Hanson hasn’t pressed charges


Talked with Lt. Brian McGovern of the Napa Police Department, who said there has been no change in the case in which a 41-year-old assistant coach was hospitalized after an altercation with another coach.

In other words, Randy Hanson, identified as the assistant coach who was treated for injuries, has not yet spoken to the authorities about pressing charges against Tom Cable. A report in the National Football Post says that could happen soon.

The next step after Hanson talks to police?

“If the victim were to come forward and indicate he wanted to pursue the case criminally, we would conduct an investigation which would include any potential witnesses,” McGovern said. “We’d gather that information, get it to the district attorney for review and determine if the case warranted the filing of charges.”

So stay tuned . . .

Won’t be at practice today, but will pass along any response from Cable (not likely) as well as practice highlights as relayed by beat writer Steve Corkran.

Corkran said there are nearly enough players in caps who aren’t practicing to field two baseball teams _ CB Nnamdi Asomugha (heel), S Michael Huff (hip), RB Justin Fargas, CB Stanford Routt, CB Jason Horton (turf toe), S Mike Mitchell (hamstring), LB Isaiah Ekejiuba (shoulder), LB Thomas Howard (said he had back spasms on his Twitter page Tuesday), DT Gerard Warren, T Khalif Barnes, TE Zach Miller, WR Chaz Schilens (foot), WR Javon Walker (PUP), TE Tony Stewart and DE Greg Ellis.

Schilens, who had surgery Wednesday, and Warren were the only two who didn’t appear to be at the practice site.

It’s only a matter of paperwork, but the Raiders apparently officially put Lorenzo Neal on injured reserve and did not release him, according to a source who saw how the transaction was listed. Neal missed the first practice Wednesday with a hamstring injury.

The injured reserve designation means Neal is due some cash as an injury settlement so he can then be free to sign with anyone else if he wants to keep playing.

Blog problems

I have no idea what the problems are regarding posting comments on the blog. On-line sports editor Jon Becker tells me the appropriate technical wizards have been informed. Things sometimes move slowly around here, however . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderMario420

    good lookin’, no more infield or trolls. go Raiders

  • DirtyBathWater

    Thanks Jerry for addressing the blogg page but cmon bro im sure most of us fans in here could careless about this hanson, cable thing…..what’s going on in practice, that is the most important thing now. We need to know if we got them niners back from the other day…….any one have the link to david whites twitter reports?

  • Nnamdi21

    This is the part where we all devour each other over how we love or hate Al Davis.

    Get a clue grow a pair.

    Support your club or take a fukin hike.

    We’ve been in this, we’re still in this and it won’t change till we make it happen.

    Be positive. Support your players and coaches as we lock down and kick ass…

  • Nnamdi21
  • Nnamdi21

    KoolKell Says:
    August 20th, 2009 at 4:38 pm
    Norco Bob Says:
    August 20th, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    Kell when Im drunk stoned and on pills Im still smarter tne you will ever be. Obviously.
    Of course that’s the problem with alcoholics isn’t it? They think they’re funny and clever, when they really aren’t.



    The Problem is we should and don’t have compassion. We should ask what happened to Bob. Why is he in pain? Why does he take all that meidcation?

    Maybe he sees the lack of compassion adn thinks you know what? What a bunch of Aholes. Why should I care about them when no ones cares about my misery.

    It can make a person indifferent and moody…

    Just sayin’…

  • RaiderMario420

    exactly nnamdi. love him or hate him, Mr. Davis IS the Raiders.

    it was that way when all of you became Raider fans and has always been that way.

    cry all the rivers you want to yourself over Mr. Davis’ eccentricities, and then build a bridge and get the f over it.

    or get the f out.

    either player hate or celebrate, but the Raider Nation doesn’t need any whiners, that’s what the other side of the bay is for.

  • Sweep The Leg.

    new thread

  • Raiderallday

    I love Al Davis, the best thing that ever happened to the NFL. He is the NFL!