Garcia remains a diplomat


Transcript of an interview with quarterback Jeff Garcia when he continues to straddle the difficult line of accepting his role as a backup with his undeniable desire to be the starting quarterback:

Q: How is the process of being a mentor for JaMarcus going?

Garcia: He’s my teammate, first and foremost, so I’m going to support him, and try to push him as much as possible as far as being the best player he can be for this team. He has a coach, his coach is Paul Hackett. I’m here to be support and add strength to the position, however that may be. And hopefully he’s ready and able to take this team, basically take control and go out and lead this team to a lot of wins this year.

Q: How open has Russell been to you pushing him, and showing him what you’ve gleaned over the years?

Garcia: Well, I mean, it’s not like you can just sit there and critique a guy as he’s going through his daily workout, or personally say things. I think moreso than anything, my whole thing is just leading through example, work ethic and everything that’s been a part of my game throughout my career and what’s enabled me to now go into my 16t professional season and it’s been about hard work, it’s been about dedication, it’s been about finding a way to create success on the field, and to create positive energy in the huddle and in the locker room, and those are the things I feel I can contribute to this team and to the position and to JaMarcus.

Q: How do you get to the point where you’re OK not being a starter?

Garcia: There’s not a single guy on this team, no matter what their role is, that is OK about not starting. We all want to be starters. We all want to be players, we want to be contributors, that doesn’t mean you have to be a negative influence in the locker room or create negative energy. That doesn’t mean anything like that. We all got to this level because we were starters, and have been starters, and have been playmakers in some form of capacity or in some shape or form. That’s what I still have within myself. I don’t believe I’m a backup quarterback by any means. I feel like this team is getting a quality player at the position and however it ends up being utilized is how it ends up working out. I realize what the situation is here so I’m not coming in here trying to stir the pot, or anything like that, I’m coming here to make the position better, to make the position stronger from the first guy to the third guy and that means all of us combining together to be better.

Q: Setup in Napa as opposed to other camps . . .

Garcia: It looks nice I’ve been in a combination of all kinds of things. I’ve been in hotels. I’ve been in college dorms. The last couple of years we were at Disneyworld in Orlando, and so there are different settings, the fact that this is more of a close off setting, not open to the public, that’s different. I haven’t really been in that sort of situation since my days in San Francisco when we came back to Santa Clara and started practicing back in our own facility there. I think that it’s a positive atmosphere. I think Napa is a beautiful scene and a great place to be and I’ll look forward to enjoying it.

Q: Said on radio show hoped coach Cable would make decision on QB based on not how much someone makes or where he’s picked, but on the play on the field. Are you confident from what you’ve heard from coach Cable that if you perform best out here in the next month and in preseason games that there’s a chance you will be the starter in the opener?

Garcia: I really can’t speak for that. That’s something that coach Cable will make the decision on. My job is to make certain decisions hard. JaMarcus’s job is to make the decision easy and to go out there and be the guy that this team has invested in to be, and that’s to be a leader, to be a player that is accountable and that everybody looks toward to basically carry the team on his shoulders and lead this team to victory. That’s the key here. I want to just help make this team better, and I think that I do that by being a part of this team, by bringing what I’m capable of bringing to this team. I’m not the guy who comes in with all the accolades coming out of college and the high draft picks. But I come in with a lot of positive experience, I come in with success at winning football games and going to playoffs and leading different organizations to that sort of level. I don’t see this as being any different, and I don’t think that any player should focus on who the starter is at one position, but how can they be the best that they can be in order to help this team rise to another level.

Q: How important for rookies get camp on time?

Garcia: They’re already being in the sense that they don’t have the experience. If they miss any days in training camp, it’s not so much what they miss out on mentally, but just the fact of being around your teammates and getting a feel for how things work, how players practice professionally, how players work day in and day out. I think that’s so important, and obviously, the more days they miss, the more they have to play catchup on the mental side. It’s everything else. Just getting to know your teammates and earning your respect from your teammates. We understand there’s a business side to this also and that’s the unfortunate side sometimes, because it takes away from a player just beinga player, but hopefully whatever situation’s there are with the rookies everything gets worked out, and players come into camp, and they’re ready to go.

