Postgame wrap


News and notes from the Raiders’ 45-7 loss to the New Orleans Saints Saturday at the Coliseum:

— Tom Cable said the Raiders didn’t have any zip, Jon Alston said there was a lack of enthusiasm and the stats said the Raiders barely showed up at all.

New Orleans had 31 first downs (14 rushing, 14 passing, three by penalty), the Raiders had 9.

New Orleans had 536 yards of total offense (304 passing, 232 rushign) and the Raiders had 289 (237 passing, 52 rushing).

New Orleans was 8-for-16 on third down conversions, the Raiders were 1-for-10.

New Orleans was 4-for-4 on fourth down conversions, the Raiders were 1-for-3.

New Orleans ran 83 plays and had the ball for 39:27, the Raiders had it for 47 snaps and 20:33.

— The official attendance (tickets sold) was 32,585. The amount of people who actually showed up was considerably less, and many were booing after the Saints scored on the second of their three effortless drives to open the game.

— Repeat to yourself, “It was only a preseason game.” Otherwise, the game had the distinct aroma of some of the Raiders worst home field performances of recent years. At least that’s what it says in my Web exclusive column.

— Game circumstance would have made it difficult for the Raiders to run, but Cable indicated the plan was to pass anyway. He is determined to upgrade the passing attack, and it appears to have worked to some extent.

The quesiton whether they can suddenly revert to being an upper eschelon running team after working so hard on passing during pracitce and preseason games. Cable said the Raiders are doing enough in their running periods in practice to stay sharp for Week 1 of the regular season.

“I stated numerous times we really need to get this passing game to a level that will give us some balance where we can score points,” Cable said. “We just continue to want to work at that. I believe it’s the right thing to do.”

— Wide receiver Louis Murphy was targeted seven times and caught three passes for 84 yards, but had two drops and a fumble _ the fumble coming after a 38-yard gain from Russell into New Orleans territory.

“Aw, man, it was my worst game ever,” Murphy said. “Two drops, a big-time fumble, costly when we tried to come back and give a spark to the offense. I take that responsibility. The NFL is faster and the DBs are right on you so you have to work on tucking the ball away.”

— Darrius Heyward-Bey, the first-round pick and also a rookie starter, caught a 12-yard slant on the first play from scrimmage and was blanked afteward even though he played into the third quarter.

— Wide receiver Javon Walker estimates he got in about “six or seven” snaps. He was never the target of a pass as the Raiders are easing him back in slowly. When asked if he was disappointed he didn’t play more, Walker said, “A little bit, you know just to get into the grove. Obviously it’s kind of hard to keep yourself motivated, keep yourself warm, but I’ll take what I can get and let them make a decision from there.”

— Wide receiver Jonathan Holland scored the Raiders’ only touchdown on a 43-yard catch and run from Jeff Garcia and plans on putting it behind him to concentrate on his roster battle with Nick Miller and Todd Watkins.

“As a football player you never become complacent,” Holland said. “You don’t want to be like that. I feel like next week, starting Monday, I still gotta go out there and prove myself. So I don’t want to settle for what happened today, or for what happened at practice. I want to keep getting better.”

— Safety Hiram Eugene didn’t start after missing a few days of practice and was a late arrival Devery Henderson’s 40-yard touchdown reception from Drew Brees.

— Other than holding on to the ball too long and coughing up the ball on a sack-fumble, Russell continued to show growth as a young quarterback.

“I didn’t really see too much of what you would you say poor decision making,” Cable said. “I thought he was pretty much right on.”

Russell’s fumble came on a play which Cable thought he should have checked down to a back rather than wait for Zach Miller to come free in the end zone. It was reminisicent of last season, where fumbles (Russell lost seven of them) were a bigger issue than interceptions.

— Terdell Sands never got into a game in which the Saints had 83 snaps. Cable said he’s been bypassed on the depth chart. Could be they simply don’t want Sands to be hurt because he they’re planning on cutting him during the opening cut down to 75 on Tuesday.

— Desmond Bryant, the undrafted rookie out of Harvard, had the Raiders’ lone sack and seems assured a spot on the 53-man roster.

