Barnes not in `right’ frame of mind


Notes and quotes from Sunday’s morning practice:

Raiders coach Tom Cable hasn’t broached the subject with either man, but was asked Sunday if he has considered asking Mario Henderson or Khalif Barnes to move to right tackle.

“I am,” Cable said, “because I’ll pick the best five guys, however that all works out.”

Barring injury, the job almost certainly belongs to Henderson. He was given the Al Davis seal of approval when Tom Cable was hired as head coach, noting how he handled Richard Seymour, Mario Williams and then Gaines Adams after taking over for Kwame Harris.

Cable has already put Henderson in the lead publicly instead of citing an even competition. The only time he got with the first unit was in a short-yardage situation as a second left-tackle called a “tank.” Left tackle is Henderson’s job to lose, and odds are he’s not going to lose it.

So here comes Barnes, who was sold on the notion of a one-year, $1.3 million contract to rebuild his reputation after a shaky season in Jacksonville, where his season was similar to the one which ended Harris’ one-year run in Oakland. Too many penalties, too many sacks allowed.

Some scouts believe Barnes’ best position would be at right tackle. Problem is, it was clear Barnes isn’t one of them given the way he answered the question when asked if he would be comfortable switching to the right side if Henderson prevails on the left.

“To be honest with you, no,” Barnes said. “I haven’t did a right-side kick since I was in college. I just _ I’ve been so used to being in this stance for so long, it’d be awkward to be over there. So, I mean, I don’t know man.”

Left or right, Barnes said the topic was never discussed in free agency.

“They didn’t really say anything,” Barnes said. “I didn’t really ask either.”

Barnes figures its way too early to be conceding starting positions and is still learning the system and his teammates. For now, he’s enjoying his surroundings.

“There’s something about the shield and playing for the shield,” Barnes said. “I liked the Raiders as a kid. I’m happy to be here. So, I’m going to do what I can to stay and try to become an important role on this team.”

More notes and quotes:

— While their crossbay rivals were doing pit drills on the first day of practice, Cable has no intention of putting the Raiders through an “Oklahoma” man-to-man combat drill at any time during camp.

“That’s just not constructive and what we want to do is our thing against each other, get it as fast and as violent as we can but also taking care of each other,” Cable said.

— Center Samson Satele, traded to the Raiders by the Dolphins after starting 32 games in two years, gives his surgically-repaired shoulder its first test Monday. Satele has taken virtually every snap with the first team ahead of John Wade.

“The guys in the training room did a good job and I feel pretty good about it right now, but we’ll see tomorrow,” Satele said.

The Dolphins opted for Raiders free agent Jake Grove rather than give Satele a third season as a starter.

“You know I tell everybody it’s a business, you can work every day of your life and your boss can cut you or fire you,” Satele said. “ Same thing in the NFL. They wanted get Jake (Grove) so I am here in a better place it worked out better for me and I hope it worked out for him too.”

— Ryan Boschetti has gotten some work at end as well as tackle, and the ability to do both could determine whether he sticks on the 53-man roster.

“He’s been inside and outside, (we’ll) see if he can do that here if he’s going to be a Raider,” Cable said.

“The past four days we’re just going through, I don’t want to say the motions, but probably 50 percent, getting your reads, getting your stuff right. We’re pretty anxious to put the pads on and start banging heads,” _ linebacker Ricky Brown on the start of padded practices.

“We’ve gone through the learning period and it’s time to go play some real football and start hitting. I think everybody is waiting for the afternoon practice to be over and lace ‘em up Monday,” linebacker and special teams player Isaiah Ekejiuba on the same topic.

— “Kind of saving things for tomorrow to get out there and be fresh. Being a little older these days, kind of letting the other guys get some good work and mental work and physical work. We’re not doing a whole lot of throwing anyways,” quarterback Jeff Garcia on why he did very little in practice.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Exactly how did they “make fun of the kid” or “denigrate” him? You cant call B.S on it cuz you just said it not 25 minutes ago. LOL!!

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    Yep, I work at the one in Atlanta while going to school, so make fun of it all you want, I dont care. Only have 1 more year left. Fact remains I have watched DHB play and he never struck me as a top 10 pick. Your screaming how great MM will be yet you never watched the kid. HILL ARE EE US.

  • # DHB=Troy Williamson Says:
    August 2nd, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Like I already said, I have seen DHB quite a bit, my job entails it. Sux to be called out for spewing pure BS dznt it pal?? LOL!!

    yeah and my job entails I drink beer and smoke the Purp all day…. what a joker!!!

  • raiderforlife

    I don’t mind the criticisms of the Raiders when it has some good points and is thought out. When you see guys making a joke about where a guy was picked on draft day that sh** is just over the top. I mean 7 or 27 pick that is a debate but trying to make a joke over it that’s another think. Peter King is not a journalist you only hear the worst from him your not going to hear McFadden looks very good or bad, you are going to hear Tom Cable doesn’t have what it takes to coach this team, the organization is dysfunctional and has no direction. I mean when are the Raiders going to help put a stop to this. Ill tell you when the fat pig Peter King gets to the gate and they tell him to fu** off you hater. Boston MA otnom@netscape.net

  • Thec

    I never said i didnt see MM play, you assume that by my non answer. You need to be careful how you interprete, as i saw through you hold card dishwasher, or grill master. So let me get this straight he never struck you as a top 10 pick, and you work at a fast food joint no less and football minds that get paid big bucks and not tips pick this guy. Forgive me for not riding with you on this one but bwahahahaha.

    You saw something they didnt funny, coming from a guy working the dishwasher.

  • Im looking forward to the RNC,..and y`all goin?…next saturday.

