Gallery out after appendectomy


When the Raiders take the field for the first time Thursday, it will be without the services of starting left guard Robert Gallery.

Gallery recently underwent an emergency appendectomy and will miss at least the first two weeks of training camp, according to a team source.

When Gallery does return, his duty will be limited until it is determined the wound has healed to the point where a hernia is not a concern. He awoke one night last week with a 104 degree temperature and a pain in his side, with the procedure performed shortly after arriving at Valley Care Medical Center Hospital in Pleasanton.

Chris Morris was the backup left guard for the Raiders last season and could open camp there with the first team, with other options being Paul McQuistan, Marcus Johnson and Jonathan Compas.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Figures. Why not start the year out right with our best Olineman out.

  • lefty12

    get well Robert-we need you.

  • raiderzride4free

    one of my best friends had that surgery about 2 years ago, he we fully healed in about a week and a half. gallery will be fine

  • If Gallery is not well by reg season, we are …..

    Why me?? I meant why us?? lol

  • Twocents

    Better now than the night before the opener.

    Some things I’m hoping for:

    Sands and Kelly play better than I expect.
    Marshall is way better than Ryan.
    Mitchell is worthy of being our #2 pick.
    Somebody can be a decent free safety.
    Michalczik is the greatest OL coach of all time.
    Russell improves his accuracy.
    Bush and McFadden both stay healthy.
    Walker contributes for at least for 4 games.
    Neal’s professionalism rubs off on the entire team.
    Cable wins early and Al gives him some rope.

    Not a lot to ask.

  • 408RAIDER

    Get well soon gallery. Total buzz kill.

  • Florida Pete

    okay, people, listen up…

    all you people who used the phrase “you people” over the course of the past two days owe me 10 cents for each time you used it…

    copyrighted material and all…

    never mind the details…

    just send the money to:

    Florida Pete
    Florida, USA

    don’t worry, it’ll get to me…

  • Florida Pete


    it probably would have been smart to grab his tonsils, his wisdom teeth, and his left testicle…

    after all he lost the LT positon several years ago…

    may as well remove it all together…

  • Remove his Tonsils!!

  • DarthPirate

    He will be fine when it comes to getting ready for the season. An appendectomy is not that huge of a deal in terms of recovery time these days. I’m sure it was scary though, I never want to have that happen, that’s for sure.

  • Mistabrown

    Oh my goodness he will miss the first 2 weeks of training camp ?


  • Mistabrown

    This is a non story in July but some of these ladies will have panic attacks. The season starts in Sept!

    Next thread Jerry..

  • RaidingTexas

    I had an appendectomy in 2005. The laporascopic technique they generally use now is much less invasive than the old days. I hope this was how they did Gallery’s surgery. I was really sore for a little less than a week. I can’t imagine returning to a football field in two weeks, but then again, I don’t play.

  • AZ Raider2


  • AZ Raider2

    No, he could miss all of camp and week 1… The Gallery haters will be begging for his return if it does. Knock on wood, cause we’ll need him right off the bat.

  • AZ Raider2

    You people…


  • DarthPirate

    Raiders signed Shaugnessy about about five days ago per PFT; http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2009/07/25/raiders-ink-shaughnessy/

  • priesttj

    I wholehearted disagree that the Dline is the weakest part of this defense. The Dline takes all the blame for what is a lack of discipline by the entire defense. The Dline simply gets lions share of the blame due run stats that are not well understod.

    However when you consider that DBurg was injured Warren played hurt and Kelly was coming off an injury they were not at full strength. I always say that injuries play a HUGE part in your overall success.

    I like everyone else am full of anticipation concering this unit. But as far as talent it is there ca they stay healthy.

    The health of DMC and MBush all year long will be very pivotal to the success of the offense. I think we are very strong at HB and it may be the calling card for this team. IMO MBush is as good a HB as there is in the league save AP. DMC is as lethal a weapon as there is in the league. If they stay healthy we will win. The entire offense can play off those two. IMO NMBush must be the center piece of this offense if we want consistency, with DMC playing off Bush similar to Reggie Bush forcing the defense to spread out and If DHB can threaten deep. This could be a very effective offense by midseason wether we win opening day or not.

    There has never been a defense that is capable of stopping an offense that spread them out and has a bruising HB as a feature back. It puts too much stress on the defense.

  • priesttj

    In the last two years we have added 3 DE’s that can play in the last 3 years we’ve added 4 Ellis, Shaunessy, Gunhiem, T Scott and Jay Richardson.

    Yet people say we haven’t addressed the Dline????

    It doesn’t matter where you get them 1st or 7th rnd…………can they play……….period

    T Scott allowed us to draft elsewhere in the 1st rnd since he was the one of the top rookie DE’s who cares where he was drafted. I really don’t get this to draft a guy in the 1st rnd as long as you get what you want. I’ll take a UDFA if he’;s anothe TK or T Scott what the hell do I care??

  • AZ Raider2

    We haven’t addressed the interior of our deffensive live besides signing T Kelly to big contract, is where I think their argument is preist. True Kelly was “still recovering” last season, but I was never convinced Kelly at 100% was worth the contract he got. He’ll have to prove that I guess. My guess is Al is finally going to rebuild the way it’s supposed to be done through the draft, instead of patching with unwanted vets who’s games had slipped with thier old teams.

  • 408RAIDER

    Is there any body out there? Got my pink floyd tickets.

  • AZ Raider2

    Last 3 drafts were skill offensive positions, so unless Huff stil under achieves and Johnson still plays the way he did last year, we might be able to avoid the temptation Al will get to draft the fastes DB at the combine.

  • Florida Pete



  • jthurm22

    I think it’s funny that people criticize the way a team is built. The way I look at it, most teams improve themselves through free agency and less so through the draft because the draft is more of a hit or miss type of deal. With free agents, you know a bit more of what you get. How many of the players in which the Patriots have drafted put them over the top? Brady, Seymour are the main guys. But over the years, they have acquired vets such as Moss, Rodney Harrison, Seau, Dillon. They have as many 1st and 2nd round busts on their team as any other squad. The main point is that they had a good base of both, drafted players and free agents that put them over the top.
    In the early 2000s, when the Raiders put together good seasons and eventually went to the SB, we had Rice, Woodson, Gannon, Eric Allen, Tory James, Crockett, Wheatley, among others, all players that were thought to be too old or not getting it done with their old team, that came to Oakland and had a resurgence in their careers. Our problem has been signing free agents to do things that they are incapable of because of their actual lack of talent although the media made them out to be great players.
    Warren Sapp has never been good against the run and he wasn’t going to get any better at it in Oakland. Tampa Bay’s run defense was always their achilles heel. It’s always a wonder why Callahan didn’t run on them in the SB. DeAngelo Hall was never good in man coverage. If you look at his highlights, he made good on overthrown or underthrown balls where he was out of position but got lucky. So when it came to playing man coverage, he was an easy target and a terrible acquisition.
    I wonder if anybody remembers when the Raiders beat the Bucs in 1999 45-0 and ran for 242 yds agianst them. Both Wheatley, another FA acquisition and Kaufman had over 100yds rushing. The good ol days, and who was manning the middle that day? Warren “Can’t stop the run” Sapp

  • Nnamdi21

    He’ll be fine and ready for SD

  • Nnamdi21

    26. The Patriots cheat their azzes off too.

  • sausee1

    Shouldn’t be out too long…needs to come back ready to do work.