— “Like I just told them, don’t let that game define us, but certainlygoing into it you want to put an effort out there that kind of sets you up for the rest of the road here. Disappointing. Very disappointing, is the only way to put it. We’ll go back to work and see if we can freshen up and get this team where it should be,” Cable, when asked what he told the team after the game.

— There wasn’t a lot of explanation from defenders as to what happened. Most said they were embarrassed, need to pay attention to detail and have to play better. It was hard to conclude anything other than 2009 could be more of the same with regard to the Raiders defense.

Getting cut up by Brees is one thing. That’s going to happen to a lot of teams. But the Saints’ ability to run the ball with ease suggests they’re not close to curing what ails them in that area.

— After going from 14 penalties in the preseason opener to seven against San Francisco, the Raiders were back up to 10 against the Saints for 89 yards.

— Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha sustained a chip fracture of his left wrist that Cable said is not an issue in terms of missing game time. Others who didn’t finish included CB-KR Justin Miller (turf toe), S Michael Huff (strained quad) and S Rashad Baker (stinger).


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Norco Bob

    The tailgate was awesome,..one of our best ever.

  • Priest’s only job is making excuses for Al Davis. Those are Al Davis’ overpaid DT’s, and you’ll never get Priest to say anything bad about them.

    Does anyone think it odd, that Narcotics Bob, can post as many times, as fast as he wants? humm.

  • Awesome tailgate, huh? I only saw about 100-200 at the game. lol

  • Hey…is this fukin POS site fixed yet?

  • Since

    our coach is the next Madden,
    our owner is the best ever,
    our DTs dominate people and are always double teamed,
    our offense is IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP,
    our front seven is soooo great,

    why is it we get blown out 45-7 at home in the most important preseason game of 09?

  • Michael Bush’s big start. 1 carry.

  • We need some change in this organization…some discipline. Al’s BS about letting the players run the ship and do what they want almost without repercussions just can’t go on…right Greg Ellis…name those players that were out all night before the game…let the fans show their appreciation for the drunk dumbfukers who wasted the fan’s time and, to some, their money as well watching that POS effort on Saturday.

  • sirblitzalot

    You guys may not like my opinion but at least I feel vindicated for my ability to see through the B.S.

    I posted this at 12:57 p.m. (BEFORE the Game started):

    “Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason we had a sanguine, propitious and encouraging offensive showing at close of camp is because we have the same pathetic defense!? Is it any wonder that McFadden was deemed “The Top Offensive Player”. Aren’t all running backs “Top Offensive Players” against this run defense? Year in and year out, we turn out running backs, guys who were unknowns become “well-knowns” because of the spectacular numbers they leave a Raiders game with. Our MAJOR problem is OUR RUN DEFENSE. New Orleans is going to run right at our weakness. But don’t be surprised if the initial dissection of this defense is via AIR. If there were Sea, they would beat us by land, sea and air. Route sucks and I hope he is not the starter. I would not lose any sleep, or even blink if he got cut. Huff is weak. Had one good catch. bfd! Al Davis should have some big tax write-offs for charitable contributions (See Turd Sands, Fargus (this year), M. Huff, S. Route, Tui-imsostupid etc…) Not only do they have a spectacular passing game but the Saints have a great run game. On defense they have real studs all over the place. Plan on cringing several times during this game. Note time of this entry. Final score: 31-10 N.O.”

