49ers 21, Raiders 20



SF–Delaney Walker 1-yard pass from Nate Davis (Walker pass from Huard), 14:57

SF_Alex Romero 28-yard field goal, 11:16

SF_Kory Sheets 5-yard run (Romero kicks PAT), 8:54.

Oak_Charlie Frye 14-yard run (Frye pass incomplete), 3:30


Getting in position to head down the field at the two-minute warning . . .

— Raiders take over at 23-yard-line with 2:20 remaining after forcing 49ers three-and-out, but on re-kick following 49ers penalty, Nick Miller fumbles the ball, with Reggie Smith recovering from San Francisco.

The 49ers take over, run one play, and the two-minute warning arrives with San Francisco at the Oakland 26.

— Brandon Myers makes another great catch, this one a 31-yard pass downfield from Frye under traffic to the 22. Frye finds Nick Miller for 14 yards to the 8.

Frye’s 13-yard scramble puts the Raiders at fourth-and-goal at the 1, but coach Tom Cable challenged the call, believing Frye had scored on the play. The successful challenge tacked on another yard and got the Raiders the touchdown.

To Cable’s credit, he went for two, but Frye threw one up for grabs and incomplete on the two-point conversion.

— Frye’s first pass is intercepted by Carlos Thomas, with Davis hitting Jason Hill to the 10-yard line on the first play following the turnover.

The 49ers convert at 8:54 with Sheets taking a toss to the right and scoring from the 5. Sheets has 34 yards on seven carries and the 49ers have rushed for 261.

— The 49ers drive 19 yards in six plays after McKillop interception, with Raiders holding and forcing a 19-yard field goal to tie the core.

— Gradkowski, after perfect 158.3 rating in third quarter (3-for-3, 44 yards, 1 TD), is picked on his first throw of the fourth quarter by Scott McKillop, giving 49ers the ball at the 29.

— Davis capped an 80-yard, 11-play drive with a 1-yard pass to Walker, then found Walker for the two-point conversion to bring the 49ers within 3.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • armond

    this also a team in progress so we need to step it up all the way around. we are not a superbowl team ready to go. we are tryin develope guys so its important they play up to par.

  • 17 Bob Trey O

    Dmac, Bush & Fargas get less than 3 yards a carry combined? Thast is as big a concern as the run D. Whats up with this posting too fast cr@p? The gerbil powering the server getting tired?

  • Armond

    Chill bro, never once called you a hater. Say what you will, but try to keep some perspective my friend. If you fly off the handle this easy, you may want to check yourself. People are going to disagree with you in life, it’s not a personal attack, it’s called a difference of opinion.

    JaMarcus made a couple of mistakes, but in the grand scheme of things had a decent game. You choose to focus on the negative as if you have experience in this situation and you can coach JaMarcus up. Give me a break man.

    I DISAGREE WITH YOU. Now get over it and get used to it, it’s called life. It would suck if we all agreed.

    No hard feelings though, so get off your attitude trip.

  • Lefty

    No attck intended, I guess I just come off as an asshole :). I was actually thinking of Armond not you.

    I never said JaMarcus shouldn’t make that pass, I just think it is a blip on the big picture. Hopefully he will make those throws in games that mean something, learning from his mistakes.

    My concern is not JaMarcus but the Run D. Anyone that is tripping on Russell instead of the run d wasn’t paying close enough attention to this game.

    I really dig those Clapton cd’s where he does all Robert Johnson songs. Killer blues.

  • Armond

    One step at a time my friend. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • RaiderNsuede


    Man that is a lot of talk about 1 incomplete pass. You ever play in the NFL or High School for that matter? Some of you armchair quarterbacks kill me. You act is if you have been there and done that, yet the truth is you probably get winded walking to the bathroom.

    Most of the haters here haven’t stepped on the field I feel u on that. Jamarcus played well in fact he’s getting better 5 different completions to 5 different receivers and a TD. We need to start Jay Rich at the R DE or move Kelly there and start Boschetti with Gerrard Warren with Greg on the L DE and rotate Joseph, Bryant with Shaugnessy and a possible free agent pick up.

  • He Hate Me

    Lee Hammer? You dropped the ball! Fuk your demographics! Gary Radnich!!!? Jeez! You sound like a retard, finish your sentences!, and get rid of that fukking clown Dan! It’s horrible having to listen to him cut in ALL THE TIME!! KNBR IS IN THE SHITTER RIGHT NOW!!! RALPH? TOM? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • priesttj

    As much as I blasted our run defense our pass defense looks like it could be much better. T Kelly looks ready and Warren was better. I’m hoping that Shaughnessey steps up at RDE.

