Rookie class minus-1


As the Raiders gradually arrived to the Napa Marriott Tuesday, it appeared everyone from the draft class was accounted for except for wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, the No. 7 overall selection.

Word had already leaked on tight end Brandon Myers (sixth round), defensive end Matt Shaughnessy (third round) and safety Mike Mitchell (second round). With Stryker Sulak waived before having been offered a contract, that left linebacker Slade Norris and wide receiver Louis Murphy, both fourth-round draft picks.

Norris was spotted arriving with Shaughnessy, and Murphy came later in the day, confirming near a stairwell he had signed his contract in Alameda.

“It’s like a monkey off my back,” Murphy said. “I’m glad to be an Oakland Raider.”

The Raiders have confirmed none of the signings, nor have they announced any of the players which will be cut to to get to the roster limit of 80. Coach Tom Cable should clear some of that up today when he meets with the media at noon.

Update: Agent Drew Rosenhaus is reporting on his Twitter account Murphy signed a four-year contract.

Players will continue to arrive throughout the evening, and we’ll leave that up to Cable to tell us who did or didn’t show up on time.

Some notes and quotes from reporting day:

— Fullback Oren O’Neal believes he’ll be practicing once a day and said he is running and cutting at full speed. He said no one has said anything about going on the Physically Unable to Perform list or being limited in practice.

“(I’ve been able to do) everything. Cut, run, jump, hit the sled, everything that you can do without the pads,” O’Neal said. “The only thing I haven’t been able to do is, I haven’t been with a full-team activity and taking on blockers, but everything else, I have been able to do with no problem.”

Still, you never know. No one was more surprised than Ronald Curry in 2006 when the Raiders decided he wasn’t physically ready to practice. They held him out without ever telling him why, and in retrospect it was the right move. Curry was coming off two ACL tears and the cautious approach was the right one.

— Michael Huff understands this is a hugely important training camp if he hopes to remain a Raider.

“Every year you’re fighting for a job but I guess this year is different, especially the way last year year ended and you never know the uncertainty of being here as far as training camp,” Huff said. “Hiram (Eugene) played well last year so I think this is really an open competition between us two. The best man is going to get the spot and so that’s all I can ask.”

— Mitchell said he actually signed his contract last Thursday, but at the urging of the club, “we were real hush-hush about it, let them announce it.”

Technically, he’s still waiting. There was no announcement or confirmation. Not that it matters. It’s a formality for all draft picks except the first one.

Mitchell said he’s looking forward to his first NFL contact, although truth be told, he won’t really get to unload on someone until a preaseason game. But Murphy ought to keep his head on a swivel, just in case.

“I really can’t play like myself when you can’t be physical. I’m a pretty physical guy. There’s one guy I want to get pretty good, that’s Louis Murphy. He’s made on too many Ohio comments about me so we’re going to have our little moment,” Mitchell said. “Other than that I’ve been instructed to keep everybody up. These are our teammates, you don’t ever want to hurt anybody, I wouldn’t want them coming in and cutting me from the side so they definitely don’t me hitting them when they go up for a ball. We all need each other to get to the Super bowl and that’s our no. 1 goal.”

Mitchell’s warning for Murphy, by the way, was said with a broad smile on his face. Of course Jarrod Cooper smiled a lot, too.

— If Walter was one of the players cut to make room for draft picks, he hadn’t heard as he arrived Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m under contract, so 9 a.m. mandatory meeting tomorrow,” Walter said. “I’ll be there unless something changes.”

— Defensive end Trevor Scott looks much bigger in the upper body. Last year, from a distance I thought Stuart Schweigert had been re-signed. No more mistaking him for a safety, based on the size of his arms.

Scott said he weighed 256 pounds and wasn’t shy about stating his goals.

“I want to start, I want to get double-digit sacks and just try to (defend the) run as well as I can,” Scott said.

Scott came to Oakland playing on the left side, but said he is now more comfortable on the right.

— Linebacker Isaiah Ekejiuba arrived wearing a T-shirt in honor of Marquis Cooper, who drowned during the offseason during a fishing trip. He said the shirt was designed by Sam Williams, who gave it to several players.

— Will be curious to see the intensity and level of contact over the first four days, all two-a-days. One player told me he thought much of the first two days would be mostly installation, with little hitting. Could have been wishful thinking, however.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Jhill, it’ll be a blowout. If it’s close, the Raiders will win. But it won’t be.

  • Jhill, they’ll match up against the two TE set by playing the pass. They know we’re not going to run. They’ll deal with our slot back by putting extra pressure on Russell, knowing he won’t check down and get rid of the ball.

  • Norv Turner knows what Al Davis is going to make Tom Cable do.

  • Florida Pete

    if we lose any game…

    the headlines will read something like:





  • jhill

    When we line DMac up in the slot on the same side as DHB, who is the S going to help?

  • jhill

    They know we are not going to run out of the two TE set?

    I would think that set would have a run first option, and would welcome SD playing the pass first.

  • Jhill, the Raiders do not run the football. Anyone who has even remotely followed this football team in the past 6 years knows it, including San Diego’s staff.

  • jhill

    I can’t see them “putting extra pressure” on JRuss when we are in the nickle. That would mean single coverage on JLH, DMac, and Chaz, and Bush out of the backfield. I doubt SDs DC takes that chance.

