Robbins on Real Sports


Barret Robbins will be the subject of an HBO Real Sports feature. It airs for the first time Tuesday night.

An excerpt released by HBO’s publicity department:

Andrea Kremer: “While playing at Texas Christian University, he began prescribing a medical regimen of his own.”

Barret Robbins: “Some football guys get together and drink. Some football guys get together and smoke. Some football guys get together and do steroids.”

Andrea Kremer: “And you did all of them?”

Barret Robbins: “And I did all of them, yeah, when you’re feeling up, and, you know, really high, you want to drink alcohol to, to come down or smoke marijuana to come down. When you’re down, very down, you want to take cocaine to come up and to feel real again. To feel that spark again.”

Kremer: “Despite it all, Robbins became a star at TCU…then developed into one of the best centers in pro football with the Raiders.”

Robbins did an interview with Andrea Kremer following his alcohol rehab following his Super Bowl absence.

No confirmation on Myers

The Raiders have yet to confirm the signing of sixth-round draft pick Brandon Myers or any other draft pick, although Myers’ representation is sending smoke signals that it’s a done deal.

Nate Haber of PlayerRep sports first reported it on his Twitter page, but it was later removed. However, one of Haber’s associates, Andy Simms, said on his Twitter account, “Brandon Myers, 6th round pick, has agreed to terms with the Oakland Raiders. Congrats to Brandon, too.”

Chances are good the Raiders already have the framework of deals in place with most of their picks, holding off on announcing them because they could still be tweaked in minor ways if necessary as they put together a big-money deal for wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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