    And shocker of all shockers the Oline looked good.

  • amen RaiderNsuede

    whatever it takes to shore up the run d, now is the time before the regular season starts.

    Nice points about JaMarcus btw…

  • RogRaiderFan

    can you name a QB from the 07 draft class that is lighting it up at qb quinn,edwards,beck,kolb,stanton, nope. yes some people think football is like playing john madden did anyone expect russ to have 28tds last year. let the guy play as long as he gets better every day stop whining, and he played better then san frans qbs

  • lefty12

    Dogg-that my friend is one fantastic cd.(hope you don’t mind the my friend ).and no,you don’t-usually-lol

  • armond

    dogg now u being a bitch. i didnt have an attitude a how small of u to feel the need to lecture me on how to respond. seems like u need to take your own advice.
    u also seem to think that im down russell im not. this
    is the first time i have been critical of him and brought up his td pass which failed to see earlier.

  • Thec07

    BHP, What up Bro. I was flapping my guys about the rookie WR’s how did they look to you? DHB, and murphy?

  • Lefty

    Of course “my friend” is appropraite and appreciated. The DVD that accompanies that Clapton cd is pretty sweet too.

    “no,you don’t-usually-lol”

    Tell that to my wife 😉

  • Look,

    I dont care if the Problem is Scott, DTs, DEs, MLB, or the entire Defense.
    I just want it Fixed!!!!!!

    FIX THE RUN DEFENSE, so we can help our young offense!!!!!

  • Brien the General

    Russell didnt do bad IMO. HE will need to work on his accuracy still. He was slight above average tonite but damn that first pass was awful

  • Armond

    If it makes you feel better to be an internet tough guy than feel free. Certainly shows your level of intelligence if that’s all you’ve got.

    If this is how you handle adversity in life I really feel sorry for you.

  • lefty12

    everyone should be listening to the post game show on KSFO.even though a lot of you think G.Atkinson doesn’t know sh!t,he makes soooooo much sense.

  • Terrapin

    In all honesty I think SF helped us more than they helped themselves. It was weird as hell to watch them run the same damn play over and over again. It just put a red flag on one spot. I started to wonder if they actually game planned this game.

    Calling all those run plays all game long did nothing to figure out what QB you’re going to go with reg season. SF failed their objective.

  • Thec07

    Brien, what did u see in our young Wr’s specifaclly DHB, and Murphy

  • What up Brien?

    I chalk up that first pass to nerves. I have seen many qb’s be a little jumpy at the beginning of games, including folks like Brett Favre.

    I am not saying he shouldn’t have made that pass, I am just saying it is not indicative of his performance overall. Some people just get all butt hurt when you disagree with them. This is why many people don’t like me, I don’t bite my tongue and I can be brutally honest. Fukk em if they can’t take it, no sweat off my sack ya know?

  • D Bryant should compete with Jay and Matt S to play Base End, and Ellis and Scott should play RE. Scott should be used as a pass rusher for now.

  • armond

    people can make their own evaluations of russell without being biased.who the hell says this has to be like madden? even his supporters have the right point out his mistakes. and please dogg talkin down to someone like u so much better is personal attack. callin u buddy is a personal attack, thats laughable!!
    rome wasnt built in a day but even al davis said he russells progress was 2 slow. but i guess he plays madden so he dont know shit. btw madden sucks.its the same game every year and far from realistic. we all know 2k5 was better.

  • Terrapin

    I heard a 9er on the postgame say that they gameplanned for this game and saw the same thing during the game that they saw all week on film.

    Then, after the 9ers punter had been sitting since the 1st quarter, he was summoned to punt late in the 4th quarter. Clearly this game meant more to the 9ers for whatever reason. Guarantee Singletary would not have gone for 2 and the win like Cable did.

  • lefty12

    Terrapin,did you hear how on the PG show they mentioned that the whiners wanted to work on their pass off. but since it wasn’t working they deserted it and started running.seems like they cared more about winning a practice game than working on things they needed to work on.

  • jhill

    Too bad for Kirk, now we won’t be able to get anything in a trade.

