Opening practice news and notes


Some news and notes from the Raiders first training camp practice:

–It was a good day to have technical difficulties. Couldn’t get a signal for a blog or twitter updates for most of the morning, but no matter.

There was not much of note from the Raiders first practice, which drew rave reviews from Tom Cable and his players but wasn’t much to watch.

In Cable’s “learning intensive’’ practices, there is little to watch after the snap of the ball. The whistle blows quickly _ before the quarterback throws the ball on pass plays _ and all that matters is footwork and alignment.

Cable and a handful of players consider it a valuable use of time leading into Monday’s padded practice. We’ll take them at their word.

— Javon Walker opened camp on the active Physically Unable to Perform list. Cable said there is no timetable and that he’ll be evaluated in two or three days.

Walker seemed to think differently.

“Probably about two or three weeks,’’ Walker said. “That’s the time frame they have.’’

— Russell named four receivers as having attended his off-the-radar passing camp in Alabama _ Todd Watkins, Louis Murphy, Will Franklin and Jonathan Holland.

— No official announcement by the Raiders regarding the signing of top pick Darrius Heyward-Bey. Cable said he understood progress has been made. Wouldn’t be surprised if Heyward-Bey was at today’s second practice.

— It hasn’t been learning intensive for quarterback Andrew Walter. He didn’t get a single snap during a team session that I saw, although I suppose it’s possible one happened while I was trying to get a phone signal. Much of the time he wasn’t even wearing a helmet.

If Heyward-Bey is at the second practice, Walter may be the one to make room.

— Right tackle Cornell Green got in a minor skirmish during the three-quarter speed session with rookie end Matt Shaughnessy, then threatened him after they were separated. On the next play, Shaughnessy jumped offsides and gave Green a playful tap on the helmet.

— By at least one count, Tommy Kelly jumped offsides on three separate snaps.

— Ah, the life of the kickers. Sebastian Janikowski headed for the field house by 10:15 a.m. Shane Lechler took some deep snaps during a punting drill, but never kicked the ball _ the JUGS machine did it for him.

— Linebacker Ricky Brown got work at both strong side linebacker and middle linebacker with the first team.

The depth charts looked a lot like they did in the offseason, but Cable said to pay them no mind. Pecking orders at various positions won’t begin to be established until Monday.

— Gallery said he wasn’t sure exactly how long he would be out. His designation was on the reserve non-football illness/injury list, also called PUP/illness. He can be activiated at any time, just as Walker can.

— Oren O’Neal participated in the morning session and is likely to sit out in the second practice, which begins at 4:20 p.m.

— They’re not going to say it on the record, but some of Derrick Burgess teammates are perplexed by his now-show tactic.

He’ll be out a lot of money in fines, isn’t helping his trade value any and public issues with Al Davis over money seldom end well.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Teabag

    # KoolKell Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    I also think the Raiders need to think long and hard about moving Tomas Howard to strong saftey. He is real fast.

    well let’s see… here is an off the top history of succesful Raider transformation projects..

    Darnell Bing
    James Trapp
    Tyler Brayton
    James Folston
    Scott Davis
    John Madsen

    Yea, I would venture to say that this team can transform ANY guy from one position to another seamlessly

  • Regarding Sulak, I heard that the Raiders liked his speed and were planning on converting him to a full time DE. After trying, they saw that it wasn’t a good fit for that kind of change.

    Thec is right to blame the Scouting dept. They should have worked this kid out before the draft if they had any inkling. He was a late pick, maybe they just saw him on the board and said “screw it, take the Sulak kid”. That is Proffesional draft strategy for you. Does Calvin Branch still scout for the Raiders? How about some real scouts for Florida Pete’s sake!

  • RaiderMario


  • Teabag aka Arabian Goggles (just messing with you bro)

    thats not KK it is a troll pretending, at least I think it is. I would like to think KK is much smarter than that!

  • Thec

    Post 51 = classic…..lol

  • Thec

    Burg and a 5th for wilfork.

  • Steve Wyche of NFL.com reports on his blog DHB will sign contract and practice on Friday.

  • AZ Raider

    Ok, so on darren Mcfaddens Twitter Page, he says he is Rooming with Michael Bush in camp… AND, he’s excited about camp and “likes Cables style”!!!

