DHB the only mystery


When the Raiders begin checking in to the Napa Marriott Tuesday, chances are the only mystery will be if first-round draft pick Darrius Heyward-Bey is among them.

The club continued to quietly bring rookies into the fold (although they aren’t confirming anything and likely won’t until Tom Cable addresses the media Wednesday), with word trickling out that safety Mike Mitchell had agreed to terms and Matt Shaugnessy (according to Profootballtalk.com) having been signed some five days ago.

The club hasn’t updated its transaction page in 12 days, since waiving linebacker Frantz Joseph.

The agent for Brandon Myers confirmed a four-year contract late last week, and getting a fourth-round deal done with wide receiver Louis Murphy would seem to be a formality. Fourth-round picks don’t hold out.

Considering that neither No. 6 overall pick Andre Smith (Cincinnati) and No. 8 pick Eugene Monroe (Jacksonville) have yet to sign contracts, it makes the negotiating for Heyward-Bey more difficult.

Heyward-Bey is represented by Tom Condon, who may be of the opinion that the Raiders are an unlimited ATM after his clients Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler set new standards for their respective positions this offseason.

Twitter updates from camp

Went into the office today for a new phone I barely know how to use, but I’ll try to muddle through as best I can on my Twitter page. I’ll file some quick hit updates from the Marriott tomorrow as players begin to check in as well as post blog entries.

The blog is tentatively scheduled to be switched to a new server Wednesday between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. with no new posts or comments during that period. I’ll post a reminder Tuesday.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DirtyRaccoon

    Raider O Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 8:29 am

    That’s the great life!!!!
    I wish I can do that, but I cant now.Can I visit? lol


    O, I’ll go with ya.

  • Thec01

    NATION what is up?????????
    Hope all is well with all my NATION Brothers….
    I have been lurking not posting. I see we have
    the usual degenerates, Like Raider O, BO, Oak lifer,
    SnB D, Dirty, 4eva, and who ever i missed.

    Looks like we still have a lot of feuding still going on. I hope when we start winning you NATION brothers can bury the hatchet, and not in each others heads.

    It really is us against the world, as most fans hate us because they dont have what we have……

  • bombs4ya Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 8:33 am
    met dhb at wallmart couple of days ago. he was looking 4 a tv. cool kid took the time to talk with me and my son . asked for his autograph had to grab a football and a sharpie off the shelf came back to him he was on the phone .he saw me and my son got off the phone to give my son his autograph,and talked some more . no one recognized him . real humble kid .he says he hungry and wants to make big plays in oakland and prove the nay-sayers wrong .


    Good to see he’s spending money! Was he limping? Did he drop the ball while signing it? Did he have a beezie with him?

  • Thec01

    O, your are allready green……

  • jhill

    2 Tommy Kelly $13,978,480
    3 Javon Walker $12,000,960



  • Thec01

    Bo, I allmost spit my coffee out on that one, you are sick my friend.

  • Florida Pete

    crabtree is going to make TO and Moss look like church bunnies…

    crabtree is already co-writing his own nomination to the Football Hall of Fame…

    piss on him… we got a big break when al passed on him…

  • DirtyRaccoon

    BSJ, I could’t help it. I luv Timmy, but that was too easy!!

    To Tim’s credit I could have said “it goes down faster than a Tim Brown slant over the middle”…

    Most of those slant’s happend so fast the defense could not react. I wonder if DHB can do that????????

  • You degenerates:


  • Thec01

    I have been reading some of the post about DHB, and what he should contribute. Some of the disscussions centered around royal and his drop off in production.
    royals production drop off was not due to him being figured out so to speak, it had more to do with him being injured. That said DHB being a 1st round pick i would expect him to perform and have an immediate impact out the gates, barring he has fully recovered from his injury.

  • Thec01

    Bo, I am a lazy dont run spell check…..

  • Thec,

    LMAO I do what I can…….

    It’s nice to see a post from you!!

  • DirtyRaccoon

    Thec01 Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 8:44 am
    Bo, I allmost spit my coffee out on that one, you are sick my friend.


    What’s up Thec01?

    We are all sick.

    Winning cures EVERYTHING!!

  • Thec01

    O, what up Bro I read these blogs every day and you have been holding down the fort nicely. Hope all has been well with you. 408 and dirty are we going to do a fantasy league this year. that was some bomb stuff.

  • Florida Pete

    Royal’s production had to drop off…

    a coupla more games like he had a against us and they would have gone ahead and had his head measured for Canton…

  • bombs4ya

    post 353:

    he wasn’t spendin that much money he was at walmart. i hit him up about the drops at practice . says it will be different at game time . i told him everyone hatin on him and jamarcus he said ….. everyone hates on the raiders. he’s got some good size hands it’s all wait and see. i believe we got a player

  • Thec01

    Post 363 = 1000% truth.

  • DHB was drafted to help keep the Defenses honest. They can’t have 8 & 9 in the box, and help the Ss at the same time.
    We have speed on the outsides, Miller to work the middle, and 2 young RBs that have big play ability.

  • jhill

    Walmart? For a TV?

    That’s too funny!

  • Thec01

    Florida Pete, whats up Bro? I had a chance to follow to watch a lot of the broncos this year, and i can tell you that he was not the same after his injury.
    But i will say that he is all that he is cracked up to be. I remember that LMN on our board was touting him before the draft….

  • Thec01 Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 8:48 am
    Bo, I am a lazy dont run spell check…..


