahead, I guess.

Q: Did you speak to Mr. Davis directly?

Davis: No, I didn’t get to speak to Mr. Davis directly. I just spoke to Coach Cable and he and I just sat down and had a nice little talk about what Greg can do. And he asked if he had anything left and I said, ‘Yeah, he has a ton of ability left.’ Greg’s years in Dallas, I think we didn’t use him quite like we should have and he was just really over there resting, just chillin’, coming in only on passing downs for the most part. I think he still has a lot left in the tank, man.

Q: Thoughts on JaMarcus Russell . . .

Davis: So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with JaMarcus. He’s made some throws that I was kind of scratching my head, like, ‘Wow, how’d he get that ball in there?’ I know he has a ton of ability. I think the thing right now is just him getting more comfortable with the scheme and the system and just going out there and being himself and not trying to put any pressure on himself and just relaxing and playing football and having fun. I think it’s going to be interesting between him and Jeff [Garcia] both out there, because Jeff wants to be the starter also, so I think that’s only going to make him better. You got a guy who’s going to push him, a legitimate guy who’s going to push him, because Jeff Garcia, at the end of the day, he’s a winner. I don’t care what anybody says. He’s a winner wherever he goes. He just makes plays and he wins, so I think JaMarcus knows that he’s going to have to bring his ‘A’ game each and every day because he’s going to be pushed to the max by Jeff.

Q: Which QB – Garcia or Russell – gives you the better chance to win the game?

Davis: Me, just being in this league for the seven years I have been in it and just being around those guys, me, personally, I think Garcia is better prepared to get us that win right now. Now, that’s no knock against JaMarcus at all because who knows what’s going to happen down the road? I think JaMarcus has a great opportunity to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. But, right now, if I had to play right now, I would take Jeff Garcia because I know what he’s going to bring to the table and I’ve watched him bring it to the table. Now, being around you asking this question, we’re into the season, about a month from now, two months from now when we get into the season, my answer may be different. But if I had to play right now, I would take Jeff Garcia. I just know what he’s done and I’ve been around him. That’s no knock against JaMarcus at all.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DKnight007

    CantstandtheHaters Says:
    June 16th, 2009 at 8:31 am
    Keith doesnt know, only Bo Knows as far as i know, no?


    watch the play at 1:13 closely where Russell, who is very good at selling the PA btw, finds his third receiver and zips it to Zach underneath. i dont care what Keith or anybody else says cause he is getting better right in front of us and if you guys cant see it then imo you are a hater pointblanc.

    footwork, pocket-presence, timing, accuracy, leadership (patting Henderson on the back when he replaced Harris on the blind side, telling him just give it his all and thats all he could ever ask, is showing leadership lady&gents. trusting his teammate and, at the same time, his coaches), generaly staying out of trouble etc etc.

    doesnt throw many INTs but needs to cut down on the fumbles on the other hand, agreed, but he is WELL on his way to be a very good QB in this league in a year or two, when he is about 25……

    ….and Ellis, i really think he chose us cause he wants to play DE in a 4-3. and he could get around ten sacks in our defense if he stays healthy imo. he is definitly a stud. also, his experience as OLB makes him a good fit for the zone dropping from the DEs i see us feature on defense let alone his willingness to share his knowlege with the youngsters. really like this addition.

    now if we could somehow get the cheap-ass pantriots to trade V Wilfork for Burge/Sands and a 2nd if neccesary, maybe we could do some real damage this year….oh, check out the last play of the highlites for that matter, Mr Bellychick.

    Trading Sands and Burgess for Wilfork would a great deal for the Raiders.

    The old man and Coach Cable should try and get Wilfork instead of a draft pick for Burgess.

  • DKnight007

    Chris in NY Says:
    June 15th, 2009 at 10:57 pm
    Dude Says:
    June 15th, 2009 at 9:51 pm
    Chris in NY,

    Why on Gods good earth would ESPN hate Jamarcus Russell? Seriously, answer the f in question.


    Nothing personal against JaMarcus, they’re just trying to create news and kick easy targets. I believe it was Al Franken who correctly pointed it out in one of his books: the media doesn’t have a left/right bias; it has “biases” toward sensationalism and laziness. This applies to the sports media as well.

    To paint a picture that JaMarcus is going down in flames is sensationalistic because any time the No. 1 overall pick is a bust — particularly a would-be franchise QB — it’s a) shocking for everyone after that prospect was hyped up to be the next great wonder; and b) devestating to the fans of that team who had such high hopes for that player.

    It’s laziness in this case because the Raiders have become such an easy target to dump on because of their record for the last six seasons. It’s easy to presume they got it wrong again and kick them while they’re down, again. No need to do real analysis of how he’s progressing. Just spout the same old story line.

    There’s an additional factor in this case too. Two of the most prominent NFL analysts at ESPN — Tom Jackson and Schlereth — are former Donkeys. They are hardwired to hate the Raiders. Not to mention the surplus of annoying, over-sarcastic little weasels over there that ESPN specializes in that get off on dumping on any athlete or team that isn’t among the top few they worship and whack it to.

