O’Neill tells local paper he’ll be a Raider again


Chris O’Neill, the tight end who was asked by Al Davis to move inside to linebacker only to waived before camp began, could be in uniform Saturday against New Orleans.

At least that is what O’Neill, a Boise State product, told his local paper.

No word on who will be cut to make room for O’Neill on the 80-man roster.

O’Neill had a tryout with the Minnesota Vikings on Aug. 16. He concedes his future is likely on the practice squad rather than the 53-man roster.

The Raiders are without Kirk Morrison (elbow), Isaiah Ekejiuba (shoulder) and possibly rookie Slade Norris (calf) against New Orleans. O’Neill was learning to play middle linebacker, which is where both Morrison and Ekejiuba play. Ricky Brown’s backup in the middle of late has been Sam Williams.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Anybody remember that website where we watched the game last week?

  • I think I watched it at channelsurfing.net old man

  • BUSHwillBEbetterthanDmac

    Is Nflnetwek goona backout bayaera??

  • Alright, thanks. Doesn’t sound familiar though.

    Where we watched the Dallas game, 24?

  • AZ Raider

    I’m watching it off my DVR at 4:00 if yall want to fly out to AZ. Everyone is welcome. Even Pushmyshit can come. He can see how real fans watch games! IN UNIFORM BABY!

  • Richochet

    tazZraider Says:
    August 29th, 2009 at 10:20 am
    vegas raider Says:
    August 29th, 2009 at 10:03 am
    I like Mario a lot, he makes it look very effortless out there. Don’t know what Kiffin AND Cable’s beef was with him.
    kiffin’s punkass was a hater and bitch toward him. Cable believed in him and motivated him by givin him tough love and pushin him.
    See? You need to stop taking stupid pills.

    Cable didn’t believe in crap with Mario.

    Cable is the one who went to bat for Kwame.
    Cable took over HC after game 4. Already Kwame led the league in penalties, yet..Cable kept him in.

    Week 6..everyone was wondering WTF?? WHY IS KWAME STILL IN? Cable kept him in.
    Week 10..EVERYONE was bitchin’ about Kwame..yet..there’s Cable..saying “kwame harris is our starting LT”
    Wasn’t until AFTER week 12 that Cable finally put in Mario..

    There’s your reality check. Cable knew Kwame sucked. He knew Mario was better, but he sacrificed the team, and the qb, hoping to save face.

    WOW..doesn’t that sound familiar??

    Sound older than dirt NFL owner sacrificed the WHOLE SEASON by NOT firing his HC, when the whole planet knew he was going to. Instead, that Geritol Geriatric owner kept on this lameduck HC, with the sole purpose of trying to get something/anything so he could fire him with “just cause” and save himself his coaching salary.

    Let’s see..a successful season is worth ten’s of millions of dollars..and this moron owner was trying to save one million..of which he won’t be successful.

    Honestly, is that not the dumbest owner..in all of sports?
    We both know the answer.

    Cable is a puppet..nothing more..nothing less.

  • Yeah, that’s it. Thanks Bob.

  • Richochet

    KoolKell Says:
    August 29th, 2009 at 11:35 am
    Anybody remember that website where we watched the game last week?
    Hey pops??
    Little thing called “bookmark”.

    Should look into it.

    Or have one of the grandkids explain it to you.

  • Kool… try ATDHE.NET

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    ATDHE.Net yep

  • 4eva Raider

    Someone dropped out of your league, post the info so we can get another player before tomorrow’s draft, we need one more to make it 12 teams.

    I forgot the password or I would do it myself.

  • or 3 more to make it 14, we need an even number of teams so we don’t have a bye week, that sucks.

  • Florida Pete

    Atdhe is offline right now… but says it will happen…