Walter checks in

After heading upstairs to transcribe the Garcia inteview, a colleage phoned with the information that Andrew Walter had arrived at camp, saying he doesn’t know what his role will be and has no planned meeting with coach Tom Cable in advance of a 9 a.m. team meeting Wednesday.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SnB Defense

    SnB Defense Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 3:27 pm
    RaiderRockstar Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 2:58 pm
    Jeff Garcia: “I’m not here to stir the pot. I’m here to make the position better.”

    My job is to make certain decisions hard. JaMarcus’ job is to make the decision easy.”


    ouch. sad but true. what do you say S&B? still a hater?
    If Jeff Garcia was 28 to 30 yrs old I could buy into all this talk. The chances of Jeff Garcia leading this team to the playoffs is marginal. If he plays for any reason other than injury…the Raiders go right back to the future and start stumbling from one QB scrub after another with no answer for the long-term.

    Everyone talks about the last 20+ years of futility. Besides coaching…look no farther than the deplorable QB situation that’s been in Oakland during that time.

    I want a QB that can play at a high level for 10+ years straight. Not a couple of years here and there.

    Can Jeff Garcia play until he turns 49?

  • SnB Defense


  • What the hell did Walter do to Al Davis?

  • SnB Defense

    With Favre staying retired, perhaps the Raiders could trade Jeff Garcia to Minnesota for a 5 or 6th round pick

  • Chaz, Henderson, C Johnson, stoked and checked in early!!!!

  • Favre not playing?? Vick to Minnesota and that Turf?

  • SnB Defense

    KoolKell Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 3:41 pm
    What the hell did Walter do to Al Davis?
    This is the kind of stuff that leaves me scratching my head. Why are the Raiders WASTING a roster spot on this guy. He (Walter) doesn’t want to be here and Oakland has no designs of him starting or backing up as the number 2.

    Would it not have hurt to keep a Sulak or Franz Joseph on the roster over Andrew Walter?

    This is poor roster management.

    And spare me the “he’s only a 6th string backup QB….or 6th round pick nonsense”

  • FB Oren O’Neal ready to go 1 year after major knee surgery. Expects to go one a day right away. 19 minutes ago

  • jhill

    Let’s wait and see what happens with Walter. The only thing I can think of is they are trying to trade him.

    The Burgess and Walter to NE trade just makes TOO MUCH SENSE not to happen. WE probably just need to stop asking for the world.

  • LOL….

    QB Andrew Walter on his place on this team: “I have no Idea. That’s really something I shouldn’t comment on.”

    Al, is going to let Andrew twist until the end of camp, before he whacks him. Why? you ask. Just to remind everyone that he can still be a spiteful s.o.b., just because he feels like being one.

  • It’s hard to trade players who everyone knows are going to be released.

  • Yes he can be a spiteful SOB, but many times it’s counterproductive.

  • jhill

    I can’t see us releasing Walter or Burgess. That would be REAL dumb on our part.

    I really don’t understand why he has been exiled. It makes more sense for Walter to be the backup instead of Garcia.

  • I’m a little excited, sorry.

    Great news that Oren O’Neal is ready to practice, NOW.

  • beeecham

    Hey Krappy, how was the workout? I was a little concerned you’d over-exert yourself doing senior citizen water aerobics, but its looks like you survived to log onto the blog for another day.

    And speaking of stoked, how stoked are you that your old high school chum Oakcrapper is blogging also? That’s two fossils crapping their drawers over training camp!

    Hey look AZ – I did it again!

  • big chill

    Man with Lorenzo Neal and Oren Oneal, we are going to be punishing fools.

  • Good to hear that Mr. Pain, feels that he is good to go at least once a day. Hope he is healthy enough to help out when the season starts.

  • It’s great that OO can learn a lot from Neal

  • RIP Jim Johnson.

  • big chill

    he was a great d coach. he’ll be missed as a football fan. rip

  • Man, that’s too bad.

  • Chris in NY

    Sign Jeff George. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to see the old man chuck it around in a few preseason games. It’d make a helluva comeback story.

