Harris’ stay is a short one


The Raiders released linebacker Napoleon Harris to make room for Chris O’Neill, who was added to the roster and is expected to face the New Orleans Saints today at the Coliseum.

According to David White’s twitter page, middle linebacker Kirk Morrison said during the pregame walkthrough he would miss the season opener, which would make Ricky Brown the Week 1 starter against San Diego.

Correction: Morrison was talking about missing today’s game against the Saints, not the opener against San Diego.

Morrison has never missed a game due to injury, and coach Tom Cable said during a conference call the day after a 21-20 loss to the 49ers he thought Morrison would be ready to play in Week 1.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Anyone who watches only one or the other, is cheating themselves.
    I agree, Vegas, but Oh Really just makes me laugh. Go Raiders!!!

  • 4eva Raider

    Someone dropped out of your league, post the info so we can get another player before tomorrow’s draft, we need one more to make it 12 teams.

    Or 3 more to make it 14, we need an even number of teams so we don’t have a bye week, that sucks.

    I forgot the password or I would post it myself.

  • PassTheCheetos

    this is boring waiting for the game to start on nfl network

  • TW,

    You don’t have to believe any of it, just helps expand the horizons a little.

    Go Raiders!!!

  • People in the Bay Area, apparently don’t have any live feeds, while people in Vegas have two. Go figure

  • I’m getting FUPDUK today.

  • I know I am in the league so I will go back and find the password for you guys.

  • 4eva

    Ok, it’s down to 10, that’s the standard setting, we’re good to go now.

  • JerryMac’skidz2 ID-574390


  • we need 1 or 3 more players before tomorrows draft

  • Nnamdi21

    Enjoy Lynn! I did last night..oy vey!~

    Can’t judge the run D today becuase of injury and who’s playing but wouldn’t it be odd if it rawked with some guys out?

    Looking forward to seeing Bey make a play or two. Hope the passing game to the wides is active. That would be a good sign…

    Worried about the O line not only in protection, but now in the run as well…

    Grrrr! C’mon Raiders!!!

  • 4evaRaider

    here you go Bob




  • 666

    I think we’re set with 10 teams, close it out 4eva…unless you guys want more.

  • 4evaRaider

    Bob Marley…it was me because my 1st draft is scheduled 1 hour B4 your draft and I dont know if I could do 2 drafts at the same time.Me personally do 2 drafts at the same time cause I am NOT comupter savvy.I hope I can do my 1st one right!!!

  • SilverAndBlackBleeder

    Darnell Bing just made a good play to save a TD for the Lions on that last drive. There’s a player who never really got a shot with us who we drafted in the 4th round, that would definitely be in the LB battle we’re having now. Rather have him out there than the undrafted O’neill

  • Like to see how Bush does starting today, because he has been more of a “finisher” so far in his short career. If he wants more carries, he has to be better out-of-the gate.

  • I dropped too because I work on Sundays and can’t do a live draft.

    The other league on here set the draft for Sat.

  • 4evaRaider

    yeah a scheduling conflict…

    1day and 10 hours

    1day and 9 hours

  • 4eva

    That’s fine, we’re set now with 10 teams

  • 4eva

    You’re still the commish, can you close it out? set the max teams to 10 and we’re done…thanks.

  • 4evaRaider

    I hear ya Vegas…

    I hope Bush does soo good 2day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cuase that means our )-line did sooo good 2day!!!!!!

    Man the Saints stomped us last year…Lets see if Cable holds a grudge,even if it is only PRE

  • I thought AZ Raider was the commish

  • 4evaRaider

    I am almost positive it’s not me unless Oak pulled a fast 1 =)

  • Drew Brees is a pro’s-pro, if he looks anything other than great today, that is a good sign for ANY D.


    I think the O-line (at least in pass protection) has been one of the biggest highlights, if not THE biggest highlight. Our boy Mario makes it look effortless. Can’t wait….Smokey Time!!!!

  • That’s right, Oaklifer is the commish..I was confused.

  • sirblitzalot

    Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason we had a sanguine, propitious and encouraging offensive showing at close of camp is because we have the same pathetic defense. It is any wonder thatMcFadden was deemed “The Top Offensive Player”. Aren’t all running backs “Top Offensive Players” against this run defense? Year in and year out, we turn out running backs, guys who were unknowns but become well-knowns because of the spectacular numbers they leave a Raiders game with. Our MAJOR problem is OUR RUN DEFENSE. New Orleans is going to run right at our weakness. But don’t be surprised if the initial dissection of this defense is via AIR. If there were Sea, they would beat us by land, sea and air. Route sucks and I hope he is not the starter. I would not lose any sleep, or even blink if he got cut. Huff is weak. Had one good catch. bfd! Al Davis should have some big tax write-offs for charitable contributions (See Turd Sands, Fargus (this year), James Jet, two-yard Tyron, E. James, etc…) Not only do they have a spectacular passing game but the have a great run game. On defense they have real studs all over the place. Plan on cringing several times during this game. Note time of this entry. Final score: 31-10 N.O.

  • 4evaRaider

    Man one of my secret FF players will be revealed 2day 4 NO

  • 4evaRaider

    and no its not Brees we all want him



    Man I haven’t this worked up about a pre-season game in years!


  • RuffRaider

    What up Nation – been a while.

    Ricky Brown should be fired up today, with Kirk out nows his chance to take over the MLB job for good.

    I’d like to see DHB get some chances early, a few deep throws should loosen up the Aintz D.

  • see you fellas later, time to focus on the game

  • It’s On!!!

    Go Raiders!!!!!!!!

    We will destroy them!!!

    Go Raiders!!!!!!


    Lets go M Bush!!!!

  • Thec07


  • I wanna tackle someone!!!!! lol

    Go Raiders!!!!!!!


    Is it Colston or Bush?


  • Lets go Defense!!

  • Saints picking apart the d so far

  • Sieve!

  • Saints using the middle of the field passing so far.

    Ricky Brown having a hard time in coverage.

  • This is ugly!!

  • Yep attacking Ricky Brown they know Morrison is out

  • 3rd down. lets go

  • TD saints

  • angelodebo

    Saints drive and score at will..Wow..Too easy is right

  • Where are the DTs????????????

  • Number 91 got ran over by Saints back on the score.

  • 5 minute drive 80 yards 10 plays

    Made us look like a little league team

    Like Flores said whee is the DT and where is DE

  • Are there any DTs on the field?!?!?

  • angelodebo

    No pressure on Breea at all…Where is the defensive pressur? Al davis defense special.

  • Hello Raider Fans we are 31st against the run and we thought that a new DC would fix that?