Walker to open on PUP


Wide receiver Javon Walker will open training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list as he rehabs from offseason knee surgery.

When asked Wednesday if Javon Walker would be on the field for the first practice, coach Tom Cable said, “We’ll decide that later today or tomorrow.”

Walker disclosed he had offseason knee surgery during the mandatory minicamp but wasn’t specific about the procedure. He said he was probably playing at about `65 percent” in terms of health and was in constant pain.

Coach Tom Cable said at the time the Raiders were unaware of the surgery but conceded, “We knew there was an issue, it’s almost like he was never getting over it . . . the key issue there is he’s really excited about it, feels good about it, so if we can get back the Javon he would used to be that’s really exciting for our offense.”

That apparently will wait at least a few days. Walker may be a ways away from rounding into form, because the Raiders don’t have a full padded practice scheduled until Monday, with the first four days consisting of “learning intensive” practices heavy on instruction and tempo.

Also on PUP is left guard Robert Gallery, who will miss two to three weeks after an emergency appendectomy. Players on PUP count toward the 80-man roster. Once a player begins camp on the active roster, he cannot be switched to PUP.

As of late Wednesday, it appeared fullback Oren O’Neal would begin the season practicing with the team. He said upon arrival it was his understanding he would practice once a day.

Players on the PUP list are prohibited from practicing with the team but can rehab and attend meetings. They can be activated at any time.

The Raiders cut just two players Wednesday, wide receiver Arman Shields and quarterback Danny Southwick.

They’ll need to trim another player if they reel in top draft pick Darrius Heyward-Bey, and one candidate is quarterback Andrew Walter. Cable said he thought Walter’s status would resolve itself in “24 to 48 hours.”

Walter was with the club and attended meetings Wednesday after missing all voluntary offseason sessions.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Great. The hits just keep on coming.

  • lefty12

    i hate to say it but from watching AD all these years,i can see us keeping Walter around just for spite.one of the bad sides of the old guy.

  • priesttj

    That opens up opportunity for a young guy to make an impression. This is starting to look like an impending injury settlement.

    Mista if you have criticism at least be truthful man. I do not pump every pick hell most I haven’t even seen such as Chaz Shilens last year I never pumped the kid, everybody else did. Now I do because I’ve seen him.

    Now stop lying on me!!

  • Davis will do stuff out of spite. It is not his best quality.

  • priesttj

    Lefty12, I doubt that AW has ben kept around because Al likes the kid. But it’s starting to become a problem so he’ll be moved apparently.

  • jhill

    Ok, Mista …

    I think you are just clearly anti JRuss, and that’s cool. I’m trying to stay on topic, but you keep trying to change it. Now you’re saying he pissed away his rookie season with a contract holdout? What does that have to do with his first year on the field and the mess that was Kiffin vs Davis? Or the fact that the offense changed 3 times DURING the season?

  • lefty12

    i think AD did like him at one point.but the way he has acted the last couple of years have erased any good feelings the team had for him.and it’s too bad.he has only hurt himself.if he gets picked up by another team it will surely be for the minimum.

  • Jhill, I have just proven that moron is a bonafide liar, fraud and hypocrite. And that is me being nice. You know, if people here would just ignore idiots like that who come here just to cause problems, we could discuss football much more indepthly. That liar has problems with practically everyone here, is really not very smart or informed, and makes a mess of things. So does dud, and so does KK. Even MR is a cut above those idiots.

  • priesttj

    Jhill, this is IMO a very good starting point to compare all 3 QB’s because they’ve all had one years experience starting. Now Ryan has been hailed as this Dan Marino revision we’ll see when things get a little rough how he handles it. same with Flacco. Russell had a tumultuous year and faired well. Now as their careers unfold we’ll see who of these three starts to really take off.

    MistaBrown question for you, would like to compete with me on talent evals. Let’s have you take your players that can develope and I’ll take mine. We can’t choose the same players and I’ll give you first choice.

    How ’bout it Mista?? Can you deal??

    Make your pick!!

  • priesttj

    Mista, you talk a good game let’s see when you’re under pressure how you fare.

