First quarter: Saints 14, Raiders 0



NO_Heath Evans 4-yard run (John Carney kicks PAT), 9:29

NO_Devery Henderson 40-yard pass from Drew Brees, 4:22


— Following a Raiders punt, Brees guided New Orleans into Raiders territory as the quarter ran out.

The series had started with a sack by Desmond Bryant, only to have Lynell Hamilton rush twice for 26 yards to negate the play.

New Orleans has 197 yards of offense in the first quarter. Brees is 11 of 14 for 152 yards.

— Following the Russell fumble, Brees took the Saints 67 yards for another easy score, this time finding Henderson for 40 yards behind a trailing Hiram Eugene on third-and-9. Brees couldn’t find receivers at the outside, stepped inside the rush and lofted a strike just before reaching the line of scrimmage.

An illegal contact foul on the Raiders was declined.

In two possessions, Brees is 9-for-10 for 123 yards.

— Russell waited too long on a playfake, was hit and fumbled the ball away to Jonathan Vilma after driving the Raiders to the 27.

Russell fumbled 12 times last year, losing seven. Fumbles were more of an issue than interceptions.

Before the fumble, Russell hit Darrius Heyward-Bey for 12 yards on a alsant and Zach Miller for 33 yards on a nice play-fakie.

— The Saints drove 80 effortless yards the first time they had the ball, with Evans scoring on a first-and-goal from the 4.

Brees picked up where he left off against the Raiders in the regular season last year, completing 4 of 4 passes for 60 yards.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Saints won’t punt until 3rd quarter

  • Hear Flores this is an embarrassment!!

    Another TD!

  • OMG! Another Saints TD.

    Can someone play fucking defense?

  • Scottish Raider

    Is our defence just useless or are they just not trying?

  • Scottish…

    Wish I could say they weren’t trying. They are just getting BEAT and looking confused.

  • OFL71

    Been sayin this for years now but year after year the draft goes by,FA goes by and no improvements are made to the defense.
    And here it goes again,getting absolutely SHREDDED.
    This team sucks.
    The defense SUCKS.
    Another 4 win season if they continue to play like this.
    When will the old man realize that this scheme with these players DOES NOT WORK.
    Oaklands defense is a fukin joke!

  • Brees is ripping this D a new asshole.

  • Chargers will win the opener by at least thirty points. This is the worst effing ‘defense’, for lack of a better term, that I have ever watched.

  • “Brees is ripping this D a new asshole.”


  • Scottish Raider

    At least Nick Miller is trying.

    Kelly and Warren are in the top 10 best paid DTs in the NFL. Where are they?

    Or are they just a monumental waste of money?

  • Note to self:

    In Fantasy play whoever is going against the Raiders D that week

  • OFL71

    Another LONG year.
    Another high draft pick.
    Another wasted pick on a speedy WR,RB,CB.
    Get ready Raider fans.
    It’s deja vu all over again.

  • radraider

    al has to see its personell not coaching with this d-line.

  • El Dirty

    Ugh… Really? This is so bad, I’m getting sick. Nice to know we game planned for this. Looking good! AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH! OMG MURPHY!

  • Thec07


  • radraider

    i think i heard next years draft was loaded with d-line. so we’ll draft tibow

  • OFL71

    It’s not just the line.
    LB out of position and overmatched.
    Secondary getting burned.

  • I think I am going to throw up.

    I don’t watch other sports so I wait all year for Raiders Football.

  • holy shit.

  • Chris in NY

    A few notes:

    1) BREES is phenomenal. There’s a reason he threw for 5,000 yards last year. This is probably the best offense in the NFL and they should move the ball on just about anyone.

    2) TREVOR SCOTT better make a huge leap once the games start for real. Too light in run D (got run over on the 1st TD) and a non-factor in the pass rush. Doesn’t look like he has a single pass rush move. I really don’t think he should start if this is all he’s got.

    3) RICKY BROWN looks lost. Terribly slow to decipher what’s happening in front of him. Notice, with one exception on the 2nd TD, Brees’ passes aren’t going outside the hash marks. Everything is happening in the middle of the field. Kirk deserves to start.

    4) TYVON BRANCH is young. He flashes ability but you can see he’s still trying to figure things out. He’ll be OK, but it’ll take time before he’s great. And our SS is asked to be pretty damn great with the poor run D and coverage demands.

    5) JOHN MARSHALL is going to have to blitz on virtually every play. This d-line is all but worthless.

    6) NNAMDI is great. T-Howard, Chris Johnson are very good. Branch will get there. Eugene, Ellis and Huff are OK. Everyone else ranges from below-average to lousy.

    7) Despite the fumble, JAMARCUS is going to shut a lot of haters up this season.

  • Wow…and we supposedly prepared for this game too…our D is baaaaaad.

    I may have to downgrade my forecast from 6-10 to 3-13….

  • They are ahead by so much they put their second string QB in a whole quarter early.

  • Saints have mercy on Raiders and pull Brees.

  • A rare appearance by the Saints punter.

  • Wow, N.O. showing mercy by taking their starting QB out after only the FIRST QUARTER of the always important 3rd preseason game…



  • VanHeathen

    is THIS what you got for us Tommy?
    this team looks LOST!
    i wanna punch you in the grill right now…

  • MURPHY can’t catch for shit.

  • VanHeathen

    DAMNNIT Louis!!

  • ctraidersfan

    another stellar offensive series

  • Raiders mailing it in now.

  • radraider

    so much for our high powered offence so far 6-10 maybe

  • sirblitzalot

    The weakness of our pass defense has been overshadowed by the defenseless run defense. Extremely disappointing, but not surprising. We should be the bottom of this division.

  • Good God. These guys are horrible.

  • Routt is so pathetic i am actually laughing at his dumb ass.

  • Isn’t that their 4th STRING RB making us look bad now?


  • sirblitzalot

    Did I mention that the 10 points that the Raiders do score, will be in the second half and off the N.O. scrubs.


    7-9 and were good.

  • Tolworth Raider UK

    This is not comfortable viewing

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  • radraider

    the refs are our best td stoppers

  • drray

    no pressure – where are the blitzes?

  • Too ugly!!!!

    We need help at:

  • Raiders are playing like bitches

  • OFL71



    the refs are buyest seriously. there was no penalty on that run from Mcfadden he was already 10 yards down field when that run was over the flag came out.

  • Guy

    After watching this, im glad we’re not going to play the Saints of Pats this season… Routt is terrible

  • drray

    i need a scotch

  • Nnamdi is great, and Branch will be even better at FS.

    We need MM to get healthy so he can help with the run!!!

    Bad Defense!! Bad!!

  • Can we fire Cable yet?

  • El Dirty

    Three ring

    Walk away from the Kool-aid, brother. We are, this bad.