Hawkins in, Parker out


The Raiders waived wide receiver Samie Parker and added defensive back Michael Hawkins to the roster, according to the transactions page at Raiders.com.

An Oklahoma product, Hawkins has been with Green Bay (fifth-round draft pick), Cleveland, Minnesota, Dallas and Tampa Bay. He was cut by Dallas on Aug. 17, signed with the Bucs two days later, and then released.

Hawkins played 11 games with Green Bay in 2005 and seven with Cleveland in 2006. He has one career start.

I’ll have a post-practice blog later. The Raiders practice today at 3:30 p.m. and Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m., their final practice in Napa.

Will have practice updates on my Twitter page.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Richochet

    Brien the General Says:
    August 26th, 2009 at 6:32 pm
    # Richochet Says:
    August 26th, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Brien..you need help, kid.

    From BaltimoreSun:
    “Considered a marginal first round pick with second-round grades, Heyward-Bey seized the moment in Lucas Oil Stadium with a 4.30 time in the 40.

    Here, Dummy, here’s pretty much, AS STATED, most of the concensus

    Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 210.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.33.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.30.
    Vertical: 38.5. Broad: 10-6.
    Projected Round (2009): Top 7-40 Pick.
    2/23/09: Darrius Heyward-Bey is a great player. Well, at least in Al Davis’ eyes. DHB won’t make it past Oakland in Round 2, thanks to a 4.30 40.

    YES, LMFAO..”won’t make it past Oakland IN ROUND 2″

    Round TWO, fool..and here your dumbasses took him at #7.

    Want more? I can rub it in, over and over and over, if you like..

    Oh..and who is the # 1 choice of almost EVERYONE??

    You can figure it out, can’t you?

    This is why you are stupid! You said EVERYONE. Do you know what that means?

    Typical slapped on like a bitch reply.

    I just torched your silly ass, and all you come up with is “you said EVERYONE”.
    Try and follow the dots, fool.

    Crabtree..pretty much EVERYONE had his as #1 receiver.
    Got that fool?

    Bey? Pretty much EVERYONE had his as #3 best WR..late first round, more likely second round.

    See links again, fool.

    Ok, riddle me this, peanut.


    Well? Find your balls and answer.

    AND..why, on EVERY Raider board, did posters totally freak when the Raiders took Bey? TONS WERE SO PISSED OFF..

    Why is that fool?

  • Brien the General

    I wanna hear the excuses on down

  • Brien the General

    Many Raider people wanted a damn lineman is why Bitchochet

  • Brien the General

    49ers do no slapping. You bitches get slapped.

    You are getting drilled and tried to pull one over on an assassin like myself. It works on others but not with me. Using a draft mock site for your evidence was weak when other draft sites said the complete opposite of what you said. Only an idiot like you thinks you actually are saying anything worth a damn. Its obvious your hatred of the Raiders clouds your judgement.

    Notice none of us go to your little queer baiting blog? This is your Super Bowl because the 49er auara is garbage and comepletely boring

  • Brien the General


  • Brien the General

    AURA* for post 155 lol

  • raider91

    Our 7th round pick schilens is better than morgan and craptree. STFU bi*ch go to niners website and debate there, it will make u feel better.

  • Brien the General

    Hey did you know the Giants were heavily interested in DHB if he was there in the first round? No because you don’t do the real research on things. Just like SF lovers. Ignore the facts and make some bullshit up

  • Brien the General

    Raider91, no let him stay. He further proves the notion that whiner fans are clueless bandwagon idiots who know nothing about football

  • your little queer baiting blog



  • Brien the General

    Wait wait wait Bitchochet, even another reputable big city paper like the Baltimore Sun said he was a mid first rounder. Ok let me guess its B-more and they will support their own. come on I hear all the excuses before you say them

  • raider91

    I guess it was to much for him,is the little troll gone?

  • raider91

    Hes probably gonna post a big ass essay like a little bich.

  • Brien the General

    And here goes the killer. Everyone this is how you beat the 49er faithful down just watch……………….

    From 1946 to 1980 SF was a joke.In the late 1970s the NFL was heavily concerned about the failing franchise in SF. The NFL powers paid AL DAVIS to find a suitable owner who would brings a winning franchise to the city. Not only did Al get the Debartilos in the door he suggested their coach.

    Wait wait wait wait there. You mean to tell me Al Davis is responsible for the 49ers being a successful franchise that they were in 80s and 90s? Without al Davis the 49ers are a tragic joke that never wins the big one(like the Sf Giants)?