    Bush and DMAC show! Here is comes, get ready SD!

  • Teabag

    # RaiderDogg Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    Teabag aka Arabian Goggles (just messing with you bro)

    thats not KK it is a troll pretending, at least I think it is. I would like to think KK is much smarter than that!

    lol it is Kell, sarcasm at its best…. my comments were tongue in cheek as well..

    Anybody with a shred of common sense knows how well the Raider Transformation projects have fared…

    and RaiderMario…

    Burgess and a pick to the Pats for Wilfork??

    Pull the trigger!!

    dont think twice… Wilfork is what the doctor ordered for this run D

  • Thec

    Wilfork would be an upgrade/and add dept.
    hopefully it wont be dburg and like a 1st….

  • Oh it’s me all right and if anyone questions my moves they should look in the miror. I AM DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT MOVING JAY RICHARDS TO MLB! You suckas can thank me later for my geneus at work.

  • 909RaiderLifer

    Now that DHB is signed.
    Bet you that, Andrew is in his room waiting for the phone to ring, for that “bring your play book”. call.

    Side bet, he probably only un-packed his toothbrush and a clean pair of Haynes.

  • Thec

    Question wonder what the success rate is of guys coming
    out of college going to the pros only to be transformed
    to another postion?

    Seems to me that you could do that coing out of high school to college, but pros seems like all guys are
    specialist, not saying they cant do more than one thing
    just saying the competition is great, which means you
    should be great going in to have a good chance.

  • Thec

    what do you know anyways? Nada, nathan, nil

  • where’s Tard Boy? I feel like kickin some dumass

  • big chill

    i love cables shirt “Wanted 53 men committed to one purpose”

  • 909RaiderLifer

    If DHB doesn’t report until tomorrow, Al will let Andrew twist another day..

  • Dmac/Bush both 1,000+ yrds rushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jtstretch

    does AD really own stock in NE?

  • Raider530

    I like our chances this year, all I’m hearing is that the players are buying the new regime.
    We are a young team, so mistakes are to be expected, but in case all the haters haven’t noticed………..we’ve been building an offense through draft the last few years.
    zm, dmac, jruss, dhb, rg, oo, cs and jlh, this could be a prolific offense in the NFL.
    It just needs a coach to get them together. I think TC is that guy……but we will see.

  • beeecham

    Hooray! Brian is back! Man, where have you been the last few weeks, my fashionable little friend? By my count, you’ve missed 482 dumps Krappy has taken in his pants and 18 times the Lady Raccoon has watched her new DVD of Grease.

    Anyway Brian, I’m hoping you and your little girlish figure are here to stay – training camp sure is heating up!

  • RaiderRobG

    Man is it just me, or does it seem like Walker is a lazy SOB trying to get out of the two a days?

  • kvn

    maybe styker can help persuade ne to trade us willfork for andrews and burgess since they already got thier sixth rounder back
    ne shouold suck als balls for that one

  • RaiderRobG

    I’m betting Walter is heading to NE to backup Brady.

  • RaiderRobG

    Twitter is evil!

  • RaiderRobG

    39. Too funny!

  • RaiderRobG

    All that money to an unproven college player who’s been unproven all his life…That’s why he played for Maryland. And that’s why he plays for us…oops forgot, the wicked hot 40 time.

    Willie Gault, James Jett, Alexander Wright, Rickey Dudley, Alvis Whitted, Kenny Shedd, Mike Williams, Doug Gabriel did I say Rickey Dudley: I’m adding DHB to the list with the hopes that all the homers will be blabbering how I was wrong about the Raiders wasting their money on the 7th pick on him.

    My opinion is that five years from now we will still be discussing Louis Murphy on Sunday, not DHB.

  • RaiderJohn

    I saw some pics from this mornings practice. Russell looks bigger than those OTA photos. Now I’m worried. This is not what you do to show leadership of a team. He has hair and a sloppy beard and looks really out of shape!!

    About Crabtree and DHB. Stop it. Raiders picked who they picked. Crabtree is looking like a hold-out situation and DHB has signed. Crabtree is a Chad John/T.O. type, great WR but can really bring a team down in the media.

  • Bryan

    With Ellis, Richardson, Shaugnessey, Scott, Gunheim…who needs Burgess? Let him, as usual, sit on his pompus, thuggish ass.