Robbins on Real Sports


Barret Robbins will be the subject of an HBO Real Sports feature. It airs for the first time Tuesday night.

An excerpt released by HBO’s publicity department:

Andrea Kremer: “While playing at Texas Christian University, he began prescribing a medical regimen of his own.”

Barret Robbins: “Some football guys get together and drink. Some football guys get together and smoke. Some football guys get together and do steroids.”

Andrea Kremer: “And you did all of them?”

Barret Robbins: “And I did all of them, yeah, when you’re feeling up, and, you know, really high, you want to drink alcohol to, to come down or smoke marijuana to come down. When you’re down, very down, you want to take cocaine to come up and to feel real again. To feel that spark again.”

Kremer: “Despite it all, Robbins became a star at TCU…then developed into one of the best centers in pro football with the Raiders.”

Robbins did an interview with Andrea Kremer following his alcohol rehab following his Super Bowl absence.

No confirmation on Myers

The Raiders have yet to confirm the signing of sixth-round draft pick Brandon Myers or any other draft pick, although Myers’ representation is sending smoke signals that it’s a done deal.

Nate Haber of PlayerRep sports first reported it on his Twitter page, but it was later removed. However, one of Haber’s associates, Andy Simms, said on his Twitter account, “Brandon Myers, 6th round pick, has agreed to terms with the Oakland Raiders. Congrats to Brandon, too.”

Chances are good the Raiders already have the framework of deals in place with most of their picks, holding off on announcing them because they could still be tweaked in minor ways if necessary as they put together a big-money deal for wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • HayesDaze37

    Barret — what a waste of a great talent.

  • SaintKaufman

    Man I hate July!

    Barrett jumped out of the foxhole(on his own) at the worst possible time, period. Next.

  • i WONDER HOW MUCH OF rOBBINS’ TALENT WAS REALLY THE product of c@ke or whatever he did to give him uncanny ability to turn to the right block. Man, sometimes he just knew where to be for a block.

  • 408RAIDER

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  • 408…

    he’s still in? man what did he do? kill a cop or a teacher or something? when will he get out??

  • For some reason what isn’t mentioned about Barrett Robbins is that he is bi-polar and has been battling mental illness his entire life.

    Strange how they failed to mention that huge aspect of the story.

  • 408RAIDER

    So what up mod? Jerry is not lazy. Now free my ip

  • 408RAIDER

    Dogg b rob let us all down. That said i feel 4 the guy. Being bi polar cant be easy. I wish him the best.

  • 408

    Good to see you back around, skirting the system.

    I am not making excses for Robbins by any means, I wanted to kill the guy that day and many after. It was just a huge piece of the puzzle that was comletely ignored for some reason.

    Free 408’s IP!

  • Nnamdi21

    Andrea Kremer: “Do you feel better now that you’ve stopped using?”

    Barret Robbins:” I think that my li…wait a minute…whats that?…THE WIND!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!”

    *goes ape sh*t and destroys studio*

    Up yours Robbins you A hole. Your inconvienient freak out helped cost us a Super bowl.

    Here I felt sorry for you being mentally ill when the majority of it seems to be you were a f’in drug addict.

  • Nnamdi21

    Man, I hope Bey can play. Between him and Javon, maybe they can combine for a complete season…

    People underestimate Bey cuzza Maryland’s QB and the ACC, but he was double teamed constantly and still produced decent if not gaudy numbers.

    He’s been dubbed a one trick pony by some, but I thinkhe’ll surprise if he can get his hammy healthy dammit!

  • holla4LosT

    My brother met and partied with Robbins at a club in San Jose. This was prior to the Superbowl season…

    Said he was down to earth and big as hell…

    A friend of my bros was getting into a scuffle and Robbins got up and stepped in…Raider protection…haha!

    To sad what happened to him…We might of won the SB…although the coaching didn’t help either…

  • There’s a new p@t in Oakland called patients against Palin.

  • priesttj

    Barrett would’ve made a difference in how we attacked Tampa no question we dominated them on the ground the year before. When Gruden was coach we beat Tampa 45-0 and Barrett was the reason we ran the ball the way we did. Barrett handled Sapp and Gruden knew that and when he wasn’t there he knew we couldn’t run the ball with same effectiveness vs Tampa.

