Davis makes first appearance


A few news and notes from Friday’s second practice:

— Raiders owner Al Davis watched his first practice of training camp, accompanied through much of it by his son Mark.

Davis talked briefly with Robert Gallery, rehabbing from an offseason appendectomy, and spoke with George and Josh Atkinson, the twin sons of former Raiders defensive back George Atkinson and star sprinters and football players at Livermore’s Granada High School.

— Drills were supposed to be at three-quarters speed, but the Raiders second team defense was apparently coming up short of that at one point in the eyes of defensive coordinator John Marshall.

“You guys are going to stay second group for the rest of your (bleeping) life,” Marshall said. “You’re going through the motions. Grow the hell up.”

— More emphasis on teaching _ quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett has quarterbacks JaMarcus Russell, Jeff Garcia, Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye line up in a row in front of them where he spends a few minutes quizzing each on protections and routes.

— Jonathan Compas, an undrafted free agent guard from U.C. Davis, was getting reps as a third team center.

— Erik Pears, the free agent tackle/guard signed as a free agent, jumped offside during one drill.

— The second-team offensive line during one sequence consisted of left tackle Khalif Barnes, left guard Chris Morris, center John Wade, right guard Marcus Johnson and right tackle James Marten.

— Hiram Eugene spent some time with the second-team defense, with Michael Huff working with the first team at free safety.

— Rather than music during stretching as in the Lane Kiffin regime, the Raiders get a running dialogue from strength and conditioning coach Brad Roll.

“We’re bringing in the smokers tonight. You name it, we’re smoking him,” Roll said of the post-practice meal.

“Stretch those quads _ a happy quad makes a happy hamstring,” Roll said.

— Four more “learning intensive” practices before the hitting begins on Monday . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Thec

    did people look at him?

  • Thec

    Were the humanoids allowed to make Eye contact, or ask questions?

  • 04z06

    Why did they call it the bed n breakfast offense ?

  • Second.

  • Wow, way off.

  • “You guys are going to stay second group for the rest of your (bleeping) life,” Marshall said. “You’re going through the motions. Grow the hell up.”

    gotta love that fire!!!

  • yo Thec sup brethren?? Good 2 see ya back in the heezy

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    408, what my Brotha? I lurk, read all the materail good and bad just dont post. How u been?

    408 are we doing that fantasy league again? that was bomb…

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    408, you here from the dirty one? How is he doing?

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    I got banned 4 a while… LOL But yes we should do another fantasy thingy.. Dirty gets out @ the end of aug so I feel we should wait 4 him b4 we start a draft… Ill keep ya posted…

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    408, I feel u on that. Would not be the same without him….

    Anyway take care Bro, back to lurkin….

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    mrs Dirty lets me know how he’s doing every now and then.. He’s asked 4 you a few times but all I could do was tell him you were M.I.A…

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    My bad, if you get a word to him let him know i said whats up…. Hope he is hanging tough, and will be looking for his return…..

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    Raider On thec….

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    Keep holdin it down 408…..

    We all know of but 1 NATION…….

  • jhill

    Hiram Eugene spent some time with the second-team defense, with Michael Huff working with the first team at free safety.


    Uh oh … watch out now!

  • jhill

    •Michael Huff and Tyvon Branch were the safeties with the first team this afternoon.

    •Paul Hackett has been doing quite a bit of quizzing with the quarterbacks. He gives each quarterback a play and then gives them a situation and they have to tell him what the read is. JaMarcus Russell seemed to be pretty good at it.


    Uh oh again!

  • Dang,..the whole town of Alameda stinks of my refuse,…any ladies up for a mud party?……lol…..who said that?….lmao *eww* 🙂

  • ok last change

  • ppleschamp030

    AL said russell is a great player, then why would he throw it all down the drain on a 39yr old qb playing his last 1 yr? sorry guys, garcia is done. 1-2 yrs left. 3 tops. hes done. russell is our future get over it.

  • ppleschamp030

    anyone going to the raidernation celebration on aug 8? i will boo when garcia takes a snap anyone with me?

  • ppleschamp030

    anyone know if we still play one saftey deep?

  • ppleschamp030

    lol. sure…..russell is our qb if you cant see that you will be highly disappointed come the raiders vs chargers and russell takes the field and garcia disappears into the back round for the last time in his career.

