Ellis should be at home in a 4-3


While there was speculation Greg Ellis would likely wind up with a team which ran a 3-4 defense similar to the one he left in Dallas, in reality he felt the way he was used in the alignment took away from the strength of his game.

In an interview on the Michael Irvin Show, Ellis said teammates, opponents and commentators wondered he was utilized on pass defense instead of as a pass rusher. As a defensive end in a 4-3 alignment with the Raiders, Ellis, inserted as a starter upon arrival, will be free to get after the quarterback with a minimum of pass coverage responsibilities.

Ellis said one respected commentator who he declined to name told him, `Greg, why don’t you rush that much? It seems like when you rush, you’re a better football team.”

Going into an Oct. 26 game against Tampa Bay, Ellis said he asked coach Wade Phillips for more of a role rushing the passer.

“I didn’t get a sack but I got a bunch of pressures,” Ellis said. “Wade himself said, `That’s the best defensive performance he’d ever seen in his NFL career. Then I don’t get but 10 plays against the New York Giants.”

The Giants beat the Bucs 13-9, then lost to the Giants 35-14. Particularly galling for Ellis was that he asked to speak to the team before the Giants game, gave an impassioned speech, then had a minimal role so minimal that teammate Terrell Owens jokingly asked him, `What happened, you’re supposed to be our leader?” Responded Ellis, “I only played about 10 plays, bro.”

Ellis said he was out of the game so often in some games that teammate DeMarcus Ware would hide from coaches on the sideline to get the veteran more snaps.

The 20-minute interview was almost entirely about issues with the Cowboys, with little in the way of Ellis’ fresh start with a new team.

“You’ve got to shut it off in Dallas and pick it up in Oakland. That’s what I have to do. Had some great years in Dallas, feel we should have won the Super Bowl and didn’t do it,” Ellis said. “I have to move on and you have to realize the NFL is a business and to be a part of it you have leave a team, go to another one, put on your business hat and go into your new city commit to them all you have and give to them the everything you gave your last one. That’s what I’m committed to do.”

Without so much as a playoff win in his career, Ellis talked of how special it would be to have it happen with a rebuilding Oakland team.

“I look at a challenge in Oakland, the struggling season they had last year, if we can get it turned around and get on the winning side, get in the playoffs, win a playoff game, get to that Super Bowl and win that . . . I know people say, `yeah, right, that ain’t going to happen in Oakland,’ but if we can make that happen, it would be a great feeling to know you were a part of turning something around,” Ellis said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Adam Morrison is lighting it up in Summer League. The team could use his shooting. From LA Times Lakers blog:

    The O.C. Register’s Janis Carr recently yapped with Lakers Assistant General Manager Ronnie Lester about the team’s ongoing talks with Lamar Odom. Carr says Lester informed her that LO’s offer has been bumped “a little north of $8 million.” More or less what people have bandied about as the “magic number,” so to speak. Lester also expressed confidence a deal could go down next week. Promising news, for sure. B. Shaw will certainly be happy.

    Lester also indicated to Carr that Sun Yue, whose option needs to be picked up by August 1st, could find himself ex-Laker soon. His case apparently isn’t being helped by an absence from the Summer Pro League. The same SPL, by the way, where Adam Morrison has recorded 22 and 24-point tallies. Granted, these results should obviously be taken with a grain of salt, considering Ammo is lighting up competition that’s hardly NBA “elite.” Many of these cats are barely NBA “ready.” But still, as Morrison is working to get his legs back under him (literally and figuratively), I’m sure the brass is pleased with the early returns.

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    Miami got the better of the center swap with Oakland. (Miami signed Jake Grove, then traded Samson Satele to the Raiders for a sixth-round pick.) On running plays where Grove was at the point of attack in 2008, he had an exceptional 90.6 win percentage. That means 90.6 percent of the time, the defender that matched up against Grove did not stuff the hole or make contact with the runner at or behind the line of scrimmage. Those runs averaged 6.2 yards.

    By contrast, Satele’s win percentage was 79.5 percent, and runs behind him averaged 5.4 yards. Grove’s success rate is among the NFL’s best and higher than any Dolphins lineman in 2008. Grove also allowed just 1.5 sacks (both coverage sacks), Satele four.