    Step up pick a player ANY player. Out of all the rookies of course.

    You talk so much crap about me, when I have nothing to say about YOU. Let’s deal!!

  • lefty12

    i was really hoping Walker would step it up this year to prove all the naysayers wrong.it would be great if he could have been his old self-he really could have helped.but it looks like it probably won’t happen so they will have a field day at his expense.

  • priesttj

    I know your out there or you soon will be. Take a week if you need to just pick YOUR player loudmouth.

  • priesttj

    Lefty12 I agree with that assesment. Big Al knows he blew it with that kids career and I think he wanted to make it right. But AW doesn’t see it that way. Time for a trade!

    Huff same way Mr Davis IMO is trying to salvage this pick, so we’ll see..

  • priesttj

    Mista, you can run but you can’t hide. All you do is talk crap about myself and Oak. Now I’m calling you out, pick 5 players in the next week and we’ll get started.

    You get first pick…….I’ll even let you make 2 picks B4 me.

  • lefty12

    Priest,i used to feel sorry for AW.not anymore.to me he showed how totally immature he is.i also think he has received bad advise from someone-agent perhaps.Huff is different.he has been given more than one opportunity and hasn’t,up to this point,seized it.i loved Jerry’s line the other day about Huff-“he should be arrested for loitering”.if he doesn’t step up big time in camp,we should cut ties with him,imo.

  • priesttj

    Oak, I’m going to give Marshall all the room he wants (no choice) just based what Nnamdi and Kirk have to say.

    I must admit that I was a bit miffed about the teaching aspect under Ryan. Not that Ryan needed to teach but the position coaches not beating it into these guy’s heads technigues is really bothersome. I talked to Milliard about Kelly and some others and he was all into technigue. What were they doing??

    That’s the kind of stuff you do once the defense is established as perrenial upper eschelon defense. You let them cut it loose but to not take these guy’s and work their butts off On technigues ALMOST PISSES ME OFF!!

    Man how many times did we talk about their technigue and pad level. Now we know why!!

  • lefty12

    Priest,you ought to give that challenge to some of the morning crowd.i’d love to see how that would turn out.

  • He Hate Me

    Javon Walker should be on the Physically Unable to “Get Paid” list. What a waste.

  • lefty12

    didn’t you see earlier that we can’t believe what the players say?i guess we are supposed to believe what some fan who lives a 1000 miles away says.

  • priesttj

    Left, my point exactly, and you’re right Huff has no excuses. To get beat out by a rookie freeagent in Eugene speaks volumns. But Eugene is more physical and even more instinctive.

    Huff is definitely in a make or break situation……….this camp will be his last if he doesn’t show up big.

  • priesttj

    Lefty12, I’ll extend it to anyone that wants to take me on. How’s that? just fun and games.

    But Mista is always on me for everything I say about our players that’s why I chose him to shut him up or make him step up. I can’t give an pinion on a player without a bunch of backlash from him and Dud.

  • lefty12

    its too early to make any judgements,but i think most had Walker as one of our WRs making the final cut.if he doesn’t make the roster,who most likely will get his projected spot?any ideas,Priest?anyone else?

  • Priest, why do you call Al “Mr. Davis”?

  • Oakglenn Says:
    July 29th, 2009 at 11:47 pm

    “You know, if people here would just ignore idiots like that who come here just to cause problems, we could discuss football much more indepthly.”

  • priesttj

    My guess Left is that someone like Todd Wadkins gets a longer look. But it almost automatically gives DHB a real shot at starting opposite Chaz with JLH in the slot.

  • priesttj

    MR,, I’ve told you Mr Davis is an icon wether you understand that or not and I was raised around that organization and everyone calls him that even the media in his presence.

  • DHB, Chaz, and JLH? Dude, we could win 10 games with that corp of receivers…if we move to the Pac 10.

    I’m just joking, Priest. We wouldn’t win 10 games in the Pac 10, either.

