Manning will compete as slot corner


Amid speculation the Raiders were looking hard at bringing in another linebacker, they instead signed veteran cornerback Ricky Manning Jr.

Manning immediately got in some work as a nickel cornerback and was told to acquaint himself with strong safety.

That could mean two things: 1) They’re looking to give Stanford Routt a push and realize playing inside isn’t his strength; and 2) They’re protecting themselves at strong safety behind Tyvon Branch in case Mike Mitchell’s hamstring becomes a long-term issue.

Manning failed to get a hand on a ball that went over his head from Bruce Gradkowski to Todd Watson, and was a late arrival on a JaMarcus Russell pass to Johnnie Lee Higgins.

A six-year veteran, Manning played five games with the St. Louis Rams before breaking his ankle and going on injured reserve.

“I’ll get a little bit more comfortable with the defense,’’ Manning said. “I made a mistake or two today. That’s good for me because that means it won’t happen again.”

Manning looks nothing like your classic Raiders cornerback. He’s a sawed-off 5-foot-9 and 193 pounds, probably the most thickly muscled cornerback the Raiders have had since James Hasty came aboard for 12 days in 2001 before changing his mind and retiring.

“I think he’s more of a physical corner than a speed guy, so that might be a little different from what we had in the past, but he’ll help, cause he’s done it before,’’ said Nnamdi Asomugha, who played in all-star games with Manning when both were in high school in Los Angeles.

Cable said Manning’s acquisition had to do with “just getting some fresh legs at the position,’’ but also noted, “He’s a proven guy. He’s here to give us more juice and compete as well.’’

Manning played a big role in getting the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl in the 2003 season, setting up a touchdown with an interception of the Rams’ Marc Bulger in a divisional playoff game and intercepting Donovan McNabb three times in the NFC championship.

He was arrested and charnged with felony battery in 2006 after signing an offer sheet with the Bears, pleaded no contest, and was suspended for one game by the NFL.

He said he had been talking to the Raiders for “a couple of months,’’ and believes he can bring some experience and physicality to the secondary.

“I think bringing in a veteran guy like myself, whether I’m out there, whether I’m pushing guys, is going to help, because I’ve been a part of defenses that have been in the top five,’’ Manning said. “I’ve been to the Super Bowl, so I’ve seen what it takes. If I can bring that character, that image, that would be great.”

Tight end John Paul Fsochi was waived to make room for Manning.

More news, notes and quotes:

— Quarterback Jeff Garcia “left camp to take care of some personal business at home,’’ Cable said.

When asked if Garcia was assessing his future in football or with the Raiders, Cable said, “no, no. Nothing like that at all.’’ He said Cable could be back Sunday and hoped he would participate on some level on the field this week.

Cable said he was concerned by the amount of missed practice time, but wasn’t ready to address whether Garcia was still the backup quarterback or if he was on the verge of being pushed for that status by Gradkowski and Frye.

— Interesting exchange with Cable regarding the use of running back Darren McFadden.

When Cable was asked how close McFadden was to starting and carrying the ball more, Cable said, “I’d say pretty close.’’

When it was suggested fans might want to see McFadden get 20 touches a game, Cable said, “I was thinking more touches than that, but if they want 20, we’ll work on it.

Asked about getting McFadden into a groove with additional carries, Cable said, “I’ll tell you the same thing about Justin Fargas and Michael Bush, too. I’m not going to get into any of that. I know where we’re headed, and you’ll see when we get there.’’

Cable said the third preseason game might give a glimpse of how the running back rotation will actually work.

— Asomugha on what makes wide receiver Chaz Schilens so tough to cover: “He outworks everybody on the team and he’s been like that every since I met him. When he drops a pass he’s upset. He’s fighting, he’s feisty. He’s going to help out.’’

— Guard Robert Gallery said he expects to be turned loose this week in double sessions Tuesday and Wednesday with the 49ers and hopes to play Saturday in the second preseason game.

— A good half hour to 45 minutes after practice ended, quarterback Charlie Frye was by himself on one of the fields, throwing deep balls to a member of the support staff.

— LB Isaiah Ekejiuba said his shoulder briefly came out place when his hand hooked on the helmet of a defender, but that it was popped back in, there was no extensive damage and he thinks he’ll be back soon.