    49er fans need to know Al is your daddy and he made you

  • Brien the General

    49ers now say……….. “Thank you Al Davis for saving us. Without you all everyone would know about SF is Haight/Ashbury and the spread of the AIDS virus”

  • Brien the General

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  • Brien the General

    Brien<———–has just left the building………..bye

  • Why you gotta throw the Giants in there man? That’s my squad.

  • How many people are on jerry’s twitter account? Does David White have more? I’m curious.

  • Brien the General

    wow the mods are at it lol

  • CJ Legend 34

    Ah Hah!!! It is a trick Hawkins is really Charles Woodson in disguise. He is back man!!!! The Wolverine special plays are back in the defensive schemes.

    Woodson is back, woodson is back…Am I dreaming???

  • Terrapin

    I’ll ask again ….Does Terrell Owens look fluid? NO. Would you consider Terrell Owens a great catcher? NO.

    He doesn’t look “fluid” and he catches balls with his body – often doubling catching balls. Yet he makes plays. He’s your go-to guy. He’s the playmaker.

    Food for thought next time you all feel obligated to overly criticize DHB – a rookie nonetheless.

  • David White has 2,037 to Jerry’s 1,944. Come on Jerry, you gotta hype yourself more and get out there.

    From Mike Mitchell’s twitter:

    Battle for the bay!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamean!

    11:23 AM Aug 22nd from

    Kirk Morrison has Oprah and Russell Simmons as his “following” and looks all business like, while Darren McFadden just has a bunch of girls leaving lame messages like it’s myspace or something. Louis Murphy is quoting scripture on his page. Kind of interesting this tweeter thing.

  • Terrapin

    Just get DHB the damn ball – enough is enough. Get the red Lambo out the garage man. Let ’em get loose.

  • Vegas,

    You said M Mitchell the WR from Nevada wasn’t that good, but I just watched him play for the Skins and he looked good.

    It’s OK!! I thought Frantz was gonig to make the team as a backup MLB. lol

  • From Tom Howard’s twitter:

    9:24 PM Aug 20th: I just enjoyed a very funny Rookie Night. The Raiders 2009 rookies great job!!

    9:01 AM Aug 21st the rookie WR’s, which of course included DHB, part of their act included dancing to the Men In Black song by Will Smith. And DHB danced with some emotion it was cool


    Well all right, the kid can dance!!!!!! All worries relieved, lol.

  • Can’t win ’em all O

  • Terrapin

    If Russell & DHB connected on that first bomb vs Dallas you all would be screamin’ how great he looks. If Russell & DHB connected over the middle vs SF and he promptly ran in for 6, you all would be wetting your pants over the thrill of this combination.

    Murphy et al would be a second thought. (No disrespect to Murphy of course – just stating the facts).

  • Terrapin

    Anyway, by the tweets it looks like DHB had a great practice. He dropped a ball but so did Murphy (somehow his gets highlighted everywhere while Murphy’s et al is down played ….even Walker dropped a ball).

  • I love being a fan, I can say and predict some crazy things, and no one cares!!

  • jhill

    Didn’t see any JLH updates from the twitter studs.

    Nick Miller seems to be rebounding.

  • Richochet

    Terrapin Says:
    August 26th, 2009 at 7:23 pm
    If Russell & DHB connected on that first bomb vs Dallas you all would be screamin’ how great he looks. If Russell & DHB connected over the middle vs SF and he promptly ran in for 6, you all would be wetting your pants over the thrill of this combination.

    Richochet: And it snowed in my kitchen I can snowboard off my sink..but it didn’t happen.
    Neither did the “first bomb”..because Bey did, in the NFL, what he did in college, which was DIDN’T FIGHT FOR THE BALL..hell..he did nothing. Defenders went for it, but Bey made zero effort.

    Why bother to say “IF he caught a pass AND scored a td”??

    He didn’t.
    Wasn’t close.

    He’s far from a threat, so give it up.

    Oh, and save the ‘OMG..he CAUGHT A BALL”. That’s what WR’s are supposed to do..catch balls..even score td’s..receivers and rb’s.
    Except your #7 pick is playing like a walkon scrub.

  • 6 WRs:
    – Chaz ( Go Aztecs!!! )
    – DHB
    – JLH
    – Walker
    – Murphy
    – Miller

    2 TEs:

  • 1FB:


  • I want to keep Rankin over Reece and Stewart.

  • We can put Reece on the PS in case OO gets injured.

  • WTF wheres the fix???

  • I agree 408 I need my fix too