  • CantstandtheHaters

    TC is the best thing that happened to this team in a long time. knowing the atmosphere, brewed with years of domination on our part and coupled with the move to LA and the evil that brought out, the angry bandwagoners from the Chucky years, with local media forced to quoting and immitating all mainstream and the mainstreams tactics being dictated by the governmentblood-suckers, it was quite explosive the last couple of years.

    now enter TC.

    after quickly establishing a very good running game and saving, jumpstarting the careers of many from Gall to Green, by being the only unit with some type of consistency(beside the LT), pride had me saying back then we should give this guy a life-time-contract and make him HC when Kiff leaves after a great career one day. i was close i guess. but the way he had them play almost flawless in all facets of their game from penaltys to performance in the last weeks is what got him a job as a HC now.

    duplicating it with the rest of the team once he took over, even with the in the aftermath appearently very “unorganized chaos” that was goin on on defense, is telling of this guys knowlege and feel for the game. he played the position at OL and knows what and who is open downfield when you are successfull running the ball and the defense loads the box. i think a lot of people dont realize the beautifull offensive mind thATs lurking in that shrek/OL frame of his lol. he knows his stuff, he can hang with AD, thats another reason why hes got a job.

    wouldnt be surprised at all if TC was the one that brought up the defenses elementar weaknesses, padlevel, gap control, to Kiffs attention in offensive meetings while he was coaching the OL seeing them up close in drills everyday, and what the defensive coaches emphasized during those sessions and all.

    and lastly he gets along with AD and thats also a reason he got a job. of course. it might be just the biggest reason cause now the always talented Raiders already started to demand the best of the other teams as they jus go about there business of getting better as a football team etc, and not to add to the constant distractions swirling above their heads for years. also the word dysfunction disappeared along with Kiffs act as TC even got peeps like MR in check haha.

    TCs way worked at the end of last year, the most important time in the NFL with jobs and playoffs on the line, producing wins, and thats why he still has a job.

    i think he is even better then Chucky, a much better HC then him, overall.

  • How is Mr. Davis an “icon”? Isn’t that a matter of opinion? Is there an official standard as to what an icon is, recognized by any government, etc? If I was ever in Al’s presence, believe me, I wouldn’t call him Mr. Davis. It’s unnecessary. I don’t work for him.

  • lefty12


  • priesttj

    Well we certainly beat two playoff teams back to back with those Dudes.

  • LOL. Ok, priest. I’m sure our opposing d coordinators are just perplexed as to how to deal with us lining up 3 receivers who can run but can’t catch the ball. I mean, they’ve never seen this in Oakland before…

  • Every game we’ve won in the past 6 years was due to running the ball, priest. Either that or surprising good play on defense. The last game we won with throwing the football was vs. Tennessee…in 2003.

  • priesttj

    MR, sorry not interested in your insomnia rant.

    Rather watch paint dry

  • Watching paint dry is more exciting than Raider football, anymore.

  • Florida Pete

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 12:32 am
    Priest, why do you call Al “Mr. Davis”?


    manners… young man… manners…

    if you can’t respect his position, accomplishments, status…

    at least respect his age…

  • Teabag

    # priesttj Says:
    July 29th, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Mista canyou name anything else Oakglenn has been or can you anything at all that you’ve been right about?

    We had high hopes for a player who’s got great talent but injuries have derailed him. It happens all the time doesn’t mean he or I were wrong about Shields talent just wrong that he’d be able to display it. Big difference but of course you would have a tough time understanding that.

    Arman Shields is a very talented player who’s hurt dumbell which says nothing good or bad about his ability.

    Figure it out why don’t ya’

    OK, how is Arman Shields a very talented player?

    This is what I know about Arman Shields…

    – He played for Richmond in the CAA conference. Which is about as close to DIVISION II in Division I you can get. And AT THAT he didn’t come close to dominating.

    – He had an excellent combine which didn’t translate into his game film.. If you ever actually saw Arman Shields play, you can see he did not have game field explosiveness to run away from people. He had not many plays where he took it to the house.

    – He was coming back off a devastating injury that carried over MORE THAN A YEAR!

    Now, here Al Davis apologists go again making excuses for him again.

    Ohhhhhhh we had HOPES for him.. What’s wrong with that?