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    The DHB pick i didnt agree with but the damn guy is here now. Why dog the kid so bad? Troy Williamson is a different player than DHB. Try again

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    DHB=Troy Williamson Says:
    August 2nd, 2009 at 4:21 pm
    Exactly how did they “make fun of the kid” or “denigrate” him? You cant call B.S on it cuz you just said it not 25 minutes ago. LOL!!
    Garbage! You listen to this clip and compare the “real” analysis that Jesse Palmer gives to the derisive…insulting…nonsense from Cris Carter…who decides to make a spectacle of himself.


  • cofhandz

    I agree with you Raiderforlife, The announcers are making fun of someone who has no control over where he was picked. You can make fun of the Raiders for picking him where they did, but why make the kid feel bad for being picked when he was? No one has any control over when they are picked. If that’s funny to an announcer, then so be it, but was the point of interviewing him to make fun of where he was picked, or to learn something about the kid and how he will appraoch the game? It seemed lame to me abou the laughing from people who are supposed to be professional on TV making asses of themselves.

  • jedi raider

    Barnes is an insurance policy as a LT against Mario being a fluke last year – personally speaking, I don’t think Mario is a fluke – he has the size (he has gotten HUGE since his rookie year when he looked too thin to anchor), long arms (Gallery’s downfall at Tackle), and agility/speed/feet to play the position – Tom Cable and the strength coaches have done a great job with him.

    Cable should just get it over and move Barnes to RT to get him the reps right now – he could be the next Lincoln Kennedy (bust at LT, Pro-bowler at RT for us). Anything happens to Mario, Barnes can step in for him and Green/Pears/McQ can duke it for the primary backup position. Finally we’ve got some decent depth on the oline and some quality starters. With Mario’s break through and the addition of Pears, Barnes, and Satele (with Wade backing up who was better than grove IMO), and Gallery’s accession to probowl level with Carlisle playing well in the system we’re good to go (upgrades would be nice but we’re set for a couple of years).

    Routt pressing Johnson for playing time is a shocking surprise – very welcome surprise, but very shocking. Routt does belong on the outside and it did take Nnamdi four years to finally break through so maybe Routt has finally transformed from a track star to a football player. Good news all around because Johnson can play the slot and having three good corners in our system is a necessity.

  • # KoolKell Says:
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    Im looking forward to the RNC,..and y`all goin?…next saturday.


    ill be there… doing this…


  • raiderforlife

    Hey Raider fans Crabtree is holding out and our guy DHB is in camp but you will never hear that comparison at ESPN. Just Tom Jackson laughing like a fool while Chris Charter make a fool of him self.

  • 909RaiderLifer

    Cable, on Mike Mitchell: “A guy thats getting lined up right, making the right calls.”……raiderbeat.com

    Getting the mental things down early, is the way to impress the Coaches, let’s hope this carries over when the hitting starts tomorrow…

  • JerrymcdAl Davis arrives for his second practice . . .2 minutes ago from PockeTwit


    Big AL in the CASA!!!!

  • more hater aid from Jerry

    JerrymcdWarmups for last of 8 ‘learning’ practices. Derrick Burgess has missed all 8. Apparently, he hasn’t learned a thing.10 minutes ago from PockeTwit

  • DirtyBathWater

    Routt will be what he is…..a track star, like cable said don’t give too much emphasis on what’s going on out there he’s not beat out CJ no way unless Deion Sanders held another prime u practice, then he would have a chance!

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    I tend bar, its actually fun as hell. Watch sports and pour beers all day, sux to be me. Did you watch MM?

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    DHB is a totally diff player than Williamson?? How so?

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    Dhb is a much more raw talent. Has better athleticism but not a polished at TW. Also more physical is DHB than Williamson

  • LOL

    sodomize deez fake KK…

  • DHB=Troy Williamson

    You obviously have never watched TW. They are almost mirror images, DHB is built better, but their game’s are almost identical. TW and DHB are both bigger fast guys who were inconsistent and never dominant in college.

  • 909RaiderLifer


    “RB coach Kelly Skipper is rolling a soccer ball back and forth with RB’s one at a time…a holy roller drill?”—-http://twitter.com/jerrymcd

    A FOOTBALL field is NO place for a freaking soccer ball, period.

  • Warmups for last of 8 ‘learning’ practices. Derrick Burgess has missed all 8. Apparently, he hasn’t learned a thing.
    about 1 hour ago from PockeTwit
    Al Davis arrives for his second practice . . .
    41 minutes ago from PockeTwit
    DHB, Chaz and Murphy spent time catching purposely low passes from intern Southwick . . . hopefully it won’t come in handy.
    28 minutes ago from PockeTwit
    RB coach Kelly Skipper is rolling a soccer ball back and forth with RBs one at a time . . a Holy Roller drill?
    20 minutes ago from PockeTwit
    JaMarcus deep down left sideline to McFadden . . . clank . . . rare drop.
    16 minutes ago from PockeTwit
    I say we run the Holy Roller play 3 times a game!!!

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    #82 & #83… o.k. then..

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    what are you talking about barnes not in right frame of mind he is doing all he can to be a part of the team i thunk he is in the right frame of mind other wise he would be upset that the job is mario henderson but it seams you want to write some BS that’s not true so go write some other crap about another team cause it’s all about the positive not the negative but it seams you want to find something negative about the silver and black like everybody else

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    “Javon Walker is running routes and making catches. He looks fast.”—http://twitter.com/raiderbeat

    Did they take him off the PUP list?

    Also, sounds like DHB is not having a good day. Dropping balls in front of Al.

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    Scratch that. Spurrier wasnt there. 2 much purp lol

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