    Everything went Tampa’s way, very strange isn’t it?

  • priesttj

    Gruden was very well aware of Barrett’s issues and knew what would set him off. Alcohol

  • priesttj

    Nnamdi21, Boy! you said it. If this kid delivers WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!. Imagine Randy Moss with a great attitude and a QB capable of getting him the ball. If this kid is a able to grow with Russell over the next 2-3 years it’s going to be very special. He can go and get those moonshots over the defense.

    That makes playing the Raiders very different than most teams who either do not have the QB or the WR. Tom Brady and Moss made magic in one season together. These two will have the careers together. When Minn. had Culpepper and Moss they were scary and when they had the great runner in Robert Smith they should’ve won a SB if not for a missed FG at the end of regulation.

    That’s what players of this calibre allow you to do play in great games and have opportunity for greatness.

  • cliffbranch

    I keep seeing the following post from KK pop up regularly:

    In the 20 Seasons since the implementation of Free Agency and the Modern Era, some teams have adjusted, some have not. The flowwing is the number of winning seasons by team since 1989:

    Pittsburg 15
    Miami 14
    Green Bay 14
    New England 13
    Philadelphia 13
    San Francisco 12
    Minnesota 12
    Kansas City 12
    Indianapolis 12
    Denver 12
    Tennessee 11
    New York Giants 10
    Buffalo 9
    Seattle 8
    Tampa Bay 8
    San Diego 8
    New York Jets 8
    Chicago 8
    Washington 8
    Oakland 6
    Atlanta 6
    New Orleans 6
    St Louis 5
    Detroit 5
    Cleveland 4
    Cincinnati 2

    The problem is…the numbers are incorrect. For example, the Raiders have 7 winning seasons, 4 .500 seasons and 9 losing seasons, six of those being the last six years. This seems to show that really, the last six years are the problem. KK mentioned 14 losing seasons, which is obviously way off…..

    Please check facts before posting.

  • cliffbranch

    The Raiders record history for those interested:

    2004 5 11 0 4th
    2003 4 12 0 3rd
    2002 11 5 0 1st
    2001 10 6 0 1st
    2000 12 4 0 1st
    1999 8 8 0 3rd
    1998 8 8 0 2nd
    1997 4 12 0 4th
    1996 7 9 0 4th
    1995 8 8 0 3rd
    1994 9 7 0 3rd
    1993 10 6 0 2nd
    1992 7 9 0 4th
    1991 9 7 0 3rd
    1990 12 4 0 1st
    1989 8 8 0 3rd

  • ♫ forgive her, for she knows not what she does ♫

  • cliff..

    why stop at 2004, im pretty sure we’re writing 2009 right now…

  • priesttj

    CB, you know HD37, did an impressive job refuting most of KK propaganda. But this really shows what my original opinion was. That the past 6-7 years has really destroyed an illustrious history by one of the great franchises in sports history. If you erase the last 6-7 years. This really is one of the top 5 sports franchises in sports history.

    Now of course that’s using the same logic the KK lves to propagate. You can’t select out a portions of history and use specious logic to make a point. It just invalidates your entire arguement. Anyone your can say his batting average wouldn’t be this good if pitchers didn’t throw so many strikes to Barry Bonds.

    Our history is our history, the ENTIRE history. The last 6 years have been tough on everyone but that is not our history. It’s just the last 6 years and Mr davis not dead and this season will go on the leger if he remains alive and still the GM. If this team starts winning as I certainly think they will it will factor in as part of his legacy wether the haters like it or not……..period

  • BUSH29willtranscendDMAC20

    whats the latest on Arman Shields?!?? this niig gonna b rdy in 3 months??

