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I’ll play catch up during the slow news period following the holiday after the most extended blog break in a year, but wanted to pass along that Comcast SportsNet Bay Area will air a small portion of an interview with Raiders owner Al Davis tonight on “Chronicle Live.”

The show will air after the Giants game, with approximately six or seven minutes devoted to Davis as his 80th birthday approaches on the Fourth of July. Much more of the interview, as well as an additional conversation with Davis regarding the AFL-NFL merger, will be shown in the coming weeks.

Tonight’s excerpt will deal mostly with Davis’ youth growing up in Brooklyn and his roots in football.

Here’s a link to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Raider-405

    Undrafted Rookie TE Chris O’Neill decided to move O’Neill who played at Boise State last season — to middle linebacker, a position he never has played.

    If we are moving a UDA to MLB… a position he has never played, I think that says something as far as how they feel about Franz Joseph unfortunately….

  • Raider-405

    As the story goes on… (surprised they would Al and Cableman would tell him this but)

    The Raiders told him they would keep nine (seven active, two practice squad) of the 11 linebackers now on the roster, but just two of the six (including O’Neill) tight ends.

    Jon Alston
    Ricky Brown
    Isaiah Ekejiuba
    Thomas Howard
    Kirk Morrison

    — Who is the last spot? Slade Norris, Sam ‘Scholarship’ Williams, Marquis Cooper, Frantz Joseph, Chris O’Neill?

    With the TE spot, thats the easy one. Zach Miller and whomever can block the best between
    Brandon Myers
    Tony Stewart
    Darrell Strong
    John Paul Foschi

  • Wondering if the Artest signing increases or decreases the chance of Phil coming back to coach. On one hand Phil loves challenges, and make no doubt Artest is still a challenge. He is getting a lot of good “pub” of late due to his work ethic and passion he plays with, but he is still a guy who got thrown out of one playoff game last year, and shot like 1-13 in another one, refusing to stop shooting. Phil might decide he is too old for it all.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Morning Vegas Raider,
    Phil Jackson was the 2nd interview that Artest had before he sat down with Jerry Buss. No doubt by Jackson’s comments, he is coaching next year.

  • Ex,

    Phil’s mission will be to get the playoffs alive and well. He will want no part of the end of a 6 game road trip in Milwaukee with Ron-Ron acting like an idiot, because you know that will eventually happen. Just ask the Cubs, who thought they were getting a “hard-working, perfectionist who is misunderstood” in Milton Bradley. Those same words are used to describe Artest.

    I would rather have Ariza for less money.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Milton Bradley is a real “PSYCHO!” lmfao

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Ariza accepted the same deal with Houston that the Lakers offered but his agent tried to pull a power play and it backfired. Hope he likes it in Houston. LOL

  • Milton Bradley has tainted and had a big part in the disappointing first half of the Cubs. He may turn it on in the 2nd half and help lead them to and through the playoffs, but that’s the point. Milton is helping age Piniella right now, and Artest will do the same thing in the middle of the season next year with Phil. He will probably turn it on around March and into the playoffs, but it might kill Phil up until than.

  • Ex,

    You gotta remember getting paid the same money in LA and Houston isn’t really the same as California has an 11.75% state tax and Texas has none. Throw in that Houston Real Estate is at least 25% cheaper than LA, probably closer to 50% but ask KoolKell he would know better than me, and it’s not even close. Huge disadvantage for California teams right now.

  • Vegas,

    I think the Lakers would have liked to have Ariza for less money too, but the problem was that Ariza wanted more money from the Lakers than from any other team. Instead of a home-town discount, he wanted a home-town bonus! He wanted $7-8 million a year from the Lakers (which is really $14-16 million a year as far as the Lakers are concerned when you factor in the luxury tax) and ended up getting $6.5 from the Rockets. Greed is a priority over winning for Ariza.

    Ariza obviously felt disrespected because the Lakers didn’t pay him like he is a 20-10 guy…he is a 9-4 guy that plays decent D. Artest is twice the player Ariza is for 2/3rds the money…the only question is Artest’s head, but he was an angel the past two seasons in Houston and Sactown, and I think Phil knows how to handle dorks like Artest, he handled Rodman pretty well.