    Apparently, even I under-estimated the ineptitude of this organization! I think it is fair to say that the Raiders are the WEAKEST team in the NFL. Even Detroit is arising from the ashes to surpass this team! The Raiders are an embarrassment to the NFL. I would not blame the NFL if they exercised their “flex schedule” option and pulled the opening MNF massacre and replaced it with a re-run of “Leave it to Beaver.” Please Lord, lift the plague off this city! The Raiders suck, the A’s suck, the Warriors suck and even this blog sucks – this blog has retrogressed! Trying to post back to back statements on this blog is about as easy as the Raiders picking up a first down. What a freaking Mess!! The owner is an aimless, senile old bastard, suffering from a combination of, Alzheimer and arrested development -stuck in the 80’s. He doesn’t even know he doesn’t have to be an affirmative action maverick anymore. The head coach is a felon. Leading by example. Football players slowly mill around, during the game, like extras from The Night of the Living Dead – due to lack of leadership. We have “Baby Huey” as a QB, who has butterfingers because that is what he does all day-eat Butterfingers. I do not care how politically incorrect you think I sound, there is NO HOPE for this TEAM! Go to Hell, Al! Oh yeh, in light of yesterdays atrocity I am down grading my generous prediction from 2-6 to 0-8, to open the first have of the season.

  • Did anybody notice the halftime show on the Raider broadcast?

    All about the greatness of Al Davis. Pathetic

    Nobody’s got anything invested in the Raider enterprise but Al Davis.

    Not the Coaches or Players. It’s all about HIM, everybody else is just collecting a paycheck. Why shouldn’t they? He calls all the shots, nobody else has any input.

    Then he does a halftime show about himself. Fuk all the great players they’ve had.

  • Until Al butts out, hires a real GM and a coach that is legit, this team is gonna struggle…the maverick ways of the past just don’t work anymore…

  • Sports Business Daily commissioned the Wharton School of Business to survey NFL Players.

    Players say the Oakland Raiders are the worst organization in the NFL.


  • Terrapin

    The offense will be dynamic – hiccups here and there – but you’ve seen glimpses of what they will become. In each preseason game for moments or drives they really looked unstoppable.

    The defense on the other hand has looked suspect in every preseason game. That’s what you should also expect heading into the season.

    There will be no major changes to the defensive line. Its too late – 2 weeks before the opener. Any major changes to the line will have to wait until next year. The highest probability for change is JRich replacing TScott at 1st, 2nd down RDE. And I don’t see that happening anytime soon simply because they still haven’t done it despite Scott’s poor performance.

    Regarding the LBs: I would expect Brown to replace Alston who has been just as bad if not worse than TScott. This will happen before the season starts.

    To start the season this is what you will see:
    LBs: Brown/Morrison/Howard
    DLs: Scott/Warren/Kelly/Ellis

  • Plunketthead = andrews mom

    .sirblitz——— nice call on the NO offense blowing us up but in all honesty it hardly took a Bill Walsh or Vince Lombardi to get that one right, let alone Jimmy the Greek.

    But when you make statements such as this you lose any credibility you may have garnered.

    “Even Detroit is arising from the ashes to surpass this team!”

    hahaha they went 16 – 0 last year
    Even we have not reached that low in the hole digging contest.

    You will have to change your name to sir bullshitzalot if you keep that nonsense up.

  • DKnight007

    Kelly or Bryant should be moved to RDE and that is it!

  • Teabag

    # Nnamdi21 Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    459. “we all know how Al hangs on to his mistakes until the last shred of hope is gone”


    DeAngelo Hall, Gibril Wilson, Randy Moss, ect ect. Shouldn’t you be “tea bagging” somebody?

    Gibril Wilson was the only guy who could tackle on the team… GREAT move by AL…

    Randy Moss scored 23 TD’s the season he was let go (mmm mm… yea, thats some real good cancer!!! – WE NEED HIM OUT OF OUR LOCKER ROOM)

    DeAngelo Hall had to go and that was the best move AL has done in 8 years…

    Why is Tommy Kelly still here?

    Why is Sands still here?

    Why is John Bowie still here?

    Why is Justin Fargas still here?

    Nnamdi21 , I am STILL waiting for you to tell me who a Center loses “contain”….

  • Teabag

    # Nnamdi21 Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Raider may do it in the regular season, but man, they needed to blitz Brees more.

    He sat back and picked the, apart. You’re already getting toasted, might as well bring the frikkin heat.

    Oh well, lotta hopefuls and scrubs populating the field on D yesterday in case anyone noticed or watched the game. Still, what a mess…

    Fact #327 that Nnamdi21 knows NOTHING about football…

    How do you blitz a team who has roughly 50% of their plays drawn up in an empty set????

