Barnes not in `right’ frame of mind


Notes and quotes from Sunday’s morning practice:

Raiders coach Tom Cable hasn’t broached the subject with either man, but was asked Sunday if he has considered asking Mario Henderson or Khalif Barnes to move to right tackle.

“I am,” Cable said, “because I’ll pick the best five guys, however that all works out.”

Barring injury, the job almost certainly belongs to Henderson. He was given the Al Davis seal of approval when Tom Cable was hired as head coach, noting how he handled Richard Seymour, Mario Williams and then Gaines Adams after taking over for Kwame Harris.

Cable has already put Henderson in the lead publicly instead of citing an even competition. The only time he got with the first unit was in a short-yardage situation as a second left-tackle called a “tank.” Left tackle is Henderson’s job to lose, and odds are he’s not going to lose it.

So here comes Barnes, who was sold on the notion of a one-year, $1.3 million contract to rebuild his reputation after a shaky season in Jacksonville, where his season was similar to the one which ended Harris’ one-year run in Oakland. Too many penalties, too many sacks allowed.

Some scouts believe Barnes’ best position would be at right tackle. Problem is, it was clear Barnes isn’t one of them given the way he answered the question when asked if he would be comfortable switching to the right side if Henderson prevails on the left.

“To be honest with you, no,” Barnes said. “I haven’t did a right-side kick since I was in college. I just _ I’ve been so used to being in this stance for so long, it’d be awkward to be over there. So, I mean, I don’t know man.”

Left or right, Barnes said the topic was never discussed in free agency.

“They didn’t really say anything,” Barnes said. “I didn’t really ask either.”

Barnes figures its way too early to be conceding starting positions and is still learning the system and his teammates. For now, he’s enjoying his surroundings.

“There’s something about the shield and playing for the shield,” Barnes said. “I liked the Raiders as a kid. I’m happy to be here. So, I’m going to do what I can to stay and try to become an important role on this team.”

More notes and quotes:

— While their crossbay rivals were doing pit drills on the first day of practice, Cable has no intention of putting the Raiders through an “Oklahoma” man-to-man combat drill at any time during camp.

“That’s just not constructive and what we want to do is our thing against each other, get it as fast and as violent as we can but also taking care of each other,” Cable said.

— Center Samson Satele, traded to the Raiders by the Dolphins after starting 32 games in two years, gives his surgically-repaired shoulder its first test Monday. Satele has taken virtually every snap with the first team ahead of John Wade.

“The guys in the training room did a good job and I feel pretty good about it right now, but we’ll see tomorrow,” Satele said.

The Dolphins opted for Raiders free agent Jake Grove rather than give Satele a third season as a starter.

“You know I tell everybody it’s a business, you can work every day of your life and your boss can cut you or fire you,” Satele said. “ Same thing in the NFL. They wanted get Jake (Grove) so I am here in a better place it worked out better for me and I hope it worked out for him too.”

— Ryan Boschetti has gotten some work at end as well as tackle, and the ability to do both could determine whether he sticks on the 53-man roster.

“He’s been inside and outside, (we’ll) see if he can do that here if he’s going to be a Raider,” Cable said.

“The past four days we’re just going through, I don’t want to say the motions, but probably 50 percent, getting your reads, getting your stuff right. We’re pretty anxious to put the pads on and start banging heads,” _ linebacker Ricky Brown on the start of padded practices.

“We’ve gone through the learning period and it’s time to go play some real football and start hitting. I think everybody is waiting for the afternoon practice to be over and lace ‘em up Monday,” linebacker and special teams player Isaiah Ekejiuba on the same topic.

— “Kind of saving things for tomorrow to get out there and be fresh. Being a little older these days, kind of letting the other guys get some good work and mental work and physical work. We’re not doing a whole lot of throwing anyways,” quarterback Jeff Garcia on why he did very little in practice.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • I have a few spies in wine country, and says all looking awesome,…a little laid back on the field as you all know via the 2 dorks who hang there and tweet,..but lookout tomorrow, collision time,..see what Mitchell is all about,…Im not sure why Oakland doesnt take a flier on Marvin Harrison,..on a crucial 3rd and 5, he would never drop that ball.

  • Mistabrown

    I’m starting to like what Cable is doing. Barnes & Henderson will be the book ends. RG & C will be competitive. More DMAC & BUSH less Fargas. Bush basically served Cable his job in that Tampa Bay game & Cable knows it.

    Marshall Law!