  • Armond

    You still crying? Be a man and get over it. I disagreed with you, THATS ALL! Quit crying. What are you 13 years old? Come on.

  • Bryant is 6’5 290+, and he has a great burst. Play him at Base End, and move Ellis to RE.

    I think he ran 4.8 which is great for a kid his size.

  • Lefty

    Excellent point

  • jhill

    Same play Dallas ran last week with so much success. Big 70 was in the hole, and the right side was getting killed. Let’s hope the “fix” isn’t just to coach up Scott. He is too small, not fast enough, and not strong enough. He’s not even getting a push on the pash rush. It’s like the extra weight has cost him a step.

  • Terrapin

    Yeah. I heard Atkinson mention it. I can just remember as I was watching the game ..thinking, ‘why are they running this exact play over and over?’ ..it just didn’t make much sense to me. Unless you were more concerned about winning than about working on YOUR weaknesses or figuring your team out.

    SF simply highlighted to our coaches just how much of an issue RDE is vs the run.

  • Jhill

    On the flipside Ellis looks like serious upgrade over Burgess. He seems to get upfield pressure quite a bit.

  • jhill

    And Jay Richards is not playing that well at LDE that we should think he is the answer this year. He’s in a perfect spot backing up Ellis. Let’s hope Shaugnessy is the answer. If not, we need to make a trade TONIGHT!

  • lefty12

    people are here biotching about our run D.the 1st thing Cable mentioned was how we left 21 points off the board in the 1st qtr.if we score those 21 pts. would the opponent be able to run all night?and if they did,and still only got 3 points,would it matter?

  • jhill

    Not worried about the left side of the D at all. Kelly and Ellis look real good.

    I agree with you on that Dogg!

  • armond

    dogg u so full of shit. u got offened by 1 comment over his first pass and then try to act like u so smart.haha u sound like a girl. hell u were hurt by a comment not directed towards you. what adversity? u being so condescending for nothing is not adversity at all. im no more of an internet tough guy than u tryin to be. fukk it, aint no sweat off my back cuz i dont bite my tongue either.

  • Terrapin


  • jhill

    21 pts on the board?

    I missed that!

    What 21 pts did we leave off the board? The over throw to Murphy?

    What else Lefty?

  • Armond

    No you just cry like a little girl. I was NEVER offended or hurt by what you said, just called it like I saw it. Too bad you got sooo butt hurt over it.

    Keep on tripping though, you seem to be very good at it and eager to do so.

    Some of these younger cats on here really crack me up…

  • jhill

    Garcia’s overthrow of Miller.

  • priesttj

    Thec07, I thought both rookie WR’s showed why the coaches are so high on them. Theyb turned a probowl corner every way but looose. DHB had them on two routes but Russell was pressing and Murphy was beating his man consistently. JLH beat Clments so bad he had to grab him.

    I’ve said it many times, by midseason this passing game will start to really take off and you saw some of that tomnight these kids beat some of the best cover corners in the game.

  • Russell’s numbers tonight translate to a 114.2 quarterback rating if anyone really cares…

  • jhill

    Regardless though Lefty,

    In the context of your question, no it doesn’t really matter about the yards if we can keep them out of the end zone in the end.

    But for the 49rs to be able to run that same play over and over was ridiculous. Just shouldn’t happen.

  • lefty12

    that’s what Cable said.we should have had 21 points in the 1st qtr.could be he was talking about multiple points on a single drive.i just repeated what he said.

  • armond

    the oline was bullied in the run game all night. problem on d is we enough game changing plays like the one brown got. they cant get off the field enough for my tatse. we can say its only preseason but youd like to see some kind of improvement from previous seasons.

  • RaiderNsuede

    The OLine played pretty well, and it’s too bad for Kirk but it gives others opportunity to step up.

  • NoMoreFargas

    I swear if we could just quit with the holding and false start calls inside the redzone my god they make it so hard to score td 1 and 10 from the 15 sure seems to turn into 3 and 25 from the 30 nice td but man if we could just cut down on are mistakes that would be half the battle.

  • “the oline was bullied in the run game all night”

    What game were you watching?

  • Thec07

    BHP, I felt that before the game and stated as such that our rooks would have a good game. I stated
    as much So i dont have to come in here and eat crow.

    DHB, and Murphy are good, and are going to get better.
    Like i said earlier today I would start both rooks against SD, Provided that walker is not up to par….

  • Thec07

    BHP, forgot, thanks for the response …