Garcia returns after birth of son


Jeff Garcia was back on the practice field with the Raiders after missing the last two organized activity sessions following the birth of his son.

Tuesday’s session was closed to the media but Garcia was quoted on the Raiders’ Twitter page.

Although it has yet to make its transactions page on the club Web site, the Raiders are confirming the signing of defensive end Greg Ellis, who had 20.5 sacks for the Dallas Cowboys over the past two seasons as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

Ellis joins a unit which includes Derrick Burgess, Trevor Scott, Jay Richardson, Greyson Gunheim, Derrick Grey, draft picks Matt Shaugnnessy and Stryker Sulak and undrafted free agent Desmond Bryant, who could eventually be a base end or tackle.

Last year’s final 53 roster out of training camp had eight defensive linemen and only four ends _ Burgess, Richardson, Kalimba Edwards and Scott.

Eight linemen was a low figure in part because the Raiders kept seven linebackers out of camp _ starters Thomas Howard, Kirk Morrison and Ricky Brown, and special teamers/backups Isaiah Ekejiuba, Robert Thomas, Jon Alston and Sam Williams.

Wednesday will be the last Raiders practice open to the media until training camp, with players reporting July 29 and the first practice at Napa on July 30.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderDave

    First…Congrats Jeff Garcia

  • 4evaRaider

    thats sick Jerry, who would return the after-birth of their child???

  • 4evaRaider

    Jerry sure has a way with sentence structure

  • lefty12

    the headline should read-Garcia returns after the Raiders sign Frye to compete for backup QB spot.

  • Jerry,

    I was just saying that we need our fix, thank you sir.

  • With all these DEs, there will be a lot if competition, and that will help our Dline a lot.


    Trade Burgess, Walter, and a draft pick for V Wilfork!!!!! Please AL!!!!!

  • lefty12

    5150-killing for sport(fun) vs an accident-and you can’t see the difference?

  • Even Garcia’s son knows that the Raiders’ only prayer of getting so much as a wild card this year is if his father starts.

  • Even if he wants a huge contract, we can cut walker, Sands, and a few more to make cap room for Wilfork and others. We can cut Warren too, Wilfork and TK can be out DTs for the next 5 years.

  • Now I see why Al Davis signed Ellis:

    ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson was surprised to hear of the signing, because he thought Ellis was bound for Denver or Kansas City.

    “Both of those teams are transitioning to a 3-4 defense and are in dire need of a legitimate pass-rusher,” Williamson said. “Ellis played in a 3-4 scheme with the Cowboys. … The Raiders are the only team in the AFC West to use a 4-3 defense.”

  • The Raiders are the only team in the league to do a lot of things…and none of them work, as the last 6 years are indicative of. And before that, we only won by doing everything anti-Raider. West coast offense, blitzing on defense, etc.

  • lefty12

    KK-Ellis also wanted to play DE not LB i believe.isn’t that why he wanted out of Dallas?

  • raidertay

    I love the greg ellis signing. we are the youngest team in the league. It only makes sense to add veterans who are great mentors. Trevor Scott will be even more ready to replace Burgess next year. Now if we can only add a DT…..

  • 4eva, LMAO. In 1997 my wife and I actually saved and banked the blood from the embilical cord and placenta following the birth of my daughter (just the blood, rest is discarded). There are major stem cells in there in case anyone in our family needs them, and no rejection issues. Future parents, check it out at cordblood.com

    As for football, Garcia, ever the heady vet, has a lot to teach our youngsters about having your babies during the offseason.

    Garcia to locker room next Sept. 15: “Guys, listen up! Stay outta the jacuzzi for a few days, wear boxers and then hit up the old lady if you want to have your kid before camp next summer! Be smart!”

    DMAC to himself: “I gotta get me a jacuzzi…”

  • raidertay


    Elis HATES the 3-4. The guy was ready to retire when Parcells switched Dallas over. He is a lot more comfortable in a 4-3.

    Any news yet on the amount of his contract? Hopefully its reasonable.

  • lefty12

    KK-isn’t that a perfect example of a national(ESPN) reporter not doing his homework.both of those teams wanted him to play LB,which he doesn’t want to play.granted,money talks,but sometimes guys will take a little less to be happy.

  • 4evaRaider

    money cant buy everything thats true,but what it cant buy I cant use that’s what I want thats what I want

  • 4evaRaider

    Hey BO that is/was a GREAT idea 2 do that.Forward looking people is what we need more of,imo =)

  • 4evaRaider

    as we quickly approach the 420 hour!!!

