First quarter: Saints 14, Raiders 0



NO_Heath Evans 4-yard run (John Carney kicks PAT), 9:29

NO_Devery Henderson 40-yard pass from Drew Brees, 4:22


— Following a Raiders punt, Brees guided New Orleans into Raiders territory as the quarter ran out.

The series had started with a sack by Desmond Bryant, only to have Lynell Hamilton rush twice for 26 yards to negate the play.

New Orleans has 197 yards of offense in the first quarter. Brees is 11 of 14 for 152 yards.

— Following the Russell fumble, Brees took the Saints 67 yards for another easy score, this time finding Henderson for 40 yards behind a trailing Hiram Eugene on third-and-9. Brees couldn’t find receivers at the outside, stepped inside the rush and lofted a strike just before reaching the line of scrimmage.

An illegal contact foul on the Raiders was declined.

In two possessions, Brees is 9-for-10 for 123 yards.

— Russell waited too long on a playfake, was hit and fumbled the ball away to Jonathan Vilma after driving the Raiders to the 27.

Russell fumbled 12 times last year, losing seven. Fumbles were more of an issue than interceptions.

Before the fumble, Russell hit Darrius Heyward-Bey for 12 yards on a alsant and Zach Miller for 33 yards on a nice play-fakie.

— The Saints drove 80 effortless yards the first time they had the ball, with Evans scoring on a first-and-goal from the 4.

Brees picked up where he left off against the Raiders in the regular season last year, completing 4 of 4 passes for 60 yards.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Bishop916

    run into defenseless punter lucky he isnt hobbled, – ref sucks

  • YoungAmerican

    So where are the folks around here who were convinced that we didn’t need offensive line up?

  • YoungAmerican

    offensive line help*

  • On a brighter note, Stephen Jackson is demanding a trade…go get him Lakers, lol.

  • OFL71

    Thank god!
    Can’t watch anymore.
    If that was the best our starters have to offer…….

  • El Dirty

    The Rookie Receivers must not start. Not yet, Unfortunately are best receivers are hurt.



  • Raiders13LA

    Shit We forgot how to play football.

  • Al Davis has no shame. He has watched this shit for years and done nothing.

  • sirblitzalot

    This organization is soo bad. Al Davis also had a chance to hire Shawn Payton, but he decided it was better to stay with I forget which garbage coach he had at the time (or go with Cable)

  • Raider kENN

    this is worse then the last time the racoon got stuck in the copy machine

  • OFL71

    Sirblitzalot-you are incorrect,Payton turned Davis down when Al made him the offer to be coach.
    It starts from the inside out.
    And both sides of our line are fucking terrible.
    Al should know this but the game has really just passed him by.
    Oakland WILL NOT get better until 1 of 2 two happen,either Al lets go of his kung-fu grip on management and brings in a quality GM or Al dies and the team moves on from his washed up philosophies.
    As much as Davis is to be credited for past glory he is just as much to blame for recent failure.

  • sirblitzalot

    O.K. Thanks for correcting me. It figures. Payton is SMART!

  • OFL71

    1 of 2 things* happen

  • OFL71

    He(Payton) knew better

  • Raider kENN

    Russell doesnt look bad

  • sirblitzalot

    Do you believe this? The NFL network just cut from live Raider game and went to the 3rd Q replay of the Rams vs. Cinn game! WHF!!!!

  • Raider kENN

    The raider game is still on nfl netowrk here in NY

  • OFL71

    Cable needs to punch the WHOLE TEAM in the jaw.
    “Russell doesn’t look bad”????
    Russell doesn’t look any different than he ever has,couple of good plays followed by a terrible play that wipes out the good ones.
    How many times will he be hit backside and fumble,how long until he learns to have a clock in his head that screams GET RID OF THE BALL!!
    He is making way to much money to be so slow in his development.
    1st overall pick for fucks sake!!!

  • sirblitzalot

    i think the Raiders on the NFL Network was a broadcast mistake. Corporate probably called them and told them to pull the plug because the game was not a sellout! I kind of wish they had not broadcast any of this nightmare!

  • Raider kENN

    WR’S are dropping passes. give russell credit with that joke of an OL. And our joke of Wr’s. Russells got skills

  • sirblitzalot

    I was listening to Greg Papa interview Tom Cable, subsequent to the game, on the Raido. Cable stated that he told his guys that “This is not going to DEFINE us.” He reiterated that statement at least three times. Well, Tom, this ABSOLUTELY DOES DEFINE YOU! Actually, if you go to the thesaurus and look up the words Ineptitude, underachiever, loser, overrated, girls, stupid, caca, pp, and such.. you will find these are ALL synonyms for what “Defines” the Raiders, presently. Your job is to CHANGE THAT DEFINITION! We have to live with YOUR CONGLOMERATE PILE OF FAILURE! The whole damn team should walk the plank. “Raiders” Tha loco! The only thing you guys raid is the refrigerator!