Quick hits


Some quick hits from Day 2 of “learning intensive’’ practices:

Q: Is there any update on Derrick Burgess, coach?

Tom Cable: No.

And that’s your official Raiders statement on Burgess, who has missed voluntary workouts for the last few years but has expanded his repetoire.

— Few plays run to completion, even during seven-on-seven drills, which made it more than a little comical when defensive coordinator John Marshall said, “It’s about time for a pick.’’

If the Raiders did manage a pick when quarterbacks were not throwing the ball, now that would have been a story.

— One of the first drills, one that last a good 10 minutes, was positioning for “run fits,’’ or where defenders “fit’’ into gaps to stop the opposition from running.

— Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey got past Stanford Routt during a drill, he drew the praise of Willie Brown, “He’s so fast and quick, got a nice release . . . we’ve got something for you next week, though.’’

Brown didn’t have to wait a week. Routt slowed Heyward-Bey with an initial shove. “Nice hands,’’ Brown said.

Replied Routt: “Gotta slow him down.’’

— Speaking of Routt, Cable said he’s in a competition with Chris Johnson to start at corner opposite Asomugha, and the reps would seem to bear that out.

Johnson said the job is his. More on that later . . .

— Cable didn’t want to delve into specifics, so we won’t here, either, but Trevor Scott is doing more than putting his hand down and rushing a defensive end. More on that later . . .

— Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard have started 32 games alongside each other, but aren’t always on the same page.

“Under, under, under, under!,’’ barked linebackers coach Mike Haluchak with regard to a coverage. “You’ve got to communicate!’’

— Visual evidence (seeing Terdell Sands leave the field house in a tank top and shorts) suggests the defensive tackle is in the best shape he has been since joining the Raiders.

— Recently-waived quarterback Danny Southwick is still around, but not in uniform. He holds a clipboard much of the time, but for a short period of time he was throwing passes to Chaz Schilens and Heyward-Bey. He classified himself as an “intern.’’

— It’s a year to the day since Javon Walker told Al Davis he was considering retirement, after which Lane Kiffin openly questioned his desire. None of that this year. Walker can hardly wait to take the field, although that could be two weeks away.

“When they let me loose, it’s on after that,’’ Walker said.

Walker had plenty else to say about what he hopes is a miraculous comeback season.

More on that later . . .

— Defensive end Jay Richardson has not been getting snaps with the first team, and often not with the second team either.

— Here’s your training camp definition of TMI , or Too Much Information for those of you who are acronym challenged. Tommy Kelly jogged off the field briefly, only to return a short time later.

He went to the restroom, Cable reported.

Not sure if he really had to go, or if it was a false start. He made his fourth false start in two days.

— Five more “learning intensive’’ practices to go before the hitting begins.

“I looked over at you guys and wondered why you’re even out here,’’ one player said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • AZ Raider

    3rd I hope…

    Senario 1:

    1. Walker – Comes out on Fire and wins #1 spot?
    2. Chaz
    3. DHB
    4. Murphy
    5. JLH – Can concentrate on his PR/KR game

    Senerio 2:

    1. Chaz Schilens – Walker is what everyone else thinks.
    2. Darrius Heyward-Bey
    3. Louis Murphy
    4. Johnnie Lee Higgins
    5. Todd Watkins

  • Coach Elkins

    Nice to see the Raiders players and coaches have so much time to communicate with all the media personnel…

    But what the hell…it’s training camp, right?


    The Raiders don’t need mental reps….they need to develop an attitude…an attitude that cannot be faked by walk throughs…saving their bodies….blah blah blah…its not football….it sounds more like golf!

  • DirtyBathWater

    Dogg you are the man!……. Err Dogg? Lol thanks for the inside scoop

  • Dakota

    909RaiderLifer Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Not all the news from camp is good:

    Cable said he needed to find a way to get the ball to all THREE running backs, “Because they all are playmakers on their own way.”—raiderbeat
    Sounds like more Huggy jr. up the middle to me.


    Yeah, I know…can’t fix stupid…if Kwame was still here I am sure Cable would be trying to fit him in at RT, lol.