    I will tell you.. A LOT is wrong with that. Because as long as Al Davis takes flyers on these combine freaks it will be the same situation. You cannot burn a 4th round pick on a gimpy WR who was a a marginal football player and a phenomenal athlete and hope he pans out so he can add to the legacy that is “AL”. Hope is for losers. Hope doesn’t win championships.

    “Hope” just got us a burned 4th round pick and he was drafted not far removed from another wasted 4th round pick.. Matter of fact, it was exactly a year after.. His name was John Bowie.. Ahhhh yes!

    The Randy Moss pick!

    Remember him, the man, the CANCER?

    Well, “Cancer” went on to have a career year right after while we were stuck with JOHN BOWIE THE REMEDY!

    Yes, let’s validate Al’s greatness in the war room some more. I can go all day.

  • Teabag

    And to note, Al WAS great… I respect his body of work as it was amazing over 3 decades. He has done things to reshape and change the face of the league. IN THE 60’s and 70’s!!

    The man is watering down his legacy by the nanosecond with the tomfoolery his is pulling in the front office these days.

    True champions know when to bow out and say it was a great run.

    Hand the reins over Al!

  • OAKlifer

    Morning nation!!!!!

    Morning pete, bag.

    I hope walker plays this year at least earn some of that $$$$

    Hpe Gallery gets healthy quick he is after all our most reliable lineman!

    I predict DHB will be signed no later than next thurs!!

    A.W. will be the nex one cut!!

    Sulak !?!?!?!?


  • NoMoreFargas

    Damn getting walker was even worse than moss what were the odds, man al this guy is stealing from you!

  • NoMoreFargas

    Cable said in breaking down video from the Raiders offense last season, he discovered that the offense was much more productive when running back Darren McFadden was more of a focal point.
    wow you’re kidding we weren’t any good with mr. 1 td getting the rock who knew.

  • Teabag

    Walker on PUP is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Walker isn’t stealing from AL. Al gave him that fat contract. Walker offered to ratire and give the bonus money back!

    If that isn’t a sign a players heart isn’t in the game anymore, I don’t know what is. And Al talked him into playing!! Al deserves as much blame as Walker does.

    Gallery is a top 5 Guard in the league. DHB shouldn’t be a holdout, there is simply no good reason.

    Goodbye Walter, please, don’t come back.

  • Teabag

    Fargas is just awful.. He has no business getting more than 5 carries a game.

  • Boy, 7, leads police on chase while trying to avoid church
    A police captain says: “The father confronted the kid, and the boy straight-up admitted he had driven it. When asked why he took the car, he said he didn’t want to go to church.” The captain says the boy “had a few near misses, but he didn’t hit anything or crash.”
    Wow, I wish I knew that was an option when I was 7!!!



  • OAKlifer

    morning nomo, TW

    Not bad a few near misses!!! but church was fun at seven cookies punch games the realy nice old man that always would rub my back……..

  • Haahaha, Oaklifer, mornin’.
    After seeing the zone blocking system for the last 12yrs or so watching Denver play every week, it doesn’t really matter who runs the ball. There is always a hole to run thru, hell, Shanahan could get 1000 yds a yr, look how many 100yd noname rushers Denver has every year!!!. DMc should excel & only have to worry about injuries (that’s all I worry about when it comes to him.)

  • RaiderDK
  • OAKlifer



    I agree with that!!! But Cable says hes going to hold out a bit which may be a good thing I think they have to be better fundamentaly before they knock heads! This may be a good thing!!

    JLH- 65 catches 750 yrds 6 td’s


    “OUR MISSION IS TO STOP THE RUN!!!!!” Ilove to hear our LB’s talking like this!!!!!!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    – Morrison promises the Raiders will do what they haven’t done consistently since he arrived _ stop the run. It will happen through discipline, repetition and gap control.
    “We have a mission. Our mission is to stop the run this year.” Morrison said. “What we have to do about that is going from step one, the basics, learning, teaching. I think the guys understand that. Once we go from those basics to putting it out on the field, repping it as many times as possible, so when game time comes we’ll be ready to go.”


    playoffs ???