Gore flattens Brown


News, notes and quotes from the Raiders first practice Tuesday with the 49ers:

— The most impressive hit happened not in a full team session, but in a blocking drill. Forty-Niners running back Frank Gore not only walled off Raiders linebacker Ricky Brown in a pass rush drill, but put him on his back.

“Our coach really coached us up on that. He wants us to be very aggressive,” Gore said. “He really helped me a lot when he came in by (having me watch) the small things, taking the angles. I try to do my best to do whatever he tells me to do because I see that he’s helping my game a whole lot.”

Gore also unloaded on Kirk Morrison, although not to the same extent.

The coach? Tom Rathman, who coached Raiders running backs for the last two years and the man most responsible for turning Justin Fargas into an exceptional pass blocker and Darren McFadden into a good one.

Said Brown: “I came in too high. He’s a great blocker and I’ve got to learn from that.”

To his credit, Brown had some solid rushes after being pancaked and said he wasn’t offended by Gore’s enthusiasm afterward.

“Some guys like doing that kind of stuff, other guys are more just let’s get down to business,” Brown said. “It really doesn’t bother me. The stuff that goes on between the whistles is the stuff that wins games.”

Said Singletary, tongue-in-cheek: “I told Frank I was going to put him on the bus if he does that again. But he did a nice job. Frank is a guy, he gets excited about what he’s doing, and to me, his heart and his emotion and his enthusiasm is what this game is all about.”

— No surprise for Raiders best pass blocker among backs _ Lorenzo Neal stonewalled Parys Harrelson.

— Spent much of the morning practice watching the Raiders play defense against the 49ers. For the most part, the 49ers had the upper hand.

Linebackers, in particular, had trouble staying with 49ers backs coming out of the backfield. Raiders free safety Hiram Eugene made a nice center field break on an overthrow by Shaun Hill for an interception, and Stanford Routt dropped what would have been an easy pick.

— Although difficult to determine who gets the better of running plays in no-tackling drills, there were a handful of instances when Gore, Glen Coffee and Kory Sheets were getting a good head of steam right up the middle before being touched.

— Not surprisingly, the Raiders offense began to struggle with its passing game after Chaz Schilens left with what turned out to be a broken fifth metatarsal on his left foot.

Medical Web sites suggest Schilens would be out six weeks or more. That being the case, Schilens would likely miss the crucial three-game stretch to open the season against San Diego, Kansas City and Denver.

It also means the Raiders will probably open the season with two players _ Schilens and Khalif Barnes _ will be on the 53-man roster but unable to play when the season begins.

Asked if he thought he could play in the opener on Sept. 14, Schilens said, “If God works a miracle, we’ll see.”

— Worst case scenario? You don’t want to know. It’s considered a poor healing bone because of lack of blood flow. It could drag on past midseason or later. Rehab usually means not putting any weight on the foot at all, so conditioning will be an issue when Schilens returns.

— Before the extent of Schilens injury was learned, Cable said he felt good about the depth at receiver.

“We’re pretty deep back there when you look at us and see us,” Cable said. “Then you’re going to get Javon back in a week it looks like, so, I thinkwe’re OK. Hopefully Chaz is alright and we can get through this quickly.”

— When Javon Walker suits up Monday, it will be the first time in nine months since the last time he set foot on a practice field.

— Looks like full speed ahead for Robert Gallery, who is practicing with no restrictions.

— Derrick Brooks confirmed he visited the Raiders Monday to Sirius Satellite Radio. Morlon Greenwood was signed instead, who was better suited to a role as a special teams player and backup linebacker than an 11-time Pro Bowler.

— Got mixed reviews on the Raiders’ offensive performance, most of which I didn’t see. Darrius Heyward-Bey apparently dropped a few passes, although I saw him catch a corner route from Russell late in practice. Plan on watching offense more in the second session.

Those who missed practice were termed by Cable as the “normal crew”: Walker, WR Louis Murphy, T Khalif Barnes, C John Wade, G Marcus Johnson, LB Isaiah Ekejiuba and S Mike Mitchell.

— Additional practice highlights and quick hits available on my Twitter page.

Cable-Hanson, Day 2

The NFL will be asking questions about how it was that assistant coach Randy Hanson ended up in a Napa hospital.

“We are looking into it so we can understand the facts,” senior vice president of public relations Greg Aiello said Tuesday.

Cable again declined to answer questions about the matter, although on Monday he told ESPN’s Mark Schlereth that “nothing happened.”

When asked directly if that was the case, Cable said, “Nothing happened.”

Schlereth, by the way, played college football with Cable at Idaho.

Cable may have been better off sticking with “it’s an internal matter,” because “nothing happened” sounds ridiculous on its face when somebody went to the hospital.

Schlereth and Adam Schefter speculated on ESPN the matter could even give the Raiders some added resovlve.

More likely, they’ll ignore it altogether. Unless Cable is suspended, it’s just another strange day in the life of being a Raider.

“That’s for you guys to talk about,” left guard Robert Gallery said. “We have no idea what happened or if anything happened . . . rumors start real fast. We could start one now and it would change by tomorrow.”

