Howard feeling the pressure


More news and notes preceding Tuesday’s second practice:

— Thomas Howard may have been flush with the feeling of coming in unobstructed for what would have been a sack to end practice. Perhaps it was wishful thinking. Or maybe, just maybe, defensive coordinator John Marshall plans on sending the house.

“I’m telling you we are going to pressure teams. I can see it in John’s eyes,” Howard said. “John’s like this. If he calls a pressure and we don’t hi iit, he may back off. But if we call it and we’re hitting it, he’s going
to keep letting us come.”

Really? Based on what?

“I really do believe so after watching John and what he did in Seattle,” Howard said. “If you watch the Seattle tape, they brought pressure a lot,” Howard said. “(Julian) Peterson, linebackers, safety, they brought pressure a lot. He’s used to calling it in games. It’s not just what you see out here in practice, it’s going to spill over in games. I believe that.”

Linebacker Ricky Brown, a candidate to start at both middle and strong side linebacker, wasn’t so sure.

“We’re going out there during our blitz period, and sometimes we’re doing a drill for the offense, sometimes the offense is doing a drill for us,” Brown said. “You can’t have too many weapons. If we’ve go the personnel to blitz _ which I think we do _ I think it would change things up and be beneficial. But we also know that we’ve got guys that can just line up and play football.”

“Either way, I think we’re going to have a good arsenal of stuff to choose from. So once the regular season gets going, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Maybe we’ll blitz a lot, maybe we won’t.”

Said Cable: “I like what we’re doing and, really, all those guys have shown they kind of have a knack for something, whether it’s coming off the edge or something inside. So, I like it and it’s something I think we’re pretty good at it.”

— Rookie fourth-round draft pick Slade Norris worked with the first team at strong side linebacker for the second straight day as Jon Alston was sidelined with plantar fasciatis. He’ll get a long look against Dallas

“(We want to) see how far he’s come and where his deficiencies are as we get into a game environment,” Cable said.

Norris is apparently of the opinion that the Raiders are global even in a preseason opener that will be tape-delayed in the home market.

“I just really want to come out and show the world what I have,” Norris said. “I played D-end in college, so nobody really knows how I’m going to translate as a linebacker. I have a lot of confidence in myself, and I just want to show everybody else I can do that.”

— Cable identified competition spots as strong side and middle linebacker, with Brown, Kirk Morrison and Alston competing for two starting spots, as well as the No. 3 quarterback spot between Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye.

“The battle’s not really between me and another quarterback,” Gradkowski said. “The battle’s between me and myself. That’s how I look at it. That’s all I can control, is how I prepare, if I’m prepared, and go out there, I know I’m going to play my tail off and I’m gonna’ play as hard as I can, and you know, the chips will fall where they may.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Cable also mentioned center as an area of competition, even though trade acquisition Samson Satele has taken virtually every snap with the first team over John Wade.

— Among those who didn’t practice Tuesday morning were quarterback Jeff Garcia (calf), Alston (plantar fasciatis), cornerback Jason Horton, S Michael Huff (ribs), lineman Mark Wilson (back), defensive end Greg Ellis (day off) and Gerard Warren day off).

Horton left practice in a protective boot, putting his status against Dallas in doubt.

Safety Mike Mitchell missed the end of practice and was having his hamstring stretched by a trainer on the field. Usually one of the last Raiders to leave the field house for daily work his hamstrings, Mitchell was considerably earlier Tuesday and could miss the first preseason game if the Raiders want to play it safe with their second-round draft pick.

— Cable reiterated he expected starters to play approximately a quarter against the Cowboys.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    My favorite Turd Sands play in 2008:
    VS. The Chiefs it was a toss sweep to the right and Turd was in pursuit. The RB was that backup scrub from Texas and when he turned the corner he stopped on a dime and cut back in to stay inbounds and gain an extra 5-7 yards. Turd did not stop at all and kept going straight to Chiefs sideline through their players as if he just ate 3 pounds of lava wings during the last time out and was in hot pursuit of the table that has all the cups of gatorade.

    Un-freakin-believeable! I rewound that play like 6 times before I resumed watching the rest of the game.

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    It is funny you guys love Farglass but yet disrespect JLH right now with this Walker and DHB talk. Dont you want to reward guys who stepped up when they had their chance last year? You think without JLH we would have won those games at the end of the year? Remember that TD catch vs the texans against two guys? Didnt he go up and make a great adjustment on the ball? I’m amazed here

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    Well the Vikings had 2 1,000 receivers in Cris Carter and Jake Reed so Moss had to start 3rd with those guys already producing. Once Moss proved to be dominant, it was over for Reed.

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    Lefty, walker had no bigger supporter than me last season and dammit where the hell was he at? I’m not buying it with him mayne. if he is healthy that would be better but i highly doubt it and want those younger guys out there. experience is best teacher not some head case clown like walker

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    That’s why I’m not bothered if DHB starts at all and have said it here before. If DHB makes the entire team function at a higher level then he should probably start sooner rather than later. Seeing a report out there of all the holes/windows that open up when DHB is in the game is very encouraging.

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    Brien you said Walker should be banished.if he can make it all the way back to his pro bowl level of play he should not be cut.it has nothing to do with JLH.if he can make it back,it makes the team that much better.

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    # 24 Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    Well the Vikings had 2 1,000 receivers in Cris Carter and Jake Reed so Moss had to start 3rd with those guys already producing. Once Moss proved to be dominant, it was over for Reed.
    So let me get this straight, the vikes had 2 guys who proved themselves is regular season games and then when moss showed on the field he was dominant it was over for Reed? It is exactly what I’m saying man. DHB will eventually start but for now start those guys who helped the momentum that we pray is carrying over from last year

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  • Raiders also interested in OLB Brooks?

    The New Orleans Saints appear to have company in their pursuit of free agent linebacker Derrick Brooks(notes).

    A league source has told National Football Post that the Oakland Raiders spoke to Brooks recently, but it’s unknown what their level of interest is for in the 11-time Pro Bowler, who has spent his whole 14-year career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Under new defensive coordinator John Marshall, the Raiders are letting Ricky Brown(notes) push veteran Kirk Morrison(notes) at middle linebacker. Thomas Howard(notes) is projected to be the starter on the weak side. On the strong side, a foot injury has sidelined Jon Alston(notes), giving rookie Slade Norris(notes) time with the first team.

    The Saints are looking for help after news broke that veteran Mark Simoneau(notes) will undergo surgery to repair a torn triceps. Simoneau missed all last season while recovering from back surgery.

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