Cable only talking about Raiders-49ers


A few news and notes from Friday’s walkthrough as the Raiders prepare to face the 49ers Saturday night:

— Coach Tom Cable declined comment regarding the news that the Napa Police Department has reopened the investigation of the alleged assault of a Raiders assistant coach by another member of the staff. Numerous reports have named Randy Hanson as the injured coach and Cable as the alleged attacker.

Cable said Thursday the club was handling the matter internally and that when the facts were known, “Everything will be fine.”

Hanson has not gone on record, nor has his reported attorney, John McGuinn, who could not be reached for comment.

The investigation means the Napa Police Department will be interviewing potential witnesses and form a matter of record from which the NFL can use as a starting point for its own investigation for potential discipline.

— Darren McFadden will start against the 49ers at running back, which means Michael Bush will get his chance against New Orleans. Cable said Thursday each of three running backs would get a start.

— If Ricky Brown has overtaken either Kirk Morrison at middle linebacker or Jon Alston at strong side linebacker, you won’t be able to notice it by Saturday night’s starters. Thomas Howard will open on the weak side, Morrison in the middle, and Alston on the strong side.

— Rookie defensive end Matt Shaungnessy, who has missed the last three days of practice with a foot sprain, will not face the 49ers.

— Cornell Green left practice Wednesday after being poked in the right eye and did not practice Thursday, but will be able to start against San Francisco.

— Louis Murphy is looking forward to getting his first start alongside fellow rookie Darrius Heyward-Bey.

“Hey, we gotta step up. We gotta play,” Murphy said. “We gotta come out and we gotta play to the best of our ability. It’s a sharp learning curve. You have to really pick up on the playbook and pick up on the coverages, and just go out and just do what you know.”

Murphy seemed unfazed by the talk that it was his trash-talking that got the 49ers fired up for their goal line dismantling of the Raiders passing game Wednesday morning.

“That doesn’t change my approach, man,” Murphy said. “And I’m sorry if I stepped on any toes, man, but I’m just trying to fit in this league. And it that’s by keeping my mouth closed a little longer, that’s what it is. But I’m just happy to be here, man. I’m ready to go to work.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • hey thec!!! Nope to san jose dude 408 is fine!! Ill be sitting by the jumbotron second deck tonight!! Cant wait to go get my tailgate on!!

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    408, you know why i said san jose dude? thats what norco bob called you one day…..

    Enjoy yourself Bro…….

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    Teabag, You going to the game or watching it from home?

  • Florida Pete


    jhill Says:
    August 22nd, 2009 at 8:56 am
    The National Football Post story cited unidentified sources who gave a detailed account of what seemed to be Hanson’s side of the story. The sources said Cable knocked Hanson out of his chair and into a cabinet, choked him on the ground and threatened twice to kill him before other coaches broke it up.


    Have you guys noticed that even Hanson side of the story doesn’t say Cable hit him in the jaw. Even his side refers to him hitting a cabinet. The guy broke his jaw falling into a cabinet on his own. He tripped over his untied shoe.

    And this additional choked him out story is laughable. I think that would’ve been noted in the medical report.


    there’s choking…

    and then there is a sincere attempt to keep a man’s head from falling off…

    can this jury possibly know which of these things were on Mr. Cable’s mind ???

    can anyone on God’s green earth possibly presume that Mr. Cable, universally known for his compassion and kindness…

    especially toward those of us without talent…

    i would like to mention Kwame Harris as an example of his kindness to the physically handicapped and the mentally challenged…

    would, or even could, possibly act in a manner that could harm poor Mr. Hanson???

    the defense rests…

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    Bob is a Ruh-tard!