Curtain draws on Napa camp

News and notes from the Raiders last training camp practice in Napa:

— Training camp 2009 ended with Todd Watkins making a sprawling catch in the end zone to culiminate a successful two-minute drill by the second team offense.

It was third-and-9, Jeff Garcia had driven the offense to the 26-yard line and 17.8 seconds remained.

Defensive coordinator John Marshall yelled, “No TDs!”

Sorry, John.

For the most part, however, coach Tom Cable thinks he and his staff got what they wanted out of 33 practice sessions behind the Napa Marriott.

“We hd a goal coming up here, and that was to leave here a better team, closer, and I think we’ve accompished that,” Cable said.

— Practice was in shorts and shells and wasn’t as grueling as Wednesday’s two and a half-hour marathon, but it was once again a very good practice for the Raiders passing game.

The JaMarcus Russell over the last two days bears no resemblence to the Russell who left footballs strewn all over the field during OTAs and minicamps, or even the Russell of last week who kept finding Nate Clements instead of his own teammates.

There was Russell hitting lobbing a completion to Michael Bush against Napoleon Harris, Russell finding Louis Murphy wide open over the middle, or throwing a dart into the corner of the end zone to Darrius Heyward-Bey against Justin Miller.

In red zone team drills and seven-on-sevens, it looked the way a passing offense is supposed to look against scout team defenders _ lots of touchdowns and completions.

“You have guys that are attacking the ball and making the catch look easy,” Russell said. “We’re getting there. It’s a process and we’re going through it together. It’s not like it’s one person’s job. Everybody’s job has to be done in order to get there. We’re on our way.”

— In the drive before Garcia led the Raiders to a touchdown in a two-minute drill to end camp, Russell came up short in his only crack at the first team defense.

The situation? Raiders at teh 20-yard line, and the scoreboard reads 10-7 with 1:32 to play.

Russell immediately connected with Zach Miller on a beatufil downfield seam route for 30 yards to the 50.

He then missed Miller, was incomplete on a deep pass to Johnnie Lee Higgins and then scrambled for five yards on third-and-10.

An illegal motion penalty on Higgins pushed the ball back five yards, and Huff’s final pass was incomplete, “Ball game,” shouted free safety Michael Huff.

— The first team defense, predictably, did much better against the scout team offense, with Nnamdi Asomugha and Tyvon Branch both getting interceptions.

— Those who did not practice included Chaz Schilens (foot), Khalif Barnes (ankle), John Wade (stinger), Justin Fargas (hamstring), Matt Shaughnessy (foot), Isaiah Ekejiuba (shoulder), Kirk Morrison (elbow) and Mike Mitchell (hamstring). The new addition was rookie linebacker Slade Norris (calf).

Cable assessed Mitchell’s progress this way: “It is getting better, but it has been slow to get there this time.”

So slow that Mitchell has never even been seen off to the side, working with a trainer in agility drills. It’s essentially been a complete shutdown.

— Wide receiver Javon Walker, who seemed to ease into his first session, got in some good work during his second practice, looking better that at any time during training camp a year ago, when he was called out by Lane Kiffin and talked of retiring and giving his bonus back.

“He’s a little rough with some of his assignments, but that’s normal,” Cable said. “He hasn’t had a lot of work, but he’s able to clear that because he’s had so much experience. He’s a really bright guy, and the net time you see him do it, he’s fixed the mistake from the time before. We’ll expect him to go after it Saturday.”

— Russell will play most if not all of the first half Saturday against New Orleans, with Garcia playing most of the second half. Cable said some starters could go into the third quarter.

— Cable continues to be coy as to his plans for the three-headed monster at running back. Will he try split the pie three ways, or will he go heavier with two backs, keeping a third in reserve in case of injury.

Cable noted improvement in Fargas’ receiving skills.

Michael Bush will get the start against New Orleans.

— If the Raiders were interested in Duke Preston, who they had at the facility for a visit in the offseason, the Dallas Cowboys beat them to the punch.

Wade, the backup center, has missed considerable time with a stringer.

— Former Raiders John Parrella, with ex-Raiders Rod Woodson and Josh Taves on his staff, will be head coach for the first varsity football game in the history of Valley Christian High School in Dublin.

— Interested to hear “professional liar” Chris Mortensen of ESPN tell Murph and Mac on KNBR this morning the Raiders were the second best team in the AFC West and could be a surprise team this year.

Is he to be believed?

— While Asomugha was being interviewed, Barnes walked past and had a request.

“Buy me a car, Nam,” Barnes said to the $45.3 million man. “An s500.”

If Barnes had stuck around, he could have at least had a No. 21 jersey. The cornerback had a handful of them and passed them out to some fans who were invited guests on the last day of camp.

Coming later today: Camp highlights and disappointments.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Richochet

    Brien the General Says:
    August 27th, 2009 at 2:04 pm
    Dell everything is well! I’m just cutting another 49er bastard to the floor where he/she belongs. Fabricating the truth to the ultimate max and someone has to check him.

    Has the nerve to make it seem like Walsh hated Al Davis or something lol. I wonder why Bill Walsh testified on the Raiders behalf in a fraud lawsuit before
    Stop crying little boy.

    Never said he hated Davis. You starting to lie now? lol..feeling pressure to save face?
    Little embarrassing to be getting schooled like this?

    Hey, I warned you. Next time, pay attention.

    What I stated was Walsh stated that “The year with the Raiders was the worst year in my career in the NFL”

    Also stated “I learned how NOT to run an organization”

    Again, go read Bill Walsh’s book. Might learn something.

