Final: Raiders 31, Cowboys 10



Oak–Will Franklin 2-yard pass from Charlie Frye (Schmitt kicks PAT), 9:45


— Raiders grind out clock with Gary Russell . . .

— The Raiders held Dallas inside the 5-yard line when Sam Williams dumped Keon Latimore for a 1-yard loss on third-and-3 and then Stephen McGee threw incomplete to Manuel Johnson on fourth-and-goal with John Bowie in coverage.

— Franklin, who has probably littered the ground with more potential completions than any receiver in Napa, made a nice catch on a fade route for a 2-yard touchdown from Charlie Frye.

The score was set up when David Nixon recovered a Willie Reed fumbled punt at the 11-yard line, who was attempting to catch the ball with snapper Jon Condo right in his face.

— Oakland’s 13th penalty, this one an illegal formation, pushed them back to the 30 for a third-and-20. Frye was chased out of bounds, and Ricky Schmitt punted was downed at the 7.

That’s right, the Raiders punted from the Dallas 30. Only in preseason. Guess it was worth it for the coverage practice.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRobG

    I think it’s safe to say Nick Miller will be making the team since he can contribute in the return game and stretch the field. With Chazz & JLH, and Murphy showing he’s the better of the two rookies thus far, you have to wonder what might have been had we drafted a defender at 7.

    Damn it’s exciting!

  • Random Drug Tester

    tea…LOL IT’s Kool-aid around here…if you were anybody you would know that. Grow a pair and then come back….or don’t.

  • 504 Raider

    The commentators said 14 different receivers caught balls.

  • Random Drug Tester

    the box score shows 15 guys…L.Neal had 1 for -2

  • DarkSide@RFN

    sure, get a life and ask yourself this, who the hell cares. It’s a message board. You click a mouse or press ur keyboard if you know that trick. I’m not here to argue w/children or men w/no confidence. So, take that shit somewhere else. L8t!

  • priesttj

    WOW! I haven’t seen such excitement in here since I’ve been coming in here these years.

    It’s very refreshing, It’s obvious that you guy’s are happy with talent that Kiffin said he couldn’t win with. Well I think the additions that Cable and Mr Davis have made are showing up.

    I remember last year this time everyone was worried about the WR position well these guy’s are a year older and the additions aren’t too bad either.

    Talk to you guy’s tomorrow….


  • Tonio

    What we learned …

    Russel to Schilens may become a popular refrain. Second-year WR Chaz Schilens was JaMarcus Russel’s favorite target, as he was targeted four times in the Raiders’ first drive. Schilens led the Raiders with five catches for 52 yard!

    yep the rest learned it too

  • 504 Raider

    DHB stretches the field. DBs respect/fear that kind of stuff. DHB is going to be a big time decoy. Before you dog Al for drafting a decoy at #7, I will say the Saints got us beat with their big decoy Bush drafted #2. Much credit should go to Reggie Bush in regards to the Saints passing game because he attracts attention from LBs and Safeties.

  • Random Drug Tester

    DarkSide@RFN Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 10:34 pm
    # Nnamdi21 Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    40. Good to know. Sorry for Coopers family. Tragic loss.

    Still, fuk RFN.


    My handle has nothing to do w/how you feel dood.

    Look DOOD….I have no idea who you are and really have no motivation to change that based on what you have said so far (to me or others). If you have some kind of issue with me, state it, or don’t and don’t say anything to me at all. Really doesn’t make a difference to me, but if you’re going to continue…make it interesting or something other than lame sh!t like “drink some tea”

  • 504 Raider

    Replay just came on. Later Nation.

  • DarkSide@RFN

    RDT, I just tried logging out, a few times, just like you keep bitching about when posting… oh the pain.

  • Random Drug Tester

    it’s not a positive experience

  • On the beach in Cancun

    It’s always good to win, even in pre-season. It’s up lifting to the players, gets them geared up and motivated to do better. It’s only human nature to want to win, to be on a winning team and to be competitive. Ya, it’s only pre-season, but it was a win and the smile on Cable’s face after the game spoke volumes.

    On the negative, Dallas’ first unit with Tony Romo did run through us like butter in that second drive for their first score. We need to tackle better, fill the gaps and get more pressure. But, it’s only the first pre-season.
    Hopefully, we’ll do better next week against the run.

  • 24

    The Raiders win isn’t mentioned on ESPN or NFL.com. Its funny how those 2 sites are quick to point out any Raider negativity but they can’t highlight a Raiders win.

  • dave r

    i dont care what happens after the 1st quarter in this preseason game from what i saw the d still cant stop the run especially when i gets kicked outside the tackles on offense DMAC and SCHILENS andJRUSS r going to raise raise alot of eyebrows hopefully the d can do thier part

  • We need a DT and a MLB.


  • and to tackle better

  • Then we can get excited about this season.

    Oh yeah 69!

  • RaiderRobG

    O line had a few gaffs, but overall played a lot better.

  • Random Drug Tester

    our DT’s were getting blown off the line of scrimmage, especially Warren.