  • Coach Elkins Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    The Raiders don’t need mental reps…

    Actually coach most of these guys are young players. We have a really young team and I have noticed that they are thinking a lot out there. When you watch Jamarcus play, he plays at his best when he doesn’t think, he starts slinging it, and it just becomes football for him. Chaz Shilens was doing the same thing. Thinking exactly which foot to plant, how many steps, where to cut. Doing all this mental stuff is REALLY a good sign. It shows an extreme attention to detail. something that has been sorely lacking out there.

  • SNB Defense

    jhill Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    Schillens and DHB with the first team?

    With DMac in the slot?

    Sounds good!
    With a sledgehammer like Michael Bush in the backfield. That would be money. Do you go Nickel? How would the opponent stop the run?

  • DirtyBathWater Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Dogg you are the man!……

    No doubt Dogg IS the man!! (did that make sense??)

  • Coach Elkins

    I don’t care who gets hurt…I want 53 guys who will die for one another…and that means they have to be put through meaningless PAIN!

    If oney gets hurt….stick another one in the game…I’d rather know in practice if I can count on a guy…

    Kirk Morrison please step away from your twitter account and be a man…
    Where is the leader on this team?

    If they had one, he’d be talking shit to his coach right about now telling him what are we wasting our time here for…lets hit….

    Let get to know one another…lets find out what we have…and more importantly, what we don’t have….

    The problem is the NFL and the Oakland Raiders are filled with guys who live by what they’ve already done…not what they plan to do….hiding behind their contracts….

    I’m sure Lorenzo Neal loves that they aren’t hitting, right?…I mean, why wouldn’t he…he is a full back…what does he have to prove?

    Of course the players are going to say they like the ease of camp….why wouldn’t they, heck, they’re all getting paid!

    Pracitice should look something like this…


  • Dmac20

    You know what really grinds my gears?? Is how in the world if anyother team signs vick its a bad idea it’ll bring shame to the organization but if the patriots sign him its genious??? Its acceptable?? They already have damn near the best wr’s the best qb, the best line, and all thsi stuff. Now they get the best qb fit for the wildcat??? I think the nfl favors them. I don’t care what anyone says I think the raiders should sign vick… Why can the patriots get all the love but no one else when it comes to players looking for a second chance with a chip on their shoulder.

  • Coach Elkins

    Mental stuff is done in the classroom..not on the field!

    The field should be about conditioning, competition,
    and execution…PEROID

  • Coach Elkins

    I’d sign Mike Vick in a heartbeat…on general principle

  • Dmac20

    I believe the patriots have stolen our mystique and our mojo… They stole the raiders commitment to excellence and image that day in the snow… We are the original team for rejects and badboys to exceed. and they’ve now adopted that and the media helps em. If its patriots give praise for a job well done.If its raiders shame them and make a mockery of them… smh Al D, sign vick. That’d give us the fastest rb/ dmc, fastest recievers/jlh,dhb,schilens, murphy to go along with the fastes qb/vick. Im tellin you nobody would be able to catch us on the field. It’d be like an highschool team playing with little leaguers.lol

  • SNB Defense Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 2:49 pm
    jhill Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    Schillens and DHB with the first team?

    With DMac in the slot?

    Sounds good!
    With a sledgehammer like Michael Bush in the backfield. That would be money. Do you go Nickel? How would the opponent stop the run?

    down and distance dummy. down and distance

  • Coach Elkins


    What happened to the motto about being 1-0 every Sunday? I guess that was just last seasons selling point….kool KOACH!

  • AZ Raider

    Geez, Hopefully Coach Elkins takes over for Cable next year. Or maybe a front office position!

  • Coach Elkins

    One of Coach Cables biggest weaknesses is he wants his team to like him….he wants to be accepted by the fans and the media….none of these concepts are important in being a great football coach!

    This is a defict!

  • Dakota

    new post

  • AZ Raider

    Tell that to:

    Andy Reid
    John Madden
    Bill Belichiken
    Mike Tomlin
    Rex Ryan
    Tony Sparano

    There are alot of successfull “players coaches”. I think what Cable is doing, is exactly what your reading. Getting back to basics…. When your 5-11 who can argue with that?

  • omniscienc

    We have plenty of time to pound on each other also the Niners coming up. After the last few seasons remember all those mental breakdown leading to a lost.

    This looks like a good thing have to try something different i really think last year started real bad when Oneal and D.Carter went down they were supposed to be starters so lets dont be so fast to pound each other.