    By KC Joyner (ESPN)


    Nice post BSJ. Tom Cable wanted to keep Jake Grove for some reason. Satele has never played in the zbs to my knowledge. Neither had John Wade prior to signing with Oakland. Center is a pretty darn important position to be trying out reclamation projects, just like Kwame Harris at LT (wow did that one fail!)

    Lets hope the Cable guy got this one right. Everyone says Samson is athletic enough, but is he strong enough? I don’t want to see Jamal Williams eat this guy alive (maybe literally) on Monday Night Football!

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    Backup protection: Ten best No. 2 quarterbacks

    Only 16 quarterbacks made it through every start last season, which means in half the NFL’s cities No. 2 quarterbacks played significant roles. So you better go to camp with someone you can trust, and that’s why I’m here. If I’m going to the bullpen, these are the 10 quarterbacks I call:

    #1. Jeff Garcia, Oakland: Granted, the Raiders’ vertical offense doesn’t exactly suit him, but there is no one I’d trust more coming off the bench. Jeff Garcia basically wins wherever he goes. He started and won in San Francisco. He started and won in Philadelphia. He started and won in Tampa Bay. In all three spots he went to the playoffs, and he’s a four-time Pro Bowler. Plus, he threw for 30 or more touchdowns passes in a season … twice. So what’s not to like?

    OK, so he’s 39. But he didn’t break into the NFL until he was 29, so he hasn’t absorbed the punishment of someone like, say, Brett Favre. He still can run. He seldom makes mistakes. He’s one of the toughest quarterbacks I’ve covered. And he has a history of overcoming the odds. Maybe that’s why Garcia insists he will beat out JaMarcus Russell for the No. 1 job. Me? I can’t see it, not because he’s not qualified but because the Raiders have a substantial investment in Russell and are committed to seeing it through.

    By Clark Judge (CBS Sports)

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    Warren Sapp of NFL Network ranked Buccaneers T Donald Penn among his top five offensive linemen in the league.


    LOL! there goes his credibility and reputation. oh wait, nevermind. He never had any cred and has a terrible reputation as an NFL analyst. what a d0uche bag and complete Buc homer …

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    LOL at the Grove and Satele comparison. Like anyone is going to give the Raiders props over something Bill Parcells did.

    Really funny how they gloss over Wilson’s pass coverage deficiencies. The guy couldn’t cover at SS, and he’s going to thrive at FS? LMFAO!

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    Jabar Gaffney is the #1 WR in Denver with Brandon Marshall out. LOL!


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    The 49ers will practice with the Raiders in Napa for the second straight summer. The joint sessions are scheduled for Tuesday Aug. 18, and Wednesday Aug. 19 and will proceed the 49ers second exhibition game of the season against the Raiders at home on Saturday, Aug. 22. Those joint practices are closed to the public. The 49ers will also break training camp that week.

    -Kevin Lynch (SF Gate)

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    Bro what the hell does this have to do with DHB or Al Davis? This has to do with your man love of B.J. Raji. Al Davis and DHB don’t play defense. Your saying that our defense as bad as you say it is would be FIXED is what I’m talking about.

    Stay on point!!

    I DIDN”T want DHB truth be told I wanted Eugene Monroe now I agree with the assesment of the Oline being pretty close to fixed with the Monroe pick. Only because I think the line was already very close.

    But based on YOUR thoughts of our Dline you B.J. Raji would fix it. Maybe your right so I want to see if he can FIX Green Bay’s D.

    Don’t run behind smoke screens Bro. lol

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    Milsap will be in Utah this is a Negotiating tool to force them to trade Boozer to match the sheet then wolla pritch slapped we are one of the only few teams with cap space to trade with then we bring in hienrich in a 3 way deal!!! and if not and Utha cant match we get a starting PF that will be backing up LA and spliting time at SF if needed I really like the kid would I rather have him than a proven PG at this point no!!! would I rather have him than Artest at this Point HE!! yes!!! Face it if Odem leaves for overpayment else where you will be wishing you still had AAriza and Odem not two guys (kobe&Artst) each taking 19-30 shots a gamne!!!! BALK @ that!!! Oh and as far as Patty cake goes he would have been what we here in Raiderland call camp fotter/practice Squad no way he makes the final roster by beating out Broy Bayless Blake Martell and all the other G’s we have!!!!

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