  • Jerry Mac…

    When you upgrade your server tomorrow, will the new hamsters be on HGH? (Hamster Growth Hormone)

  • jhill

    Back to watching Total Access now that camp is back in, and Lombardo isn’t that bad. I know we clown him a lot, but what did he really do to get fired other than lose a power battle with Shell? And it turns out he was right about Shell and his staff.

  • Chris in NY

    In other QB news. Just saw various reps for the Dolphins, Redskins and 49ers have all said those teams are not interested in Mike Vick.

    Who here thinks Al will find a player of Vick’s incredible talent and speed irresistable at the veteran minimum? If the “Just Win Baby” philosophy is still alive at Raiders HQ, I’m thinking Vick might just land in Oakland.

  • I see Mike Vick & O.J Simpson in the same light. He had it, but now he’s a social pariah.

    I don’t think the young Raider offense, on the verge of coming together, needs any imbalance at this point. Maybe a Vet team.

  • DirtyRaccoon

    big chill Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 4:11 pm
    Man with Lorenzo Neal and Oren Oneal, we are going to be punishing fools.


    Yep, the mother Fukin HAMMER and NAIL!!!

  • DKnight007

    I will say this….if Jamarcus makes seriously bad mistakes and costs the team wins in the first four weeks…..I wouldn’t be surprised to see Garcia take over.

  • Jerry

    Let us know how JaMarcus looks when he comes in.

  • And this just in: WR Louis Murphy just checked in after signing his deal at team headquarters in Alameda. And then there was one: DHB.

  • DirtyRaccoon

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 2:38 pm
    LaDainian Tomlinson, Darren Sproles & Jacob Hester combined for 372 carries, 1535 yards & 13 TD’s last year …

    Justin Fargas, Darren McFadden & Michael Bush combined for 426 carries, 1773 yards & 8 TD’s.


    SD averaged 4.12 yards per carry. Oakland averaged 4.16 yards per carry.

    so what area do we struggle the most? red zone! If Fargas can’t punch it in during training camp or preseason they gotta move this guy to third string. Right?


    Move him anyway! He does not bring what Bush, and Mc Faddy do!

  • beeecham

    Easy there, Lady Raccoon! You seem very excited and getting your little pink panties in a bunch. Girls like you don’t really understand football, you just pretend to so you’ll get attention from the guys.

    So getting all worked up will only make it clearer to the dudes you’re trying to impress that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    And that’s cool – no one expects a chick like yourself to know sports anyway!

  • DKnight007

    KoolKell Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 4:57 pm
    And this just in: WR Louis Murphy just checked in after signing his deal at team headquarters in Alameda. And then there was one: DHB.

    ^^^^I expect DHB to sign within the next 3 days….but we shall see….

  • KoolKell, And to think that you didn’t like the concept of Twitter…

    Isn’t it great for the quick hits?

    If you want the updates to come to your desktop with notifications to avoid having to keep checking the Twitter sites, install this free app:


    You get alerts to updates to all the folks you are following.

    Just started using this myself. And it’s funny to see the interaction between the players communicating with each other…

    Mr53 @dmcfadden20 what time you headed up bra?

    dmcfadden20 @Mr53 im waitin on bush then ima ride out

    kirkmorrison52 @Mr53 yeah I know. I need my late night snacks always. We still got late night room service chicken wings if we need them.

    Mr53 @kirkmorrison52 yeah. So you what you bring for the fridge bra bra. We need bread and peanut butter ans jelly. Those are essentials

    Mr53 I arrive in Napa tired. I could reall sleep last night. I guess I was excited.

    kirkmorrison52 RT @kirkmorrison52: @Mr53 hold it down til I get there roomie. Getting the last minute essentials. U know I keep the fridge stocked and …

    Mr53 I’m headed down 880 right now. Napa here I come

    KoolKell Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 4:57 pm
    And this just in: WR Louis Murphy just checked in after signing his deal at team headquarters in Alameda. And then there was one: DHB.

  • bombs4ya

    jamarcus looks like the franchise he’s gonna be ……….nuff said . lets see how the pass protection looks . that’s the most important question tis camp (offensively).

  • Yeah……whooda thunk. I haven’t got that far yet. Crazy assed fans.