    Tanya Jackson and Marissa Schlereth are “prominent”??

    Prominent JACKASSES!

  • NoMoreFargas

    Jackson and Schlereth are always anti-Raider. My god Jruss was born with an absolute amazing arm it will take more than that but some those throws in Dknights link were just sick and his footwork is getting much better Chaz looks like a giant at wr in those clips he is huge.

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaddenRedneck

    Keith Davis is getting compared to Williams because of not one but two shootings, one outside a strip club when he was shot in the hip and elbow and the second shooting hitting him in the head and thigh during an attempted carjacking. Cut him now!

  • SnB Defense

    Guess the Cowboys should be looking at Jon Kitna as the starting QB……
    Cowboys tell Romo to shape up

    Word from Valley Ranch is Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett had a come-to-Jesus meeting with QB Tony Romo this off-season where he basically told him to get his butt in better shape. Now nobody is accusing Romo of being Val Kilmer, or even Byron Leftwich. The description used was “bottom heavy” and the message was more “We love you but… ” than butt kicking. What The Redheaded Genius told him was, basically, become a better finisher. Cowboys coaches believe Romo has a penchant for showing up for training camp in just good enough shape to allow him to get out to a good start in the first half. And it falls apart in the second half because he does. He is not able to outrun the same players. His mistakes go up. He is not the same QB.

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram

  • MaddenRedneck

    This is the same Keith Davis Parcells signed then cut after he made 0 tackles in three preseason games, only to be resigned by Dallas and cut a second time after the season. I bet he does not make the Raiders final roster.

  • SnB Defense

    THe Raiders should trade Burgess and a 2010 1st rounder for Vince Wilfork.

    Did you guys know that Tommie Kelly and Gerard Warren are in the top 10% of all DTs by salary?

    Terdell Sands is in the top 25% of all DTs by salary!

    Vince Wilfork is a bargain compared to any of these three.

    So trade Burgess and a number 1 for Wilfork. No way the Pats take on Kelly, Warren or Sands and their big contracts!

  • SnB Defense

    Jeff Garcia would be an excellent starter for the Vikings. A vet team with Super Bowl talent. For the Raiders, Garcia would be ceding the season. Garcia needs to be in a West Coast, conservative passing attack to be truly effective. There is no upside to this guy and he’s hardly the difference maker. Otherwise the 49ers, Browns, Lions and Bucs would have kept him. The coaches know that Garcia is not a QB that can put a team over the top. Sort of like Chad Pennington in Miami and Jon Kitna in Cincy/Detroit.

    Guys like Garcia and Pennington are caretaker QBs. Win a few games and bring a lot of energy but eventually run out of gas. I also think of Josh McCown like that too.

    The Raiders have a young team that is growing together. To take Russell out of that opportunity to grow with this young team would be committing franchise suicide.

  • BSJ,

    # 242, they are called Turbins, but that’s for that area, India, Afgh…, Pakistan, etc…

    Arabs wear Keffiyah, it has diff names, it depends on the country. Jordan wears a white and Red, Saudi wears all white, and Palest!nians wear White and Red. Some countries wear an all black one!! Like I said, it depends on the country.

  • Palest!nians wear White and black, not red and white, sorry.

  • lefty12

    i can’t believe some ST reserve DB has everyones panties so ruffled.the funniest part of the article is he seems to be taking credit for the Raiders signing Ellis.obviously the guy has a pretty high opinion of himself.

  • lefty12

    maybe he is the adviser Al Davis eluded to.

  • SnB Defense


    I think most of these people are missing the boat on developing a quarterback. It takes time. Unless you have a team that has a legitimate (non-upset) chance at a Super Bowl or deep playoff run….you always look to develop the younger guy over playing a quick fix veteran.

    Those old Raider teams in the 80’s were loaded up on both sides of the ball. In the 70’s they developed Stabler.

    Next to the frequent coaching changes, the constant turnover at the quarterback position is the next reason for the struggles over the years.

    Develop Russell and let him QB the team for the next decade or so.

  • lefty12

    S&B that is it exactly. any talk of Garcia becoming our starter is just plain stupid,by whoever says it.actually,this guy is probably correct-if the games were played today,Garcia probably would give us a better chance to win.he’s been in the league for years ,knows defenses and can read them better at this moment.right now he has a better chance,but by the end of the year or next year he won’t.

  • I guess it is an acquired taste RaiderO, lol.

  • CJ Legend 34

    Once again who the heck is freakin Keith Davis?

    I don’t give a rats @$$ what he thinks about running the squad he does not run the show.

    JAM will be the first string QB mark my word. Garcia only plays if JM gets hurt or he throws three interceptions each game than he is yanked!

    The Raiders are just vreating competition from a proven veteran passed his time. They saw what the Cardinals were able to do with Warner. Except Garcia does not have the arm strength or accuracy as Warner at this point in his career.

  • lefty12

    CJ-the Raiders aren’t creating anything.Garcia is here to be a backup and nothing more.even if JR throws 3 ints every game,he will continue to be the starter.with the Frye signing,Garcia might not even make the team.

