Sunday notes


A few Sunday morning notes:

— From the Twitter account of Nate Haber, agent for Raiders rookie sixth-round draft pick Brandon Myers: “Long day ahead… TE Brandon Myers will sign his contract today in Oakland. He was a non-combine invite out of Iowa, drafted in round 6.”

Will the Raiders announce any signings, or just wait until they all show up at camp? Doesn’t matter much either way, their track record of getting players in on time (other than one notable exception) is pretty good . . .

I hesitate to call Myers’ the Raiders first signing, because they could have signed everyone but Darrius Heyward-Bey by now and simply chose not to say anything about it . . .

— ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli warns not to be surprised if the Raiders still deal defensive end Derrick Burgess to New England.

Be very surprised, however, if it’s a dump job (fourth-round pick or later), because Al Davis still regrets the Randy Moss deal. Moss’ name is probably somewhere prominent in the thousands of pages of legal notes compiled in the Lane Kiffin file.

— If the Raiders do trade Burgess, do they try and sign Stryker Sulak? Teams dump undrafted free agents all the time and bring them back. From a business sense, the Raiders would pay little or no signing bonus instead of the $80,000 or so they were facing.

Of course, if there’s another offer out there, Sulak is going to take it after being placed on the waiver wire without any notice from the Raiders.

— Was asked whether Ray Guy, Ken Stabler or Cliff Branch would make it to the Hall of Fame and if all three players would eventually make it to Canton for a Page 2 feature.

My response?

“The best chance of the three probably belongs to Ray Guy, and even then it would probably be with the veteran’s committee deciding to let in the sport’s all-time best punter. Stabler’s problem is that he had several mediocre years and a short time as a premier quarterback. Branch’s numbers have been devalued by the inflated numbers of today’s wide receivers because of strict rules regarding pass defense.”

Before I get buried for Raider hating, keep the question in mind. I wasn’t asked if I thought they should be in the Hall of Fame, I was asked if they would eventually make the Hall of Fame. Two very different things.

Whether old-guard football-types like it or not, a punter is part of a football team and the best one ever should be in the Hall of Fame. At some point, I think this will be realized _ hopefully while Guy is still alive _ and he’ll make his way to Canton.

Branch was a more productive player than Lynn Swann in every area except Super Bowl highlights (although Branch had some Super Bowl moments of his own). He should be in, as well, certainly before Tim Brown, for example.

Don’t see it happening, however, with the flood of receivers with bigger stats that don’t mean nearly as much.

I think of Stabler at his peak and my knee-jerk reaction is that he was a Hall of Fame quarterback, one of the best that ever played. But Stabler’s peak also coincided with the time I was a fan, not part of the media, and was skewed by the fact that I was sitting in the Coliseum in some of his greatest moments and had a rooting interest.

A lot of people revel in Stabler’s days as a hard-partying quarterback who led comebacks while hung over, and it does make for a great story. But it also made him old before his time, and the way he played in later years with the Oilers and Saints are part of his overall legacy.

As the biased guy who sat in the stands and watched Stabler play as a Raider, I think, yes, he’s a Hall of Famer. But as a detached sports writer, I can see the other side.

Besides, Davis is pushing harder for Jim Plunkett, anyway.

Which is another issue entirely.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • There are conditions and rules, but if the wife is OK with the idea, you can marry up to 4 women.


    Shops here sell Raiders gear. We have more Raiders fans than Chargers fans in SD.

  • RaiderRockstar

    TW: I live in Missouri

    I’d love to, but I was just in CA last month for my mom’s funeral (brought the wife, stayed a week in a hotel. ate every meal out, etc)

    gotta play catch up with funds. plus we’re trying to make a baby 🙂 I must be present at home for that!

  • Fine I’ll take
    Monica Belluci
    Salma Hayek
    Natalie Martinez
    Rachel Welch in her prime.

  • RaiderRockstar

    We have more Raiders fans than Chargers fans in SD.


    my best friend growing up lived down the street from me and was a HUGE Raiders fan. He joined the army, got out. got married. moved to San Diego and became a Chargers fan. I was p1ssed! we’re still good friends, but now we talk trash to eachother quite often. I sure hope we beat them in the opener. haha. or i’ll be eating crow for a while 🙂

  • TW,
    I never wanted to get married, but that was the only way to get my girl here.

    You said you had to go to Miss to find one, I had to go to Jordan!! lol

    AZ & BSJ


    AZism!! Can we smoke, and have an army of women wearing nothing but boots, belts, hats, and AKs?

  • Sorry to hear about your mom that’s tough. I hear about the funds.As for making babies i peel off the trojan, tie it in a knot,flush it & say: If he can get outta that we’ll call him Houdini!!

  • RR,

    The Army can do that to a man, should have joined the Navy! lol

  • AZ Raider

    Ya’ll have no idea how much I want to win that opener. It would shut sooooo many mouths…

  • TW


    Still LMAO

  • RaiderRockstar

    i peel off the trojan, tie it in a knot,flush it & say: If he can get outta that we’ll call him Houdini!!


    LOL! Very Nice.