Said defensive end Jay Richardson: “I haven’t been here long, but it’s been interesting. It’s my third year, and there’s never a dull moment . . . guys are like, `What happened? Oh.’ Then it’s back to work. Nothing surprises you any more.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Jerry, the NFL can’t look into it. The Raiders are handling it internally. Internally! Don’t you get it? It’s an internal problem. The police nor the NFL can get involved. The Raiders say so.


    Typical Raider bullshit that get’s in the way of winning. I hope we can put all this crap behind us and get on with winning football games. NO MORE DISTRACTIONS!

  • dtrain

    I like that Jerry is giving us updates, especially when he just sticks to the story, without his opinion. I don’t need to hear from him if Janikowski misses a FG, “Boink” or if Murphy isn’t practicing because of injury he doesn’t need to add “He’s not even working!” like it’s the end of the world. Just stick to the facts, give us the updates, the material writes itself.

  • Chris in NY

    # Chris in NY Says:
    August 18th, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    # The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    August 18th, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    Now the kool aid drinkers have a scapegoat for an inevitable, atrocious start this season. “We didn’t have Shillens. We didn’t have Shillens”.

    BTW, Jim Rome just killed Al Davis. Great impersonation.


    Why does it not surprise me that a lame-ass troll, such as yourself, likes to stroke Jim Rome’s cocknballz?

    Why don’t you and Rome hop on a tandem bicycle and ride it off a cliff?

  • tulare31

    omg can our team cleats change to Reebok???????? damn now Chaz is out….. yes I blame it on the cleats.. just like DMC did when he kept getting turf toes

  • 4evaRaider

    4evaRaider Says:
    August 18th, 2009 at 3:18 pm
    Silver-n-Black666 Says:
    August 18th, 2009 at 2:54 pm
    Freddie Mercury is a legend, gay or not that guy is one of the best musician and song writers that ever lived.

    I sat right in front of Brian May 1st row when I saw Queen.Brian May played with an English six-pence not a guitar pick and he gave me one!!!Excellent concert and yes Freddie was GREAT!!!

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    We need more toughness on D. Now Brown is learning from Gore? Great… Isn’t he supposed to be learning from our coaching staff? haven’t they been preaching LOW all camp long…? WTF

  • 4evaRaider I saw Queen in 1982

    Best show ever!!!

  • I don’t like that Mike Mitchell is part of the “normal crew”.

  • AZ Raider

    Gore is hard though. I expect that out of him.

    Anyway, B.Marshall getting his wish in Dever. Another positive for the Raiders. Just need some dysfunction to surface in SD and I’ll feel better about the Schilens crap.

  • “Cable may have been better off sticking with “it’s an internal matter,” because “nothing happened” sounds ridiculous on its face when somebody went to the hospital.”

    And you would have been better off choosing another career but you didn’t and now we are all stuck with you!

  • The Big Banana

    Schilens gets injured and our D gets worked over by the Niners, from what it sounds like. Then, sprinkle on some drops by DHB.

    Nothing like a little reality to kill my Raider buzz.

  • dtrain

    AZ Raider,
    what does that mean, Marshall is getting his wish? His wish for an extension, to be traded??

  • AZ Raider

    TRADED. Broncos said they will try and trade him as requested. They could not agree on a contract extention.

  • i dress in black

    Isn’t the metatarsal injury the same thing that is going to keep Yao Ming out of next season?

  • dtrain

    Thanks AZ!

  • 01rdrfan

    I kept hearing that Ricky Brown was looking good at MLB and that he is going to be really pushing Morrison for the starting job. But after seeing the game on Thursday, he looks really weak!! I saw him not only take a bad angle at Lattimore (Ray Lewis’ little brother) the Cowboys 3rd string RB but completely wiff on an easy tackle. Our Defence is going to need to add some more players for us to really compete for the division title and a shot at the playoffs.

  • RaidingTexas

    Well, I hope Javon works out now. This is clearly a devastating blow to the offense. Chaz is the best receiver.

  • destrilogy

    just great. now i can go home and cry.

  • MikieG

    How in the HELL>>>>>Do you break a bone in your foot running some crappy route that you have ran a thousand times before???????????
    Jesus H!
    This team is absolutely Cursed….The only guy who could actually go up, in traffic, put fear aside, and *believe it or not* catch the freakin ball–pulls up lame with a BROKEN GODDAMN BONE IN HIS FOOT??????!!!!!!!!!
    Im not even going to get into Cable Jacking the Jaw of an assistant, I was driving the other day after scouring the internet all day for Raider news and heard Nothing about it till Rush hour—And then My Jaw dropped…Absurd–This team is freaking cursed.
    I swear to God, someone better step up this year–else this team is going to be this bad for the next 20 goddamn years.

  • Kirk

    When I read about this 49ers – Raiders practice, I thought, uh, oh, that’s a bad idea, somebody will get hurt. Sure enough, we lose our best receiver. We really are the dumbest team in football.