  • BUSH29willtranscendDMAC20
  • Nnamdi21

    Arman may not make the cut down. Can’t seem to get healthy. Then again, we kept guys like Alvis Whitted…

  • LMN:
    why stop at 2004, im pretty sure we’re writing 2009 right now…

    Well then why start at 1989? This is what kills me about people bringing up stats. Donkey fans here would always say: Since 1983, the Broncos…yadda,yadda…
    I’d stop them & ask why since 1983? They would look sheepish (because I knew the answer) and say well Elway was drafted…
    I’d say SCREW THAT!! the Donkey’s had 11 seasons before they had a winning one!!You don’t even know your own team history.!! Your winning history depends on ONE GUY??? How bout this: If Roselle didn’t keep the RAiders from trading for Elway we’d have 3-5 more SBs!!! How about that senario???
    I say they best way to show the history between the Raiders & the rest of the NFL is Head to Head!!
    What’s our history all time against EACH team!
    There are only 5-6 teams we don’t hold winning records against. And 4 teams are the newest ones in the league. NO, 50 years of Raider history what is our record against each & every NFL team!!!
    What’s the motive of someone wanting to prove the Raiders are a sorry team away???

  • 408RAIDER

    Morning nation. Less than 2 weeks till training camp. Im so pumped. Superbowl! Ok @ least a wild card game at home

  • RaiderTW..

    FA started in 1989 and modern football began, and we have 2009 today, so that is some rather logic milestones to use…IMHO

  • 408RAIDER

    Yo tw Fuk the donkeys!

  • 408RAIDER

    Yo lmn- im getting that good feelin about the upcoming season again! Go raiders.

  • Good morning Nation.

    What’s up TW, LMN, and 408?

    Free 408’s IP!!!!

  • LMN, right, KK was tryin to prove Al is a bbbaaaddd man & can’t run a team after 1989. I get it now.
    If you can’t do anything about Al then why whine about it everyday???
    This is what makes MR, Narc0, & others so consistantly boring. Do these guys think we don’t know this stuff?? They post the same thing every day it’s like an insult to the rest of us’ intelligence. Grow up, we know this, If you can’t do anything about it then blow your heads off. I’m still rooting for my Raiders.!!!

  • MY Raider team has a winning record over 7/8th of the rest of the NFL!!! I don’t care what anyone else’s perception of the Raiders has or has not done. With or without Al, I’m in!!

  • Dude

    Inconsistent QB+ below avg WRs+ leaky OL+ weak DL+ questions a S all = 5-11 again.

    RaiderFan=Reality Challenged

  • 408RAIDER

    Morning o. Im sayin we take the divison this year. Nation 4 life! And unkle al is still my guy even if he no longer has the skills. Raider on nation

  • Inconsistent QB!!!!

    It’s too early to argue bro!

  • Raider On bro!!

    Free 408’s IP!!!

  • 408RAIDER

    Dude what team do you root 4

  • Dude

    PLEASE tell me you will at LEAST admit that the kid is inconsistent. That is not even arguable.

  • Dude

    LOL!! Here we go again….. What team do I root for? The Lakers, the Yankees, USC and umm…the Raiders. I am just not a kool aid drinkn dillusional homer like SOME people.

  • 408RAIDER

    I gotta get a better phone. It takes 2 long 2 refresh and after 200 comments im basicly out of the game. free my ip! And free dirty

  • It was his first year as a starter.

    Was he great? NO!!!
    Inconsistent? At 1st, but not the last 6 games!

    He still had 13 TDs, 8 INTs, and 53% cmp rate.

    His TDs/ INTs Ratio was great, but his cmp rate was a little below avg.

  • Are you calling me dillusional??

  • Dude

    It was his first year starting?? No sheit Sherlock. He is inconsistent. Not even arguing the point, its pointless.

    You dillusional?? Noooooooooooooooooo…….

  • 408RAIDER

    Where in the world is 4eva.

  • Dude

    Ill pass. Kool aid makes one dillusional and I enjoy living in reality.

  • Dude,

    You are so phonie and always surrounded
    Stop your screaming, no one can hear
    All the scars on your skin post no bills.

    Who you were
    Was beautiful
    Remember who….who you were.


  • Dude

    Ok. Typical “I got nothin” post from DRF.

  • Hide from the mirror, the cracks and the memories
    Hide from your family, they won’t know you now
    For all the holes in our souls host no thrills

    Who you were
    was so beautiful
    Remember who… Who you were


  • Now go drink the KoolAide!!!