  • Lol,..too funny,..either way Garcia is the qb this year,..after merrimans 8th sack on lardass hes done for the year…I will cheer as russells lying on the infield dirt in a coma.

  • The truth is regarding the quarterbacks on the roster,..if all were makign equal money, no question Garcia would get the job. But when you put in the ridiculous money Russell gets, Russell starts. He will either have to get hurt, or start 2-10 for Al to finally pull him.

  • ppleschamp030

    if russell gets sacked 8 time, shouldnt you be calling for the olinemen who was blocking hims head?????

  • preisttj

    Innovation always looks clumsy and even stupid until it works and it takes off then all of a sudden it’s part of the fabric and a pattern and the norm. This is way beyond anything I’ve ever seen but if it works then it could change the way things are done.

    This could cut down on a lot of the lack of discipline and missed assignments that have plagued this team in recent years. Even if it’s just a modest improvement it’s worth it. I really can’t see what the risk is as lng as they get the proper amount of hard work in prior to breaking camp. To make the team physically prepared for a long grooling season starting with the Chargers.

    What I’ve seen of Cable’s approach to the running game the last two years I definitely think he understands how to get the team prepared physically.

  • Dont count on Huff to star.

  • AZ

    Damn, I can’t believe anyone would take another old vet QB over the younger more talented, but raw QB. Unless it really isn’t about the potential of the player, but a personal vendetta, or politically fueled opinion. Either way, it’s not in the best interest of the Raiders to use Jeff as a tool to groom the future of the franchise in Jamarcus Russell.


  • AZ

    Sorry…. It would not be in the Raiders best interest to use him in any other way than to use him to groom Russell.

    How did I miss that important point LOL

  • Chris in NY

    04z06 Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 7:08 pm
    Why did they call it the bed n breakfast offense ?


    Tom Walsh, Art Shell’s hand-picked offensive coordinator, had been out of the NFL for like 10 years and was running a bed & breakfast in Idaho when Shell hired him. I assume that’s what you’re talking about.

  • La Milicia Verga

    So southwik is da starter?

  • preisttj

    AZ that’s not KK it’s a troll.

    Most of what you’re reading is from trolls.

    The registration was definitely a good thing looking at this mess again.

  • Jeff Garcia is the qb,…hes tough, works hard, will win. Russell is a overpaid never done a thing dude.

  • Just because he was drafted with the top pick,..bfd,…being paid the kind of change that the mannings and Tom Bradys get…you think hes in their atmosphere?…hells no,..Russell sucks, and I heard he flew a few receivers to his little get together in Mobile because he was running a youth clinic, and being paid to do it,..thank you Al Davis for bringing Garcia,..you jerks will see when we are 7-2 with Garcia leading us who was right,..and we will win the superbowl with jeff garcia,..can I get a hell yea?

  • Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!1

  • He Hate Me

    Go Go Garcia!!!

  • Thanks WZ,..and yes I get your name reference to mine. 🙂

  • Regarding the DHB pick,..awesome,..that man is going to be a star,..Crabtree an afterthought.

  • preisttj

    hell no!……

  • Kirk

    Russell never did a thing?

    He beat Garcia’s team and kept them out of the playoffs.

  • ppleschamp030

    how can garcias noodle arm get it deep to DHB?

  • ppleschamp030

    russell for 2012 NFL MVP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Priest any chance that dmac will lead team in rec ? I think he has that kind of ability and with his speed no lb or safety can stay with him.

  • Kirk,..did you watch that game?…I did,..Russell handed the ball off to the players that one it,…noodle arm?…not as strong as russells,…that O line wont give enough time for a bomb…will be short passes and alot of running,…Garcia wil lead us to superbowl win,…over the Bears. Can I get a hell yea?

  • ppleschamp030

    if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, why by god it must be a rat. garcia CAREER win percentage 50% at 39. time to move one. FACT!!!!

  • ppleschamp030

    it called payaction max protect (8 blockers, 2WR), we can go deep.

  • Russell will never comes close to the career Garcia has,..Russell out of nfl after another season or so…hes set for life financially so he will be ok.

  • There is no 2012!!! 2012 is the end of the world!! lol