Sulak official, Joseph waived


In addition to waiving sixth-round draft pick Stryker Sulak, the Raiders have cut undrafted free agent linebacker Frantz Joseph, according to the transactions page on Raiders.com.

Joseph was well down the depth chart during mandatory minicamp and OTA practices attended by the media and appeared to lack the quickness the Raiders want in their linebackers.

Meanwhile, David Nixon, an undrafted free agent out of BYU, worked with the second team at weakside linebacker and Chris O’Neill,an undrafted free agent out of Boise State, was asked to switch from tight end to linebacker by coach Tom Cable and owner Al Davis.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Nnamdi21

    646. Good awareness there Morrison. How many years did it take for you to figure that out?

  • SnB Defense

    Louis Murphy switched agents. Drew Rosenhaus. Guess he and the agent are confident he’s going to breakthrough.

    Just be sure to get to camp on time Louis. The money will be there if you come through.


  • SnB Defense

    “We are happy to announce that we have signed Louis Murphy as a new client,” Rosenhaus wrote on his Twitter account. “Louis has a great opportunity to contribute to the Raiders receiving core this season. He has been very impressive in the offseason workouts and camps.”


  • SnB Defense

    The wide receiver battle is going to be fun to watch. Russell will end up with good receivers by week 1.

    Murphy seems like the hard work kind of guy too. D-HB is going to be pushed to the limit by this kid. Murphy will make D-HB better and JLH better.

    Hopefully he picks up on the offense and can have an Eddie Royal/DeShaun Jackson type of 1st year.

    Receivers better come ready to work!

    If the Raiders could only get similiar competition at other positions on the team

  • RaiderRobG

    I told you all that Murphy is the second coming of Tim Brown…Believe it!

  • Murphy was down in Alabama with JaMarcus, as well.

  • Mario and Louis want to improve, so they can make good money. That’s great news for JR.

  • 8/9 wins!

  • RaiderRobG

    As for all you raider fans of blind faith who think it’s okay to support the decisions of this team without question regardless of the bad product put on the field, both in players and coaches, over the years, while I think you are entitled to your opinion, I’ll go with the fan who is more critical of Al Davis and his mental capacity as they seem to want something more than the rest of you…to, Just Win Baby!

    Obviously, doing JUST that, seems to be JUST too much for Mr. Davis in his advanced years. I feel for the old man and would love it if we could win a superbowl for him before he kicks the bucket. But to do that he needs to let go of the controls, bring back Bruce Allen and relax as he drools on his towel with a 13-3 playoff team.

    I hope that my unfavorable opinion of the way things are being run proves to be wrong. I will always be a fan of the Raiders win or lose, but when they suck I’ll say they suck. When Davis makes what I think is a stupid move, I’ll say so, and when I am proven wrong, I’ll say that too. I hope I have a lot to be wrong about this year. We’ll know a lot more by week four.

  • RaiderRobG

    I was just having a good old Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone flashback:


  • BUSH29willtranscendDMAC20

    How many times is Papa gonna say “McFadden fakes a run throws to Darrius Heywardbey….. TOUCHDOWN RRRAAIIIDDDEERRRSSS” any takers??? over under is 2.5…..

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