Fifty Raiders for fifty years


Check out Monte Poole’s assessment of the top 50 Raiders of all time at the following links:

Nos. 26-50

Nos. 1-25

And no, Al Davis isn’t on it because it’s a player’s only list.

A few first impressions:

— Offensive linemen rank 1-2-3 (Jim Otto, Art Shell and Gene Upshaw) and that sounds about right, because great Raiders teams were all about the offensive line. All were Hall of Famers, and although Otto may not have been as accomplished as Shell or Upshaw, he represents Raiders toughness.

— Jim Plunkett is No. 5, Ken Stabler No. 9. Plunkett was a great story and a great leader, but I’m a Stabler man from way back. Built-in bias from seeing so many of his games as a teenager.

— Cliff Branch No. 10, Tim Brown No. 25. Absolutely right. Branch, as Monte notes, somehow got underrated nationally. The classic Raider deep threat was easily the equal or superior of John Stallworth and Lynn Swann.

— Marcus Allen at No. 17? Hardly seems possible, but look at the list, factor in the fact that his Hall of Fame credentials weren’t cemented until he finished up at Kansas City, and maybe it’s about right.

— George Atkinson was a smallish strong safety who backed down to no one and delivered more than he took (ask Russ Francis), but No. 22 seems high.

— Chester McGlockton at No. 49. Realize there were some good L.A. years before he got to Oakland and went in the tank over his contract, but my sentimental pick to squeeze in at the end of the list is Tyrone Wheatley, whose unforgettable touchdown in Kansas City to close out the 1999 season served as a springboard to three division titles.

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— Players had last night off and had their annual dinner with their respective position group coach. Single practice at 3:30 p.m. I’ll post Twitter updates and a post following practice.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • How about Dave Grayson, Kent McCloughan?

  • Dmac20

    No ricochet they were confident. Trust me I watch every raider game I know what im talking about. All the trick plays and fake field goals looked of a team that was too confident. They would have never tried those plays on the patriots or steelers… So what does that tell you? They had beaten the chiefs before already in the season and they had won only one game up to that point. The raiders whole demanor that game was as if “we’ve got this one in the bag.” And you say “kc beat you” as if you’re not a raiders fan, and if you’re not a raiders fan i’d like to ask why are you on here???

  • Salvida

    Mcglocton out, Tooz, Alzado, Davidson, Steve Smith or even Eddie Anderson in.

  • Salvida

    I always read the articles and rarely the comments because it seems that more often than not the people posting;
    1) bash the Raiders/ Al Davis
    2) talk about basketball or baseball
    3) bash other posters…

    WTF is wrong with people? Step away from the computer and go get some air.

  • Richochet

    Was more a case of Cable calling the most unlikely to be successful trick play of the year, that became the difference in winning or losing.
    You stated the Raiders came out too confident.
    Then proceeded to say the coach called a bad game.
    That’s not the same as coming out confident, at all.
    Team played flat, pretty much like most of the year.

    Again, the team had ZERO reasons to feel confident, considering how the season went so far.

    Again, it’s a copout to state “they didn’t win it, we lost it”

  • Dmac20

    Beyond the calls i also stated their demeanor was of a team who by all means just knew they were going to win.and to say the way the season went is no reason for them to be confident is a bad argument. If that was the case they would have not won those last 2 games because according to you they had no confidence in themselves that they could do so… Also your argument is weak because that game in which they lost to the chiefs came after a 35-10 victory over the broncos in donkeyville.

  • Dmac20

    so they had every reason to be confident. At the time the broncos were the top team in the AFC west and the raiders werent officially out of the playoff race. They had beatin the chiefs before and the chiefs had only won one game… So why wouldnt they be confident they could beat the chiefs?? Your talking as if the chiefs are the chargers or patriots. Please dont argue raiders with me because you will not win. (;

  • Dmac20

    And saying we beat ourselves is not a cop out its the truth. The raiders gave that game away. It wasnt like the chiefs were playing great defense, running all over us, and throwing touchdowns. The radiers actually had more yards and played d its just the raiders made some costly mistakes and they capitolized. we left alot of points on the board because we were tryin things we things we felt we could get away with just because we were playing a lesser team. If it were anyother team theyd of played it safe.

  • Dmac20

    And why would they have played it safe??? Because they were less confident in their abilities/ and things they could get away with. And they even mentioned how confident they were because of the things they went over in practice…