    “You said you had to go to Miss to find one, I had to go to Jordan!!”

    worth every penny, wasn’t she? haha. j/k

  • No one wants it more than me. I live in SD!!!

  • I heard that AZ, I have $50 bets on both bronco games. and another for who has the best record. Is that drinking the Kool-aid or did Jim Jones inject me in the arm???lol

  • O, do you go to the games?

  • RaiderRockstar

    I keep waiting for some crazy Raider fan to shank that stupid dolts mascot!

  • NoMoreFargas

    If we win the opener than go 5-11 would that be a success , I want 10+ wins if the fins can do it so can we!!!

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AZ Raider

    Everything is Ok in AZism! Except the AK’s, hurting other humans is the only sin, punishable by water balloning!

  • water ballooning, that’s good but only the girls in white t-shirts!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Everything is Ok in AZism! Except the AK’s, hurting other humans is the only sin, punishable by water balloning!


    Raider O: see?

    even in AZism hunting & trapping is ok!

  • Raider O Says:
    July 20th, 2009 at 9:44 am

    The Army can do that to a man, should have joined the Navy! lol


    But the Marines will turn you INTO a Raider fan…

  • RR,

    I lost 4 yrs of education, over 25k cash and some on credit, and I was broke for 2 years.

    She treats me very well ( god bless her), she loves me, I love her and trust her, and she gave me my daughter! My kid is everything for me, she is my entire life with my wife.

    Worth all the money, education, and time? Yes! IMO

    I’m very happy, and I feel very rich in life. Now I have to become wealthy. 😉

  • AZ Raider


    I have life time running bets with 2 close friends. 9ner fan and Seatle fan. It’s hard for me to root agaisnt the 9ners though, for some reason they are my 2nd favorite team (especially now with Sigletary there, I love that guy). But I CAN’T STAND THE HAWKS!

    $50 for every game played in reg. season agaist and best record at the end.

  • AZ Raider

    new thread

  • TW,

    No. They made it a 3 game pack, and I hate the chargers more than I love football. What am I going to do with the extra 2 tickets?


    I never said hunting and trapping was wrong the way you do it!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Raider O: I was just joking man. I didn’t know you actually spent money (lost money) to get her here. What a guy you must be to sacrifice for the one you love. thats an awesome story. she better treat you good. she owes you! haha

    off the topic… are there still arranged marriages in the middle east? I mean, how common is it? do you know?

  • AZ, with 5-10 seasons I’ve had to pick the Donkey games I’m sure they will lose to suppliment my loses. And BOY do I have the broncos down. I can tell what teams they will lose to after seeing every donkey game for 20yrs!!! They can’t tell because they are too much into being fans! lol

  • RaiderJohn

    Dear Jamarcus Russell,
    In a year where all the TV analysts are saying this is your make or break season I disagree. Typically the rule is 3 years before the “bust” tag can be applied and your first year didn’t count because of the hold-out. That contract is done, feed and house your family well and give us fan-family what we deserve; A Super Bowl!! Not this year, no pressure but in time? Yes, I believe in you.
    So as a big fan of yours and an active member of the Raider Nation I have to ask you: ARE YOU READY? Are you ready to quiet the critics? Are you ready to handle the media? And most important are you ready to be the LEADER of the Oakland Raiders for the next 15 seasons? In the huddle, in the locker room, off and on the field, down by 7 with 1:32 in the 4th? ARE YOU READY?
    Your skill is a gift, a god-given gift that was given to you for the purpose of winning and entertaining. And you ARE a RAIDER, so let’s do this huh? I don’t know yet if they gave you that right tools to be a true passer with DHB. Khalif Barnes etc..but only time will tell. And Garcia? They just put him there to light your fire. That’s all. You are the starter for now, but listen to Jeff because he has been around the block a few times seeing that he is 39 years old and all. But also know this, you are 24 years old right? You have your whole life ahead of you, don’t you want to go to the hall of fame some day? I think it’s possible but you need to apply yourself as a leader NOW! That’s where it starts.
    While critics say what they say about you, they rarely mention the positive. Never have a seen you blame your WR’s or your O-line men, or slag off your team mates in the media (think Ryan Leaf), You seem to be accountable on the field. Never mind the big arm, that’s just something you already have. You were born to do this.
    This season understand this; our defense against ranks worst against the run, and this will not allow you much time to even be on the field as teams will again know to simply eat up the clock on the Raiders by running the ball over and over. This was not addressed in the off season. The schedule is also VERY difficult. This means that 2-6 by mid-season is very possible. But it won’t be your fault necessarily , the organization is to blame for not putting the right people in place. Garcia will come in, he’ll win a couple games and the analysts will go crazy. Warren Sapp will be beaming with arrogance (even though he praised you a few months ago, what’s wrong with that dude?), and people will say “I told you so” BUT they will be wrong. I know there is greatness in you, I know you are pro-bowl material, and I know you can take US to the Super Bowl.
    So go into this season as the leader of the Oakland Raiders, hold your head up high, get the team to play for you and gather around you and respect you as a LEADER!!

    -A true fan