    I think your spelling was fine…

  • If I was the Raiders OC against the Dischargers on Mon:

    1st down: I formation, run with DMC
    2nd Down: I strong formation, run with DMC
    3rd down: single back, double TE formation, short pass to Miller or DMC

    1st down: single back double TE formation, Play Action, go deep DHB, TD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Some of the best proof to offer is that Ryan and Millard were unemployed for about three seconds.


    Keith Millard is unemployed. He’s giving coaching seminars now. LOL


    good grief. will you ever stop talking out your behind?

    Ryan & Martindale are 3-4 coaches that got hired by teams that run a 3-4 defense. surprised? I’m not. If you think the Browns & Broncos are gonna have a LIGHTS OUT defense because of these two clowns, you’re in for a shock – even if 3-4 is their specialty. Did anybody hear if these guys got any offers from teams that run a 4-3 defense? didn’t think so. shut your piehole

  • SnB Defense

    I heard a conversation on the radio talking about Michael Bush becoming the next Michael Turner. That Bush will be little used and ultimately leave via free agency.

    Got me upset again so my question.

    What “tangible” skills does Justin Fargas bring to the table at 29yrs old that justify him playing over Michael Bush at 24yrs old?

  • I hope Cable know how to call plays, I can go crazy with the weapons we have.

    Thank God for Madden!! lol


    All is well bro, it a nice life, good blog, and I’m enjoying it as much as I can. lol

  • I will have my own formation, I will call it PHAT CAT formation!
    Bush played QB at HS, JR can use his frame to block on the outside, run option throw to DHB!!!

    PHATCAT formation!!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    When Nnamdi talked about the defense and Rob Ryan’s lack of coaching technique, I got the feeling Nnamdi believes the talent is already on the roster, but no one “really” knew how to play thier positions, or assignments while Ryan was there… Just interesting stuff, and changed my thoughts on our run defense.

    I’d trust Nnamdi’s opinion of whats going on, on the defensive side of the ball before I listen to anyone in this chat room, or Jerry for that matter.

    He says striaght out Ryan didn’t emphisize gap control and wanted players to rely on their physical abilities rather than play with the correct technique, and knowlege of how to fill assigned gaps. He said especially at the LB position, that was the case. If THAT is true, well no wonder we were 31st agaist the run. I’m more optamistic about our run defense after watching that interview. I’m not saying top ten, but I suspect we’ll improve dramatically.

    I don’t see how any Defense can be successful if the coach tells you… “Hey Kirk, you and your guys go out there and cover this general area and try and feel the play out. If you see him run the ball, react and use the your speed to compensate for my lack of play calling, get there and make the tackle for a loss, Got it Kirk”?


    AZ: I’m sorry you got attacked for having a brain. They do the same to me. Get ready to serve them some crow on game days. Anybody who doesn’t think coaching makes a difference has #1 never watched football #2 never played football #3 has mental disability or #4 all of the above

  • new post

  • RaiderRockstar

    good morning Dirty, Raider O, Jhill, etc

    4eva returns! you’re the man. the AM crews misses you brother. We always save a seat for you in the diner

    hope all is well

  • OAKlifer


    Whats good brethran?!?!?

    Good to see ya!!!

  • Teabag

    # HayesDaze37 Says:
    July 27th, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Whether they call themselves fans or not…the negativity of some of these guys will not bring my optimism of THIS team down.

    Having an educated and well-thought discussion about anything football with the trolls is impossible. That’s where the name-calling starts, and regular guys get run over by the BS farmers.

    Don’t take it from the trolls, I say! They’re already embarrassing themselves — keep throwing their BS right back at them!

    Ahh, that’s better.

    Now, I think I’ll play a little o’ The Autumn Wind for melady, and drift off to dream a Super Bowl dream…

    And dream you shall….

    Let’s see…

    – Worst record by any team ever over a 7 year stretch.

    – 27th Overall Defense

    – 29th in Total Yards (offense)

    – 28th in Total TD’s (offense)

    – Overpaid for Tommy Kelly and Terdell Sands who anchor the second worst Rush Defense in the NFL.

    – Drafted a project WR #7 overall, drafted an unknown, small school PROJECT safety with the 2nd round pick. Both picks could have been had later in trade downs. Even if nobody was willing to trade up to #7 with Oakland.. Mitchell DEFINITELY could have been had later. Save the Bears conjecture.

    – They haven’t drafted a DT in 4 years which has been a BIG need position for more than 4 years.

    – Ran the last capable coach out of town because he actually ran an offense that WORKED! God forbid it deviated from the RAIDER TRADITION.

    – The carousel of “cookie cutter” coaches that have come and gone since speaks for itself.

    I am sorry but “hope” and “optimism” doesn’t win championships.

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of your opinions.

    See you at 6-10. Hope I am wrong, but I don’t see it getting any better than that. 7-9 is a GREAT season with this team and about all you can ask for.

  • Bishop916

    Jerry – tweeting from camp!?!
    Awesome work good sir!

    Realtime onsite info is what separates exclusive content from the been-there-heard-that reports… It’s good to have you as a go-to source of Raider info…

  • DKnight007

    Expect a 6-10 or 7-9 season at best folks….anything better will be a nice surprise….but I doubt it. If lower your expectations, than it won’t hurt as much in the end and if they do better, than it will feel that much better because you didn’t expect.

    Al Davis needs to go…..

  • DKnight007

    The Evil over exposed waste of time fad Tweaker Tweeter, is only good for one thing!

    Training camp updates! haha