  • jhill


    I thought the pattern was Fargas left, Fargas up the middle, pass to Miller, punt?

  • Jhill, why don’t they put pressure on Russell? What’s he going to do, check down to someone underneath? Ha ha. This is the vertical offense. They’ll have deep coverage as well. The only place Russell will have to go with pressure is underneath, and he won’t do it, at least not consistently, systematically.

    I don’t know what you mean with this pattern involving Fargas and Miller. Yes, we did use a conservative offense in the final two games last year. It won’t last. If we do it, it will work. But we won’t. Al Davis didn’t draft a speedster to play smashmouth football.

  • Dude

    I bet SDs dc is just quivering at the thought. Why do Raider fans SOOOOOO overrate the players on this team? Is it the same with fans of all NFL teams??

  • jhill

    Despite the fact that pretty much all anyone has seen JRuss working on all summer was check downs, he just isn’t going to do it? DMac running across the middle on a quick slant, or JLH, or Miller on a quick curl, and he’s not going to hit them? Bush out of the backfield?

  • jhill

    Ahhh, look who’s here for another session, lol.

  • jhill

    So we can be clear, who did I overrate?

  • Dude

    Answer the question… You talk of these guys like their superstars or something. How can you overrate them so bad? Not one defense in the NFL is the least bit concerned with the Raider offense.

  • Dude

    JLH, Chaz, DMAC, Bush. Hows that for starters?

  • jhill

    I talk of these guy as if they have speed to run by someone. I think DCs are going to be concerned with DMac being singled up on one of their LBs.

    You don’t expect JLH and Chaz to pick up where they left off last year? You know, in the end zone?

  • Kirk

    If Bush starts, we win.
    If Fargas starts, we lose.

    That’s it.

    McFadden should be a specialty back.

  • MM said: other than that I’ve been nsyeuctef to keep everybody up.

    I like this kid A LOT!!

    Free Mike Mitchell!!!!

  • Dude

    They were on the team the whole f in year. Why would you just pick the last few games? Besides the fact that even their best games were pedestrian games for top WRs. Chaz Schilens is a guy that would be a 4th reciever on a good offense. DMC didnt dominate LBs last year so where are you getting this??

  • Dude

    How many wins did Bush starting get the Raiders last year??

  • # RaiderDogg Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Looks like MR is predicting a week one victory for the Raiders. Good for you bro.

    MR is predicting a 10 win season for the Raiders??? After they have lost 6 consecutive losing seasons he finally must be giving up on his beloved SF Phony Whiners.

  • Mistabrown

    New thread ladies

  • I want to see MM hit B Marshall, then hit Royal the next play, and then hit Murphy on the sideline! lol

  • On the beach in Cancun

    To early to predict a win or a loss to the dischargers in our opener. Lets see how we fare the first half of our preseason games, then we’ll have a better take on our opener. Obviously, we’ll also have a small take on Turner and his dischargers. They’re a good team, at least against us, as they have owned us since 2003. However, on the plus side they have Norv Turner as their head coach and that means a downward progression, year after year. where’s Marty S. He knew how to win, especially against us. And, he may hate Al more then Mike Shanarat. That’s a close call?

  • 16 to 88

    LOL at #3 KK.

    I hear ya man.

    Me personally, I have been like, waiting on edge 24\7 in front of the computer and T.V. to see if we had signed MM.

    How DARE the Raiders want to keep something quite. They OWE it to me and to you and everybody else to know EXACTLY what is going on at all times.

    I was going to jump off a building, but, seeing as it was only a second round pick that was not disclosed, I’m only going to jump off my house.

  • RaiderRobG

    Man, I’m so excited about Murphy and Mitchell. Even glad that Walter is in camp…just hope we get something from the Patriots for him. He’s a good QB and Hoodie will show us he’s another Cassell.

    I say if the O-line shows up this year JR is going to prove all the doubters wrong. Over the last few years no one could play behind that line…So lets hope they perform in such a manner as to give DMC and Bush the chance to remind us of Wheatley and Kaufman and JR the chance to hit Murphy over the middle like, Gannon to Brown and Gregg Poppa saying, Touch Down RAAAAADERS!!!!

  • Teabag

    # Dude Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    I bet SDs dc is just quivering at the thought. Why do Raider fans SOOOOOO overrate the players on this team? Is it the same with fans of all NFL teams??



    News Flash for all the Kool Aid Drinkers…



    YES! – Chaz Schilens ALWAYS has single coverage on him….

  • RaiderRobG

    Mitchell needs to grow a Fro and an handlebar mustache!

  • RaiderRobG

    Kind of wish Elway was still around so Mitchell could get flagged for a late hit.

  • raiderfan684

    Quick correction. Ron Curry was coming off two Achilles tears…not ACL.

    Nitpicking I know. But good work Jerry

  • RaiderRobG

    I just hope the Raider MC at the Coliseum has Booty Collins cued up for everyone of Mitchell’s vicious hits of devastation….UNLEASH the fury!

    “Glory Be Da Funk’s On Me!”

  • RaiderRobG

    Then he does the Booker-T Spin-a-Rooney at the fifty!