“I’m not worried about it,’’ Ekejiuba said. “I’ve got a lot more range of motion than yesterday. A couple of days and I’ll be good to go.’’

— Others who did not practice Saturday included WR Louis Murphy (hip), G Marcus Johnson (calf), C John Wade (stinger), DT Terdell Sands (quad), LB Isaiah Ekejiuba (shoulder) and Mitchell. Wide receiver Javon Walker continues to work out with trainers and tackle Khalif Barnes is out with a broken ankle.

— Higgins stepped in as the holder in place of Shane Lechler on a couple of field goal attempts by Ricky Schmitt.

— Walker said he expects to practice for the first time on Aug. 24 and hopes to play against the New Orleans Saints on Aug. 29.

— No confirmation from the Raiders regarding workouts for linebackers Morlon Greenwood or Derrick Brooks, as has been reported.

The Raiders are believed to be interested in Brooks in a backup role, but realize a more likely destination is New Orleans because of the proxminity to his home in Florida and familiarity with the NFC South.

— It was a tough day in some cases for practice highlights, given that many of the best team session drills were in areas with an obstructed view by the media. For some of those quick hits, check my Twitter page.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Manning’s getting beaten down by JLH.

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  • Crabdiva lighting it up in camp yet? boomerang.

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    THATS funny.

  • DarthPirate

    From Jerry Mac

    “Perfectly executed screen, Russell to Bush, would be fun to watch someone try to tackle him with that momentum.”

    Yeah well we wont won’t be able to see that because we have a coach that won’t play his best backs.

  • Florida Pete

    cable should be made to watch fargas’ goal-line dive 25 times…

    Fargas leaped… he hung in the air…

    (about a half second hang-time)…

    and landed on his face… short of the line of scrimmage…

    it was like watching Wile E Coyote play football…

  • Why he leaps Pete is beyond me. Have we ever seen it work? One time last year, a guy basically caught him and piledrived him face-first into the turf. And yet he still does it, amazing.

  • Nnamdi21
  • Nnamdi21

    409. Good for you! Kick azz and go raiders!

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    4evaRaider Says:
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    The Kc game is good 4 me lil


    KC’s D looked good. Uh oh…

    Their 3rd round pick performed well and bolstered the D. Some talent there. Hali, Pollard, Dorsey. They could do ok, but the O, I’m not so sure about. Cassel has a good arm, but was behind on a few throw and still hold the ball a fraction too long.

  • Nnamdi21

    3rd OVERALL pick at DE I meant to say

  • DarthPirate

    From David White:
    Ricky Manning beat by … Shawn Bayes? Perhaps not the impact signing as intended to strike fear into Routt. Practice ends.

    Jesus. Nice signing.

  • RaiderRon

    LOL @ Kush. Ok tough guy. Sorry your butt hurt over my comments. By the way, 560grand puts me on the lower end of the totem pole in my neighorhood, so Trump i aint.

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    3 headed monster?


    two monsters…

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    fargas needs to be number 3…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    If the Raiders are going to bench Morrison….they might as well try and trade him.

  • 560K low-end of totem poll, sounds like a nice area in Bothel maybe. I have lots of family in the Seattle surrounding area, but prices are nowhere near that high.

  • Kush

    # RaiderRon Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    LOL @ Kush. Ok tough guy. Sorry your butt hurt over my comments. By the way, 560grand puts me on the lower end of the totem pole in my neighorhood, so Trump i aint.

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  • jhill

    Yeah, I can see them trading Morrison. Better earlier than later. I wonder if we could get Philly to bite?

  • jhill

    Interesting that a SLB was brought in with no injuries to the SLBs, and Slade playing well. I think Brown’s days as a SLB are over and he is leading the MLB competition.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    To me, bringing that linebacker shows how much trouble we are in at that position(s).

    They brought in Franz Joseph, Chris O’Neill, Slade Norris, Stryker Sulak and are moving Brown/Morrison and Alston around.

    When you have no number 1….you have no number 1….