  • Dude


    You must be out your damn mind! The offense is dynamic?LOL! Unstoppable? LMFAO! When was this? In your lil dreams or something?

  • Nnamdi21

    Listen up Raiderettes.

    Trevor Scott, Jon Alston, Sam Williams, William Jospeh ec fukin cetera are NOT our starters and hell yes they got run the fuk over. I know we’ve sucked azz against the run, I know this.
    I also know the vast majority of those long gainers come when some of these scrubs are in , like on SATURDAY and last year, BUT the major problem with this team is the OFFENSE!

    CANNOT get its azz into the end zone!!!

    That better change this season or our defense will suck again. Know why? ITS BUILT TO STOP THE PASS…

    Makes sense if our offense is out scoring the opponent but we have been awful beyond awful on OFFENSE lo’ these lean years me ladies…

  • Teabag

    # Charlie Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    You guys are missing the point about the Linebackers.

    Ray Lewis threatened to retire if the Ravems did not fix their DT problem and they drafted Ngata in round one.

    Morrison is our leading tackler last year and fans still think he is a prime reason our run defense stinks.

    Run defense and a pass rush all start with the Dline.
    The Giants bring pressure with four. A blitz turns it into a jail break.

    If we blitz a guy like Brees he would still be throwing TDs today. The blitz is only a wrinkle. It can not be the only way you can pressure the QB.
    Sadly with the Raiders our Dline under performs and is overpaid.

    Agree for the most part….

    Blockers get out to the second level on this defense a lot… And if a lineman gets his hooks into any LB in the second level it is usually over… I have seen Kirk get manhandled out of many plays.. often.

    However, I have also seen Kirk take horrible angles in pursuit. He doesn’t wrap up well and he can’t step up and fill at MLB… I don;t see anything from Kirk that makes me think he would be any better with a stud DT in front of him. He would be serviceable, but nothing spectacular.

  • Teabag

    hellooooooo Numbnuts21… Trevor Scott IS our starting RDE…. numbnuts

  • encinitasraider

    Trevor scott should be in on passing downs…i would rather try Bryant at DE because his first step if fast…how do you think he got that sack on Brees…Dre Brees was only sacked 13 times all of last year…

  • mantus

    The one thing that really stands out to me about that game, was the fact that we used a lot of zone coverages. A team should not play a lot of zone against an accurate qb like brees. The last time I saw this much zone from the Raiders, it was against denver on opening night last year, with the same result.

  • mantus

    I wonder if this was Cable’s ‘plan’ since brees ripped our man coverage last year?

  • Teabag

    I dont understand why we played so much zone… I understand that you have to in certain formations, but, this team clearly doesn’t have a comfort level with zone.

    Our LB’s with the exception of Howard do not stay home in zone and we always get burned. TE’s have usually made us pay dearly in zone D. Alston has no business on the strong side and we need to address the position. This is one facet of the game where I actually don’t mind Kirk , is in zone, he has a good feel for it.

    But this is a man coverage team and they really need to get away from so many zone packages. I wish they would use zone schemes to mask blitz and fake blitzes. Philly does this with great success.

  • DKnight007

    # KoolKell Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    Did anybody notice the halftime show on the Raider broadcast?

    All about the greatness of Al Davis. Pathetic

    Nobody’s got anything invested in the Raider enterprise but Al Davis.

    Not the Coaches or Players. It’s all about HIM, everybody else is just collecting a paycheck. Why shouldn’t they? He calls all the shots, nobody else has any input.

    Then he does a halftime show about himself. Fuk all the great players they’ve had.

    ^^^^^^^Yeah, I can’t stand the amount of a$$ kissing that is done on Al Davis. Instead of talking about legitimate problems with the team and organization. It turns into a suck up fest? Ridiculous….

  • 860Todd Christensen

    Did anyone else notice that there was NO pressure on the Qb, if this was played as a real game, the Saints would of put up tripple numbers. We were slapped silly and the Saints were gentlemen in not running up the score. There is no Marshall Plan, pass the bottle…