  • I couldn’t afford it, and that wasn’t covered under our plan.

  • Who said Ellis didn’t want to play LB? please provide a link.

    Al signed him to keep him away from Denver & Kansas City.

  • 4eva,

    It’s only 1:20 pm here in SD, but what the Hell?! Right!

    My daughter is sleeping, I’m outside in the yard, and I think I will join you sir. A little afternoon smoke!! Cheers!!

  • 4evaRaider

    sounds like da life Raider O ENJOY

  • 4evaRaider


  • Trade Burgess, Walter, and a draft pick for Wilfork.

    The pats need a pass rusher and a backup QB. We need a beefy DT who stuffs the run.

    Make it happen Al, next year you will lose both Walter and Burgess to FA!!
    Do it AL, trade for V Wilfork.

  • Raider O Says:
    June 16th, 2009 at 1:19 pm
    I couldn’t afford it, and that wasn’t covered under our plan.


    Us either, and no plan covers it. Fool HMOs have no foresight. My mother in law covered the $700 for the cordblood service as a gift, rest her soul.

  • Jerry,

    Tell someone to tell Al to trade for Wilfork. I have a feeling we are thinking about it. Can you ask pls?

  • Bush era sent us back at least a decade on stem cell research. I hope you didn’t vote for him, Bo. Might as well have wiped your a*% with that $700.

  • BSJ,

    That was very nice of her, god bless her.

  • “The Cowboys’ recent decision to part ways with Ellis had more to do with their young talent on the horizon, not necessarily a big decline in Ellis’ abilities. Dallas has the reigning NFL sack leader in DeMarcus Ware and the emergence of third-year linebacker Anthony Spencer made Ellis dispensable.

    Prior to his release, Ellis had spent his entire professional career with the Cowboys. He was the 2007 Comeback Player of the Year and was voted to his first Pro Bowl after compiling a career-best 12.5 sacks. If Ellis can stay healthy, he could produce a similar output in the Bay Area. After missing only four games during his initial eight seasons, Ellis has been held out of 10 contests in the past three years.

    Aside from injuries, the other main concern regarding Ellis has been his transition to the 3-4 defense. He was utilized primarily at linebacker in Dallas but will need to adjust back to defensive end in the base 4-3 that the Raiders deploy. However, Ellis’ ability to play both positions will allow him to be used in a variety of ways by defensive coordinator John Marshall.”

  • SaintKaufman

    Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull right up along side it!!! DLR

  • Life has it’s joys, some are free, some are cheap, but most are expensive!!
    Raider O


  • LOL, mod do you get paid by the number of posts you delete?

  • lefty12

    KK-i don’t have a link,but i did read somewhere where Ellis voiced his displeasure with having to play LB and his desire to go somewhere where he could play end.i’m old school and don’t get all my information from this little gadget.i read newspapers and magazines.

  • 81rayda

    Mike Mitchell is going to be the new version of Jack Tatum & Eddie Anderson.

  • DKnight007

    Ellis has always been more of a DE IMO….he was playing out of position as a 3-4 OLB….now the Raiders can utlize his strength more. Tall, Long arms, physical at the point of attack, is strong ands stout against the run and is disruptive pass rusher.

    Trade Burgess and Walter for Wilfork!

  • DKnight007

    Or Trade Burgess, Walter, and Sands for that Rookie 2nd round OT the Pats drafted and Wilfork!

  • 16 to 88

    Per CBS sports line…

    “The No. 8 pick of the ’98 draft delivered on the character issue, staying out of trouble while steadily piling up 77 sacks in 11 seasons.

    Ellis led the team in sacks six times, the second-best total in club history. But he showed he had a mouth, too.

    Ellis complained in 2006 about moving from defensive end to linebacker, saying the Cowboys and former coach Bill Parcells were setting him up to fail in the new 3-4 defensive alignment.”

    98… 3 sacks
    99… 7.5
    00… 3
    01… 6
    02… 7.5
    03… 8
    04… 9
    05… 8
    06… 4.5
    07… 12.5
    08… 8

    He’s played most of his career in a 4-3 although it’s fairly obvious he is versatile enough to play both having his best sack total in the 3-4 alignment.

    Anyone contending on these boards he is NOT fit for the 4-3 either needs to pay attention more to football or take up something along the lines of badminton.