    That defensive line better step up big time

  • Kush

    Asomugha’s support helps Raiders land Manning Jr.
    By Steve Corkran
    Oakland Tribune
    Posted: 08/15/2009 09:03:51 PM PDT
    Updated: 08/16/2009 12:13:30 AM PDT

    Linebacker Jon Alston (foot), Asomugha (heel) and offensive lineman Mark Wilson (back) returned to practice. “… The Raiders released tight end John Paul Foschi to make room for Manning Jr. on the 80-man roster.
    Alston returned to practice today, so we’ll see if that counts for anything…

  • RaiderRon

    Ok Kush, real original. Been reading some of your posts and ummmm… where do I begin?

  • DesiraiderCA

    Hey everyone, my first time commenting in over a year. According to Raiderbeat, Morlon Greenwood just signed!! HOpefully he has something left in the tank!!

  • Kush

    You can begin by sticking your head back up your ass where you obviously spend most of your time judging by the comments you leave on here.

  • Kush

    Come widit it Hater Ron. lmfao. You’re a bleeping joke.

  • RaiderRon

    Ok, Kush, lets do this. Lets start with comment number 1 you disagree with…..

    ” The Raiders return to greatness is inevitable” LMFAO!!

  • jhill

    I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion SnB.

    Howard has WLB locked up, no problems there.

    Alston has the SLB spot, and Norris looked really good behind him. Greenwood is a camp body.

    I think they like Brown at MLB, and Ekejubiah(sp?) behind him. I think you might be right about them trading Morrison.

  • Kush

    It is Hater Ron. I truly believe that. just like the US economy will eventually rebound. Just like the Arizona Cardinals were in the Superbowl last year.

    Life goes in cycles. That’s the law of the universe buddy.

    The Raiders are intrinsically tied to the history and development of the NFL and Pro Football as a whole. We will be great again.

  • Crude Earl

    Kush….you’re wasting your time….the guy has to plead for explanations on how weight affects a QB’s performance.

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  • Kush

    Raider O you are 100% correct on that social analysis.

  • RaiderRon

    Plead for explanations?? Dont recall that convo

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    I just can’t get excited about a linebacking corps with Ricky Brown/Kirk Morrison and Jon Alston.

    I am all for giving guys a chance…but with our lackluster defensive line….we really need a monster in that linebacking corps.

    Al Davis would never let the cornerback or safety position go into a season without trying for some major upgrade like he has with the lack of starting talent that is currently in the front 7

  • RaiderRon

    So Kush….. How long you think that will take??

  • RaiderRon


    Oh come on now son, the Raider safeties have been garbage for YEARS!!!!

  • Florida Pete

    Raider O Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    J3ws can be any Nationality!!! It’s a religion and not a Nationality!!

    You can be a White J3w, a black one, Asains, South American, Arab, etc… All these races and Nationallyties can be J3ws!


    i believe an eskimo can be a J3w…

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    so say Peter-san…

  • Florida Pete

    RaiderRon Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    Oh come on now son, the Raider safeties have been garbage for YEARS!!!!


    only on the field…

    on paper… they were great !!!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    RaiderRon Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    Oh come on now son, the Raider safeties have been garbage for YEARS!!!!
    =======================================================I agree RaiderRon….but not for a lack of trying….just had too many busts at the position.

    But Al Davis drafted Michael Huff, Stuart Schweigart, Darnell Bing, Tyvon Branch, Mike Mitchell and brought in Gibril Wilson for a season….so its not for a lack of trying..

    What have we done at the linebacking position….specifically the SLB and MLB….or the DT for that matter?

    Yes Lefty and Priest…I am still b&@!#$….

  • Kush

    It depends on what your definition of greatness is. If you refer to a Vince Lombardi trophy, I’ll give it 3 years.

    If you mean perennial division champs like we were from 2000-2003, I say next season. With the state of the AFC West this season, we could sneak into the playoffs as a wildcard. Remember 8-8 WON THE DIVISION LAST SEASON.

    Fact not fiction.

  • Kush

    Raider Ron, you have the word Raider in your moniker. That gives the impression that you consider yourself to be some form of a Raider fan.

    I’ll give you that benefit of the doubt. You are sort of like the biblical account of the Prodigal Son,, lmao. You have sort of lost your way.

    Remember it’s never too late to come back home.

  • Florida Pete

    paging Jaspar Brinkley…

    please pick up the silver and black phone…

  • SnB,

    Don’t forget Gibson!

  • Florida Pete

    Raider O Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Don’t forget Gibson!


    why did you go and do that…

    he’s been trying to forget the son of a bitch for 3 years…