Halftime: Saints 31, Raiders 0


NO_Lance Moore 5-yard pass from Drew Brees (John Carney kicks PAT), 13:53

NO_FG Carney 35, 5:09

NO_P.J. Hill 1-yard run (Carney kicks PAT), 1:21


— Raiders are booed off the field after Chris Johnson intercepted a Mark Brunell Hail Mary pass to end the half.

— JaMarcus Russell, Raiders take over at 29 with 1:15 left _ and Robert Gallery is called for holding.

After a couple of short completions, Russell sacked by Bobby McCray.

— Routine short pass from Mark Brunell to Robert Meachem goes for 71 yards to the 1-yard line at the 2-minute warning. Stanford Routt had coverage, Hiram Eugene missed a tackle somewhere near midfield.

Hill needs two carries from the 1 to score.

— Penalties and poor plays abound on both sides as half enters the last three minutes. Have no idea why fans are sticking around for this.

— The Saints recovered a Darren McFadden fumble, Paul Spicer returned it to the 6, only to have Mark Brunell throw an interception to Eugene in the end zone.

— The Saints backed their way out of another touchdown with a holding penalty and a pair of illegal formations, settling for Carney’s 35-yard field goal with 5:09 left.

The Saints twice had touchdowns negated by penalty.

The biggest play in a 57-yard drive was a 31-yard richly deserved pass interference penalty on Routt, who never turned around as Lance Moore broke open.

— Rough day for Louis Murphy, can’t hold a pair of third down passes from Russell, one in which Russell broke free and found him for a potential first down. The drop forced a punt.

— Brunell replaces Brees and the result? Three-and-out for New Orleans.

— New Orleans opened the quarter just as it ended it, driving through the Raiders defense to finish a 78-yard, 11-play drive.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • On a brighter note, Stephen Jackson is demanding a tradeā€¦go get him Lakers, lol.

  • IndianaRaider

    Anyone still think we can sweep the Broncos and Chiefs? lol, here comes another deserved top 10 draft pick this year and a new head coach.

  • RKraider

    This defense is awful. We need to let most of this defense go, and pick up other teams cast-offs…


    t.scott sucks against the run

  • Al Davis has no shame.

  • donesoon

    Just sickening.

  • RKraider

    John Marshall should be getting his a$$ chewed out during halftime.

  • RKraider

    I blame Amy Trask…LOL

  • donesoon

    As a New Yorker, who was mad that the first game of the season is 10:15pm EST, I was unsure about whether to stay up to watch it or TiVO it and watch it in the morning before work. Today’s first half made my decision. I’ll just ignore it completely.

  • CantonDog

    Geeze… this is bad. Even for a preseason game. And Papa saying “you’re not as bad as a big loss” is clearly just flying the team flag there. He has to know it’s going to be another LONG season… How long can they be this bad?

  • radraider

    garcia and walker will light it up in 2nd half


    here comes another year of hearing it from co-workers, friends and family

    my life sucks for the next 16 weeks

    i hope hell is hotter for guys like al davis.


    they should pass when there gonna obviously run and should run when they obviously passed. when dmac ran to the left they were there to stuff the run cause they knew. that play should of been a playaction pass seriously.

  • BUSHwillBEbetterthanDmac

    Hey whats worse Tom flores announcing or the Raiders D….I say Tommy 5-11 again forget 7-9

  • TrueRaider

    We need to scout new players who r going to be cut this week, if dez bryant and nick miller are playing hard i would rather get players with passion than seeing green, warren, kelly, alston, sand, walker still being in this team. We also need a good cb, i watch other games some players who r going to be cut are really good. Any DT from Eagles and Giants is better than the ones we got. Any LB from ravens is better than brown and alston. Our defense sucks cause we got a bunch backups who are starters in this team, worst of all these backups dont play with passion. I dont sense any form of urgency from our defense cause they dont fear getting cut, if we start cutting few starters u will see other responding. Our coaches are good but we need to change our players personal.