  • I will never understand why Fargas gets bagged on in here,..so many here never attend games,..they layin on the couch clueless,..in my opinion, and my opinion is always right,..Fargas is the hardest working, toughest, butt kicker on the team,…plays hurt,…team man,…no ego,…and yet in here hes a bum,…Im still waiting for dmac to be anything buy a guy that wont play if he has a hint of an injury…Bush had one good game against a tired old defennse that quit…I like Bush, dmac Im still waiting,…I still take Fargas over both of those guys,…and his dad is at every game on the sidelines and comes to my endzone and talks to us during pregame crap,..I hope Fargas starts every game.

  • Mistabrown

    Im not going to even repeat all the reasons why Fargas should be on the bench. Its been beaten like a dead horse.

    BUSH & DMAC!

  • Ya ok mista…Iv read in here the bullshiit reasons, nothing legit…dmac isnt a workhorse, not even close, and Bush, hes had one good game.

  • Mistabrown

    Maybe you are biased because his father goes to the games?

    If you cant see his talent is very limited in contrast to Bush & Dmac I cant help you out.

  • Thec

    1. which RB would give us a higher ypc?

    2. Which RB would give us a better chance to score?

    3. Which RB would give a defense more problems?

    4. Which RB is the most versatile?

    5. Which RB is going to be featured this year?

  • Mistabrown

    DMAC has scoed more TD’s with turf toe in 1 game than Fargas in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELLO! U PLAY TO WIN THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thec

    post 113, roflmao…. herman edwards reset…

  • DHB=Troy Williamson

    Hey hes back, thec. Still waitn on an answer on how many Ohio U games you watched……

  • DHB=Troy Williamson

    Fargas and McFadden will be the ball carriers for this club. Bush will get some short yardage and goal line stuff, nothing more nothing less. Fargas or MCfadden WILL get banged up, thats when Bushleague will get his shot.

  • Thec Says:
    August 2nd, 2009 at 3:29 pm
    Queston which espn, or NFL analyst do you guys despise the most. I just finished watxh DHB draft, tom jackson,
    and cris cater are idiots, but i would have to give it to jackson.

    My vote is Uncle Tom Jackson. That MFer hates us with a passion and says it on air. He laughs at the thought of the Raiders. In 2002 the only time he really put forth some effort to cover us was Super Bowl week and that was b/c there were only two teams remaining.

  • SNB Defense Says:
    August 2nd, 2009 at 3:48 pm
    THere are some that know what the Raiders are capable of. Gil Brandt is picking the Raiders to take the AFC West. Now that guy knows football and every guy that plays the game. Also, Michael Smith said he thinks JaMarcus Russell is going to break out.

    I think those that get beyond the sensationalism and all that and look at the Raiders critically can see that there is a potential for something cool to happen in 2009


    Yeah, Michael Smith is from the 504.

  • chiliwakt

    Sure, Tom Jackson hates the Raiders with a passion. That’s because, as a Denver Bronco, he was the unfortunate victim to the many beatings brought upon by the Raiders.

    I hope the Raiders can “break out” this year…however still uncertain about the receiving core. The one thing that sticks to my short term memory about last year was the pathetic “air” game.

  • I’m not as concerned about our receivers as I am of JaMarcus getting them the ball.

    Case in point: In less than 5 seconds name 1 Saints WR?

    We all know Brees is the QB but the WRs are pretty much unknown outside of New Orleans. Yet the put up numbers because of Brees.

    Zach Miller is faster than their best receiver. We just gotta protect the pocket and let JaMarcus keep saying “Chill, we got this.”

  • Sonny

    These writers just spit out information and statswith little regard for FACT. During Barnes 4 years as a starter with the Jag’s he averaged 4.75 penalties per year and a little under 5 sacks per year.

    The sacks during his early year raised the average to the just under 5 sacks per year. But his sack numbers during his last couple years were very low.

    Watching him play against the Pats, Colts, Ravens, Pittsburg and other 3-4 power house D’s the kid more than held his own against some very good ends.

    The Jag’s let him walk more for his off field issues than his play. Jake Grove allowed more sacks the ONLY year that he started 16 games than Satele and Barnes almost combined.

    Just because these media types write something does not make it TRUE. Check the stats on penalties and sacks allowed by both Satele and Barnes for yourself.

    Jerry is dead wrong in his writing Barnes was let go because of to many sacks and to many penalties.

  • Mistabrown

    Marques Colston!

    Zach Miller is faster than Colston ? Wakeup from your dream!

    # 504 Raider Says:
    August 2nd, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    I’m not as concerned about our receivers as I am of JaMarcus getting them the ball.

    Case in point: In less than 5 seconds name 1 Saints WR?

    We all know Brees is the QB but the WRs are pretty much unknown outside of New Orleans. Yet the put up numbers because of Brees.

    Zach Miller is faster than their best receiver. We just gotta protect the pocket and let JaMarcus keep saying “Chill, we got this.”