Harris’ stay is a short one


The Raiders released linebacker Napoleon Harris to make room for Chris O’Neill, who was added to the roster and is expected to face the New Orleans Saints today at the Coliseum.

According to David White’s twitter page, middle linebacker Kirk Morrison said during the pregame walkthrough he would miss the season opener, which would make Ricky Brown the Week 1 starter against San Diego.

Correction: Morrison was talking about missing today’s game against the Saints, not the opener against San Diego.

Morrison has never missed a game due to injury, and coach Tom Cable said during a conference call the day after a 21-20 loss to the 49ers he thought Morrison would be ready to play in Week 1.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • angelodebo

    That first drive is def. not a good sign for this Raider defense. I understand it’s one drive in a pre-season game…but…defensive line is a HUGE question mark. And that def. is telling about how our defense is going play this year..

    Maybe our offense can answer

  • DAMN

  • We have an offense!!!!


  • angelodebo

    An error on Russels part..get rid of the ball

  • Cmon JR!!!!

    We need a RT, and a DT!

  • This is why you have to play D

    Its just not possible to score on every drive in this league.

  • Mop Handle Got handled!!!

  • angelodebo

    I think any offense looks good against this “back on their heals defense”

  • Joseph can tackle!

    Take note Turd Sands

  • D Bryant can play!

  • Raiders get out coached.

    Saints call a screen against Raiders blitz on 3rd down

  • one guy can play Defense Nnamdi

  • angelodebo

    HA! good pressure by the front four!!! wOW! I’m done. This is a joke..

    Getting out coached..out ownered!

  • TD Saints. again

  • Its just too easy for teams to score on us

  • This defense is in serious trouble. This looks bad guys.

    Absolutely no pressure. Playing with no emotion.

  • Raiders out of the run game in the 1st quarter. Down 14-0 already.

    Saints playing against the scout team

  • angelodebo

    defense looks really bad. of course it doesn’t help when your QB holds on to ball for 13 seconds and gets stripped!

  • drray

    black outfits a liability in 100 degree weather

  • RuffRaider

    Cornell Green penalty on 3rd down – what a shocker – someone shoot me now please!

  • sirblitzalot

    Observe Brees dissect our PASS defense! (as predicted) This stupid blog only authorizes entry at intervals! Sucks man! “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” What, you can only post once an hour? By the time this get’s posted the comment is meaningless, especially on Game Day. Stupid! FIX THIS CRAP! This blog is supposed IMPROVE, NOT RETROGRESS. Figures, if it is associated with Al Davis it has to be dysfunctional.

  • Bryant can play


    this team is garbage to watch where are the ricky suppoters now lol ha ha ha ha

  • They run through us like a hot knife through butter in the sun

  • FINALLY. Bryant gets the sack.

    Then they promptly give up 16 on the ground. Then another for a first.

  • Play Bryant at Base End, and Ellis on RE!!!

  • Huff was late or that was a completion

  • 3rd and long and we give it up !

  • Raiders look sick.


    Crowd booing the Raiders

  • Nice first quarter.


  • Another long season of having to listen to every talking head on every network laugh at how pathetic we are.

  • Crowd is really laying into them.

  • I am so tired of the Al Davis crap

  • Raider kENN

    This is worse then the last time the racoon got stuck in the copy machine