  • CJ Legend 34

    lefty12 Says:
    June 16th, 2009 at 11:36 am
    CJ-the Raiders aren’t creating anything.Garcia is here to be a backup and nothing more.even if JR throws 3 ints every game,he will continue to be the starter.with the Frye signing,Garcia might not even make the team.


    Lefty 12 – I would bnot be surprised at all. I am not a fan of Frye but really I am not a fan of the Browns. I live in OH and I hate everything about the team. Organge helmets, brown uniform, they suck all around.

  • Dakota,


    Bushmaster5000, LMFAO

    Every Rose has it’s Thorns!

  • Where you a Poison fan Dakota?

  • Poison? Not really, why do you ask?

  • You liked Bands with makeup, you Reps love that stuff!! lol

  • Did they sing every rose has its thorns? Sorry, I am not much of a music aficionado.

  • I purchased XM radio for the sports, news and comedy channels, lol.

  • Keith Davis signs with Oakland

    It was pretty clear the Cowboys were looking elsewhere for safety and special teams’ help this off-season, and as a result Keith Davis has a new home in Oakland.

    Davis, who led the Cowboys in special teams’ stops with 20 in 2008, signed with the Raiders on Thursday. He had visited Kansas City earlier this off-season.

    Davis was the heart of the special teams’ unit and was one of the Cowboys’ best leaders. He was unafraid to voice his feelings. He played hard. He played hurt. He played tough.

    The Cowboys will miss Davis this year for what he brings to the locker room. It said a lot about how his teammates felt about him when he was named captain last year despite being on the roster only a few days after his release by Miami.

  • Dakota,

    294, yes they did. I hate bands with makeup. I hate Kiss!!!

  • You guys are crazy!

  • SaintKaufman



    go raiders

  • SaintKaufman


  • OAK, TW, and others

    I don’t know if I ever asked you guys about Muse, one of my Fav bands for the last 6 years.

    Listen to ruled by secrecy, hoodoo, new born, and Micro cuts. Also, apocalypse please.

  • McRaider5150


    Now that is justice.

    A man kills a human and gets 30 days, A man kills a dog and gets over 2 years.

    Only in America!!

  • lefty12

    amazing,i guy comes here,names himself after a guy who quit football to be a minister and practice his religion,yet idolizes kobe.

  • Atkinson’s fav word: Soft! lol

    What’s up Saint McGiver?
    You always here when we talk about hair, what’s up with that?? 😉

  • 4evaRaider

    well a man can defend himself

  • lefty12

    if a man killed another human in the same manner the guy killed dogs,he’d be in prison more than 2 years.

  • SaintKaufman


    That’s right Lefty!! Well, maybe not quite idolize. But he is on my team, so hence, KOBE!!!

    The same could not be said for DeAngleo Hall last year however.

  • SaintKaufman

    That’s kinda messed up O. What’s shakin?

  • 4evaRaider

    dogs have better character traits than humans,imo

  • 4eva,

    309, I agree.

    Unconditional love and loyalty!!

  • lefty12

    saint-maybe you should change your name to Warren Wells.they at least have something in common.

  • Saint,

    I’m playing!! I have a lot of respect for you.

    We need our fix:

    Hair, Bushmaster5000( still LMAO), etc…

  • The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    June 16th, 2009 at 12:30 pm
    Dakota, I understand how tough times are for your redneck ilk, but mocking middle eastern women is not going to get your party back into play.


    LOL. Feeling plucky, Mister “Hairy Women Have Rights Too”?! Only Art Spander could try and turn a lighthearted discussion of body hair into a political debate!

    Oh, and how’s your Kings cheerleader galpal these days? Or have you already forgotten that lie…

  • 4evaRaider

    new post

  • McRaider5150

    it doesn’t matter. Donte Stallworth killed a man because he was drinking a driving. Vick was killing for sport. Not right, but at the least it should be equal. I love dogs, but I could get over someone killing my dog and only getting 30 days bfore I can get over them killing my father, brother, son. JMO

  • McRaider5150

    A mane can’t defend himself again a car.

  • McRaider5150

    A man cannot defend himself against a car with a drunk behind the wheel

  • DKnight007

    The CELTICS are done and they are SOFT!

  • DKnight007

    McRaider5150 Says:
    June 16th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Now that is justice.

    A man kills a human and gets 30 days, A man kills a dog and gets over 2 years.

    Only in America!!

    Even more confirmation of how crazy and corrupt is this world we live in….

  • raidermike

    Vegas Raider, LOL, your right, he’s outta here….

  • jdog

    Garcia is a workaholic who keeps very fit (look at JR). If JR is ever going to have a memorable career he is going to have to take care of his body. Garcia reminds me very much of Rich Gannon except he is not as accurate of course 98% of all qbs were not as accurate as Gannon. If JR faulters he will have a hard time getting back into the game because I do believe any one of 20 qbs in the league can move this offense. JR is not on my top 20 list yet although I really want him to be. My hope is that Jeff will push JR to be that guy. We have the line, we have the backfield and we have the receivers all we need now is fire in the belly and a brain for football in the head of our qb whoever that is and I am with Davis in believing that right now Jeff is the better qb.