Neal cut to make room for Baker


That the Raiders would bring back Rashad Baker, a productive special teams player and safety last season, is no surprise.

The person they cut to make room is a different story.

Fullback Lorenzo Neal, a 17-year veteran and regarded as one of the premiere blockers at his position, was cut. Neal didn’t finish the first practice because of a hamstring pull.

Coach Tom Cable said Neal’s departure was the club’s decision, and not a voluntary retirement.

It means the club is confident enough in the health of Oren O’Neal, a third-year player who missed all of last season with a knee injury, to make him their lead fullback.

Keeping both O’Neal and Neal would be difficult in that they are the same style of player, meaning a younger player who can catch such as Marcel Reece, or a fullback/halfback such as Gary Russell, would have be sacrificed.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Richochet

    jhill Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 7:48 pm
    The guy completed over 60% of his passes the last part of the season. Led our team to 2 big wins to close out the season. Looked like he picked right up where he left off from last year. As soon as he gives me a reason to think he won’t make it as our QB, I will have no problem moving on.
    Bush bailed out the TB game, and both Houston and TB had injury problems with their defense.
    Call it like it is.

    Ok, fine, let’s call it like it is. Russell was the worst starting qb in the league last year. Worst in passing yards. Worst is 3rd down conversions.

    So…off season…what exactly does Russell do to be better? To show he’s a leader? To live up to his #1 pick?
    GAINS WEIGHT..and admits it..stating he came into camp out of shape.
    You’re ok with that?
    No, not talking about him hanging out with 100,000 worth of bling hanging on him..belly hanging out..talking about him showing up, letting the team, and the fans know he’s serious.

    He didn’t.

    While Garcia, and most of the team, was running from drill to drill in mini-camps, Russell was walking.

    Oh..BTW..you said “laid back attitude, fat, mink coats, and other non football related stuff”

    Laid back attitude and being FAT are football related, and at this point it’s painting a picture many don’t want to see..well..except you through those rose colored (read: BLIND) glasses.

  • Silver-n-Smac

    # Norco Bob Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    terp you twerp,…you know nothing…i promise you the niners will end up with a much better record,..singletary is hardcore,..our coach is a fat, puppet made of blubber.


    Dude, do you hate life THAT much?

    I’ve never seen so much freakin’ negativity in my life. So, let me get this straight:

    1. You think the players on this team are junk.

    2. You think the head coach is junk and “fat”

    3. You think the owner is junk.

    So. . . .tell me again why exactly you choose to root for this team? You know, there are 31 others you could choose to your liking.

    Dudes like you give a bad name to the NATION.

    And another thing.

    J-Russ. . . .13 TD’s, 8 Int.

    Go compare that to Aikman’s, Elway’s, S. Young’s, and P. Manning’s rookie years.

    J-Russ made way less mistakes in his “rookie” year than any of those dudes did.

    Hell, Manning thew 26 picks! Aikman won 1 game & lost 15.

    I doubt there were chants of “how ’bout them cowboys” after that rookie year.

    But, I’m sure there were a ton of pessimistic dudes like you and Brien the General who ripped the team to shreds, only to come hoppin’ on the bandwagon when the cowgirls started winning games.

    You people are a disgrace to real fans.

    I have no problem with being objective and calling it as it is when we have a weakness.

    But, to constantly make these stupid generalizations when we haven’t even played a game yet, is so freakin’ amateur.

  • Nnamdi21

    Yeah this caught me by surprose a little. Either Neal is finsihed or one of our other guys is progressing.

  • Nnamdi21

    How big a role WILL Marcel Reese play?


  • omniscience

    I saw Reece aganist Dallas look like had He some get-up for a full back Lorenzo looked pretty slow will miss the Leadership but need to get the best 53 we can’

    As for Russell he is laid back that how he is i heard Schillens taking how he is the same in the huddle calm & cool some guys are like lets go RA RA and others are just lets just play that russells approach nothing wrong with that.. Singaltary is mister hardnose yell master so they did good in practice I did not see anything special aganist Denver we will whip them up Saturday and all the boys will be back saying how good we look ect…

  • DKnight007

    jhill Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 7:42 pm
    Cooper Carlisle and his drive killing penalties are more of a concern to me than Russell.

    ^^^^^They need give Marcus Johnson some more reps with the first team Offense at RG.

    They should have cut Luke Lawton instead of Lorenzo Neal…..Lo Neal is tough as nails, has balls, plays hard and is a LEADER!

    If the Old Man picks up one more freakin DB….I’m gonna PUKE!

    They need to pick tough as nails D-Linemen who play with nastiness and intensity!