  • RKraider

    Break down of first half…O-line “sucks” (thought we had an o-line coach?)..D-line same as last year, which equals “sucks.”


    al davis announcers are a good example of whats going on behind the scenes

  • radraider

    3 headed monster 1 yrd

  • raider91

    Next Year we better f@ckin draft a DT Or O lineman in the first round.


    our offense was practically predictable. they knew when we would pass and when we would run. we need to be more unpredictable. we should of run on an obvous passing down.

  • CantonDog

    Seriously…how many losing seasons have to go through until Al realizes that what he’s doing isn’t working? What ever happened to that “consultant” he was going to hire??? Someone ‘we were familiar with’? Remember that? ::sigh:: Laughing stock of the league again! Damnit!!!

  • raider91

    Post #21 His Consultant is Randy hanson.lmao

  • IndianaRaider

    Our starting O-Line is flat out dead today. SuperMario is nothing like he shined last season, Gallery is holding his own but can’t open lanes and the right side is flat. With our RB’s, we can’t even get the run lane open? Gonna be a long year.


    higgins drops the first down pass

  • BUSHwillBEbetterthanDmac

    LOl what happened to game??

  • I smell shit… nevermind, its just the Raiders.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    And dhb was supposed to be the one with bad hands it seems like the only person who can catch is miller but the only way russell can throw the ball is if miller is helping to block. What ever happened to those 2 tight end sets and y did javon get one play and how can we not stop therun when the top two rbs are hurt and the 3rd stringer is out

  • MURPHY is getting the rookie school lessons today.

  • radraider

    nfl network saved the day lol

  • IndianaRaider

    Murphy in no way needs to be on the field any more today. He has done enough bloopers to last the season. Seriously, we have plenty of WR on the roster to finish this game. Get DHB more involved and quit this mistake crap.

  • raider91

    Well he just got it stripped but he should’ve stayed down.


    wow what a fumble just catch the ball and go down!

  • The world is not ending…..

    We got killed by NO last year and still salvaged the last 2 games. NO just has our number.

    Don’t give up in a preseason game.

  • Nnamdi21

    I hate word press sooo much!


    “Its only pre season!”


  • raider91

    2010 Draft: 1st.rd DT or OT.

  • El Dirty

    u know what’s worse? our first team defense is getting ran on by their 3rd string offense.

  • Brown is getting abused at MLB

  • LT_Raider

    This is complete humiliation.

  • El Dirty

    I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this.

  • IndianaRaider

    38-0, our 1st string D vs backups

  • BUSHwillBEbetterthanDmac

    our first team is getting beat by peeps ib the saints that wont even be there in two weeks touchdown SAINTS!!!!

  • Guy

    So what is the verdict? Brown or Morrison at MLB this season?

  • RKraider

    1st defense against saints 2nd and 3rd string offense, and they walk right down the field…we stink…Al needs to fire everyone, and start tryouts tonight!!!

  • steveandblack

    lol, i’m just rooting for the Saints to run up the score now. every single person in this franchise should be utterly embarrassed. i’m not looking forward to the MNF game at all now. visions of merriman sacking the shit out of russell all night. oh god.


    i feel sorry for the people who bought season tickets!

  • IndianaRaider

    who do we blame this year with Rob Ryan gone?
    Our D-Line?
    Our Safetys?
    Our LB’s?
    Our coaches?
    Our Owner?

  • Raiders have quit in this game. Cable should be called out on this.


    they cant catch serioously

  • Florida Pete

    Guy Says:
    August 29th, 2009 at 3:31 pm
    So what is the verdict? Brown or Morrison at MLB this season?


    Jasper Brinkley…

    oh, wait, he wasn’t good enough for us…

    by the way… so far he leads the vikings in tackles…

  • steveandblack

    plunkett, flores, and atkinson are just awful on air