    I am still worried that they won’t re-sign Odom…

  • 11.50% or 11.75% for the highest earners I believe, but you get the point. On a forty million dollar contract that is over 4 million dollar of differences. When you factor in say 50% for federal, let’s just call it that for simplicity, a forty million dollar deal in Cali is more like 15.5 or 16, while in Texas (or Florida) it is even 20. That’s a 25%-30% increase.

  • Ariza’s D is unquestioned, but he is injury-prone and we’ll see what kind of offensive player he really is when he doesn’t have wide open threes because teams are worried about Gasol, Bryant and Odom…lol, could get ugly for Ariza.

    Hey Dallas, how is Deavan George treating you guys?

  • Dakota,

    An angel huh? Maybe in the Ron Artest spectrum, but again tossed in one playoff game, chippy in about all of them, and an awful shooting game in which he got so frustrated he literally shot the ball everytime he got it….and missed.

    Rodman was ten years ago and much better time of health for Phil. You know I hate the Lakers, so I am trying to be non-bias, but I thought Ariza was perfect for the triangle and a great role player, and their best defender. How can you keep Kobe, Ron, Pau and Odom all happy with their “touches”?

  • SD has no state income tax either! They nail us on property taxes to make up for some of it though 🙁

  • Nevada has no state income tax either, that’s why a lot boxers, golfers and entertainers live in Vegas or Florida.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Ariza went from the penthouse to the basement. With Yao gone and the loss of Artest, It will be years before they are a competitive team. But can’t blame Ariza, it was his one shot at big money and he took it.

  • Vegas…shhhh, I am thinking good thoughts right now…I don’t want to picture Artest doing his little one-on-one iso charge to the basket while the triangle breaks down…

    I want to picture Artest nailing spot up threes while being left wide open, and Artest locking down Paul Pierce, C. Anthony and Lebron James, and allowing Kobe to guard the opponents second best player (which Ariza sometimes did, but usually not against the bigger guys like Lebron, Pierce, and C. Anthony) and letting Kobe kick more ass offensively…huge boom or bust on Artest…he could make this team unbeatable if his head is on straight.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Artest will take a lot of pressure off Kobe having to play the opponents best scorer. Kobe 1st team all defense and Artest was 2nd team.

  • Hopefully the Artest signing won’t deter Odom from re-signing as it signals that odom will once again have to come off the bench. We don’t have another MLE to try and replace Odom…sign already Lamar!

  • Dakota,

    Things have changed a little with your favorite teams, you got to hope guys like Bradley and Artest don’t implode your teams, meanwhile the Raiders have a bible-thumping coach and have nice guys like Nmamdi leading the roster and drafted a real nice kid in DHB. What happened?

  • Who is Bradley and who are the Cubs…I truly have not sat down and watched one game this season. I took last season’s playoff beat down pretty hard and I am now in prove it in Sept and Oct mode with those Cubbies.

    Milton and Lou don’t seem to be seeing eye to eye.

  • Going to see Micahel Buble (spelling??) tomorrow at the MGM. He will add to my already impressive list of lame-azz concerts I have seen since being married. The list includes: BonJovi, Ricky Martin, Christina, Timberlake, and Def Leopard (which did have Journey which was cool). At least I didn’t have to pay to see any of this crap!!!

  • NoMoreFargas

    Bible thumpers always scare me the most. Artest wants a ring he will be on his best behavior . Lakers repeat and Zeus willing the Raiders return to glory. Get Dmac/Bush the ball a lot their thats my game plan!


    GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • Raider-405

    vegas raider Says:
    July 3rd, 2009 at 8:29 am
    Going to see Micahel Buble (spelling??) tomorrow at the MGM. He will add to my already impressive list of lame-azz concerts I have seen since being married. The list includes: BonJovi, Ricky Martin, Christina, Timberlake, and Def Leopard (which did have Journey which was cool). At least I didn’t have to pay to see any of this crap!!!

    WOW – impressive list list is right. I can only guess your wife makes up for it 10 fold in other ways otherwise that would be a big hell no – including Journey – No offense.