    As far as testifying? lol..he received a subpoena fool.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Dell: here ya go bro. no changes from here on out. it’s official

    QB: Russell, Garcia, Frye
    RB: McFadden, Bush, Fargas
    FB: O’Neal, Lawton
    WR: Heyward-Bey, Schilens, Murphy, Higgins, Walker
    TE: Miller, Myers, Stewart
    OL: Henderson, Barnes, Gallery, McQuistan, Satele, Wade, Morris, Carlisle, Green, Pears
    DL: Ellis, Scott, Shaughnessy, Richardson, Warren, Kelly, Boschetti, Joseph
    LB: Brown, Morrison, Howard, Alston, Ekejiuba, Norris, Williams
    CB: Asomugha, Johnson, Routt, Miller
    S: Eugene, Huff, Branch, Mitchell, Baker
    K/P: Janikowski, Lechler
    LS: Condo

  • Richochet

    I have a question for everyone.

    why is it all of the Niner games are sold out, and televised locally, and the Raiders many times aren’t?

    Look at preseason.

    Niners home games are telecast at the time they play.
    Raider home games are time delayed unti late at night.

    How is it Niner fans are so loyal, and Raider fans can’t seem to fill up the stadium every game?
    You have one of the smallest stadiums in the NFL, and still you don’t have enough season ticket holders??

    What’s up with that?

    I mean, I read that in the last 10 years the Raiders have had MORE HOME GAMES BLACKED OUT than any other team in the NFL.

    Used to be a time Raider fans were diehards, and supported the team, win or lose.

    Those times are long gone.

    Interesting that, even though the Niners haven’t even been to a SB in over a decade, they have continued to sell out each and every year since 1981…that’s OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY of sellouts, NON STOP.

    Now, how is it Niner fans are so loyal, and Raider fans aren’t? How is it they have NOT HAD ONE SINGLE GAME BLACKED OUT IN 28 YEARS??

    And the Raiders, on the other hand, lead the NFL in blackouts?

    You guys should look to the other side of the bay to learn what real, loyal, diehard fans are.

    Food for thought.

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    Its nice to hear about to good practices in a row.

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    Then you pick on a retard like Brian the Genital and take great pride in getting over on him. Sort of like tripping a 12 year old at the Special Olympics and then taking a victory lap.

    And finally you have this silly little chick addiction to cut and pasting the post you’re answering above your answer. It’s really just dumb and your post is usually just skipped over by everyone. Important information for the next time you write a passionate post about Candlestick Park concession sales or marketing strategies.

    Anyway let’s get it together, little dude, if you want to stay on the ol blog. Kick ass!

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    ok sorry I couldn’t post.

    They cut me loose earlier this week. No way I miss week 1. I will be up there 8/12/09. But wait, Don’t you live on the east coast?

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    doesnt mean im a starting QB in the NFL.
    i wonder what russell had????

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    Stewart Scott

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    Citizens are warned to keep an eye out for the small medium at large.

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    hey nation,

    who’s seen the new asomugha commercial?

    What is he selling? Blankets?

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    beeecham Says:
    August 27th, 2009 at 3:15 pm
    Rich, I’m amazed. You actually spent time and effort putting together a post about … fan attendance.

    Then you pick on a retard like Brian the Genital and take great pride in getting over on him. Sort of like tripping a 12 year old at the Special Olympics and then taking a victory lap.

    And finally you have this silly little chick addiction to cut and pasting the post you’re answering above your answer. It’s really just dumb and your post is usually just skipped over by everyone. Important information for the next time you write a passionate post about Candlestick Park concession sales or marketing strategies.

    Anyway let’s get it together, little dude, if you want to stay on the ol blog. Kick ass!
    Speaking of gluttons..are you serious, dude?
    Honestly, tearing into this comment is probably the easiest thing I’ve addressed here.

    First off..isn’t the following YOURS??:
    beeecham Says:
    August 27th, 2009 at 2:44 pm
    Hey Brian the Genital, checking to see if you’ve made plans with your uncle Krappy for getting to the game this Saturday.

    I suggested yesterday you get to his house Fri night so you can cover his car seats in thick plastic to protect against any “mishaps” on the way to the game. You can find duct tape and lyme at your neighborhood Lowe’s.

    Since you two cool dudes seem like the kind who’d paint their faces, make sure you keep Krappy from painting his with mashed potatoes from his Hungry Man. You don’t want the seagulls nibling your poor senile uncle’s nose to shreds.

    And finally – have fun! I know it’s been a long tough week for you two with all the fighting. This is a time to just let it all go and enjoy being family.

    And when you both crap your pants in unison at the end of the game, I hope you share a tender, special hug that knows no end.

    Richochet: YOU comment about me taking the time to discuss attendence? lol..what the hell was that you just “took the time” to post about? Was a kiddy smack take, nothing more.

    You then comment about how I picked on Brien the retard, and how I shouldn’t take any glee from the ease of picking on a child…WHEN YOU JUST DID THE EXACT SAME THING??
    Uh..pot?? Meet kettle.

    And you finish with a “why post a link”?? What is it with the collective lack of brain matter on this board?
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    I’ll return him when I’m done..I promise.

  • tazZraider


    before you start to keep on bashin brien the niners will be a sorry team if your greatest coach bill walsh hadn’t worked for al davis as a raiders ASSISTANT. Here I’ll show you

    “Walsh began his pro coaching career in 1966 as an assistant with the AFL’s Oakland Raiders. As a Raider assistant, Walsh was trained in the vertical passing offense favored by Al Davis”

    i bet you gonna come up with somethin stupid just like when peoiple i was ask you good questions that keep you moded but then you come up with stupid ass remarks.

  • El Dirty


    Yes the guy that was in a band and played in bowling alleys.

  • tazZraider

    oh and just to add a little more richochet, i have tons of respect for bill walsh but he would’ve never, ever came up with the west coast offense if he hadn’t been went to the raiders.