  • SnB Defense

    D-HB better take charge. Does he want to play this year? This Raider wide receiver roster is not last year’s version.

    There are guys on the roster (Schilens, JLH, Murphy) are three guys that can be good enough to keep a starting spot forever.

    D-HB needs to be in camp period. Take Sedrick Ellis’ 2008 contract and multiply it by 1.05.

  • I’m hoping DHB gets in tonite.

  • RaiderRobG

    Walter is a good pocket QB and if a trade goes down with N.E. you can bet he’ll showcase his natural talent if Brady goes down. Too bad the O-line in Oakland has been a disaster since B Robbins lost his head. Though Walters can’t run, he’s got a cannon that not many are aware of.

  • Been working on a side project for a few months now (2 hours a week on free time) that should be done soon. It’s pretty much cataloging the players, coaches, front office folks that are on social networks (starting with twitter) and showing all their tweets on a website.

    You will be able to select the teams you want to track and see their updates in one area. The same will be done for beat writes.

    Should be done by the end of next week. We’ll see if anyone actually uses it.

    If people turn out to be interested in it, I will also create sites for many other sports, celebs, etc.

    There are a few sites that do stuff similar, but aren’t interactive.

  • SnB Defense


    There is no trade market for Andrew Walter. A 3rd round pick from 2005 that has been battered and bruised in all of his starts. A guy that was replaced by a 1st round draft after his 1st year as a starter.

    Sometimes Al Davis treats these marginal talents like some people treat junk in the garage that they refuse to throw away.

    Give Walter a chance to have an NFL career and release the guy. There is no trade market for this guy. And lets use the roster spot and sign another player that can provide some more competition at another position…..DT??? SLB???? Hmmmmm

  • Sounds good. I’ve got a little idea matriculating in my head too. 😉

    Good Luck.

  • bombs4ya

    dhb our deep threat, schillens our possession receiver, johnny lee in the slot expect zach miller to put up pro bowl #’s. he’s on the verge of being the best TE in the league. if our line does it’s part i could see alot of points on the board. could be scarry…

  • LT Mario Henderson is so stoked to be here, he checked in last night. about 3 hours ago

  • Sweep The Leg.

    Football is finally here!!!

    Baseball sucks.

    So happy.


  • bombs4ya

    ” the greatness of raiders is in it’s futcha….

    just in case one these lines miss
    these bombs just ,
    keep coming at cha…

    peace out nation !

  • Twocents

    Seasons Greetings!

    There are only two seasons. Football season and talking about football season.

    Wishing the Raider Nation a happy new season.

  • He Hate Me

    Let the Garcia Show begin… Go Go Garcia!!!!

  • BornInOakland

    Depending on how things shake out, Garcia could be the Plunkett of his time.
    Trust me, I was there at the Coliseum the day Pastorini (the big star trade of those years) went down with a broken leg. I believe the Raiders were 3-4 at that point? Plunk stepped in and lead that team to a Superbowl win that year.

    We will see. I’m all for Russ doing the job. No doubt. I want him to lead this team. But if he can’t by week 4 or 5, I expect to see Garcia. And, I expect big things from him at that point.

  • BornInOakland

    For the record: “Five weeks into the Raiders season, starting QB Dan Pastorini broke his leg in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs. 33-year-old Jim Plunkett came off the bench to relieve Pastorini and had a terrible performance, throwing 5 interceptions in a 31-17 loss. The Raiders, thinking that Marc Wilson did not have the experience they wanted, called on Plunkett to start for the remainder of the year. In his first game as a starter, he completed eleven of fourteen passes with a touchdown and no interceptions, beginning one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of the sport. Plunkett guided Oakland to nine victories in eleven games and a playoff berth as a wild-card. Then, even more remarkably, rather than suffering an early defeat which marks the typical fate of NFL wild card teams, Plunkett led the Raiders to four playoff victories, including the Super Bowl, where they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 27-10, in Super Bowl XV. Throwing for 261 yards and three touchdowns, Plunkett was named the game’s MVP.
    The Raiders’ Super Bowl win was the first by an NFL wild card team and the second by a non-divison champion. The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV after finishing second to the Raiders in the AFL West Division during the 1969 season.”